The new Suarez collection will make you dream

Suarez never stops offering news to lovers of jewelry. Now they have done it again and have surprised us with a new collection that makes us dream. And never better said because it is baptized as The Soul of Dreams . What is it about? Of some proposals inspired by the world of dreams. An imaginary universe that gives rise to fantastic scenarios and that translates into pieces of beauty and absolute quality .

Ring of Suarez
© José Luis Alcaine

Dreams inspire

The surrealism of dreams has been for many artists a source of inspiration, to the point of giving rise to an artistic movement. Magritte already linked in the 60s dream and image in several of his works. Now it is this wonderful firm that is inspired by this world transforming the ephemeral of dreams into memories forever through elements with a strong symbolic load and a powerful meaning .

As always, the raw material is first

Who knows Suarez knows that the selection of the raw material of his pieces is always the best. With the Soul of Dreams it was not going to be different and has a great variety of exceptional gemstones such as rubies, multicolored sapphires and tourmalines (protagonists of this collection full of color). All of them are different from one another , even if they are the same designs. This makes each jewel unique. In fact, of all the stones initially valued, more than 99.5% have been ruled out because they do not meet all the Suarez quality requirements. This rigorous selection guarantees a raw material of excellent quality .

The soul of Suarez's dreams
In SUAREZ, the selection process is exhaustive

The elements of The Soul of Dreams

Among the animal motifs we can find the peacock which, in the world of dreams, represents creation, birth and love. There are also bees that can mean happiness, success and family unity. And unicorns that represent early childhood and innocence.

As for the florals, they have roses that symbolize love, passion, desire, femininity, unity and romance; and magnolias that represent elegance, dream of lilies, symbolizes peace and purity and sunflowers the home, being an augury of a long life.

In addition, there are also designs with other elements such as swords or the Sacred Hearts in representation of strength and love.

Earrings from the collection The soul of dreams
© José Luis Alcaine

Interesting, right? Like everything Suarez does. And is that, their designs are not just beautiful pieces but also tell a story . And that makes them even more beautiful.

The latest trend in jewelry is called Mix and Match and this summer you will want to wear it

Years ago the jewels were considered a classic accessory, that passed from generation to generation and that were worn with more sober outfits. But the fashion world takes many turns and is constantly evolving. That has meant that jewelery is currently considered a complement, perfect for everyday life and suitable for all ages and all kinds of tastes. 

mix and match suarez jewelry
© Courtesy of Suarez

What is the Mix and Match?

Suarez, key direction to bet on this trend

Brilliant necklaces, choker chains, pendants with presence … Suarez brings together her most beautiful pieces from other collections such as ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Idalia’ or ‘Orion’ so that you can combine them to your liking and pick up any look . And, although the jewels at first can convey more seriousness, if you take a look at their designs you will realize that you can wear them at any time. With jeans or dresses, these proposals are perfect to look with all kinds of styles. Also, depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can carry them one way or another. For example, if you want to create a look more formal bet by combining few pieces. If, on the other hand, you fancy something more carefree, dare to take a wider variety in the same outfit . There are endless possibilities!

Suarez jewelry
© Courtesy of Suarez

After seeing the wonderful designs and everything you can do with them, you have been wanting to get many of the pieces of the collection, right? Well before giving the buy button (because we know you will) you have to remember something to make your acquisition even more satisfying. It’s about the quality of your materials(something we think is essential when we talk about jewelry). The one of Suárez can not be better and in addition all the manufacturing process is carried out in his workshops with extreme care .

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