Thick and cozy: how to wear a sweater with volume

The attempt to buy a trendy volumetric sweater ends (very fairly) on the assumption that it is not suitable under free court or park. “Well, when do you want to wear it?” – We are far away from a great sweater with a big sleeves. And absolutely nothing.
Thick volumetric sweatshirts are outerwear, but not every winter (otherwise, thicker sweaters will get colder and therefore should be worn with fur coats). Dry weather and temperatures are around 10 to 20 degrees (depending on individual traits, children in Irland are running in + 5 shorts – nothing is more). The sweater is very comfortable.
Of course, such sleeves will not fit any coat:
“But I will come to the premises and it will warm up.” We continue to resist the purchase. If it is hot, you can remove the sweater. And wear a shirt. Shirts are easiest to wear as the first layer. She will not be forgotten, and if you have it in a sweater, there is no collar that can clash with a high collar. You can wear your shirt safely under a V-shaped rounded neck sweater. If you have a long neck, turtleneck is also possible.
Under this sweater is easy to imagine a shirt:

Below this can be a T-shirt.
Here, a massive sweater warmed clothes.
A tall collar should not be wrapped around round sausages, but it is best to hide your chin. (The longer your neck is, the shorter it will not be, but it is still better than the sausage).
If you put your pants into a pair of high-pants with a front edge of the sweater, the image will immediately be twice as interesting (magic!).
Wanda Wong, Blog Author Bandai Style

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