The most fashionable types of dyeing for long hair

For each girl, beautiful, well-groomed long hair is a real treasure. But sometimes you want a little change, without changing the haircut dramatically. In this case, the best idea would be an experiment with staining. We will know right now what types of dyeing will be relevant for long hair in 2018.

2018 Long Hair Dyeing Trends

Of course, the thirst for experiments with hair can occur suddenly. But nevertheless, we do not recommend immediately registering with a hairdresser. First you need to understand the basic trends, so that the coloring is relevant and really suits you.

First of all, we note that the main fashion trend of 2018 of the year is an emphasis on natural shades. Therefore, if you are bored with natural hair color, then you should not change it drastically. After all, you can slightly change the shade using different techniques of staining.

Fair-haired girls should pay attention to the warm colors that add natural radiance to the strands. No less attractive looks toning a delicate shade of pink.

As for highlighting, it is especially important not to make it too contrast. Much more impressive are smooth transitions that look like your hair has burned out a little in the sun. Ombre and sombre are perfect for owners of light brown hair.

Fashionable dyeing for long hair: stylish ideas 2018

Of course, there are many different coloring techniques. Trends change every year, so fashion women need to keep track of them in order to stay in trend. That is why we have prepared the most relevant options, among which every girl will choose for herself something suitable.

Classical highlighting

Since in 2018, the natural beauty of the hair will be actual, a classic highlighting will be an excellent solution. Most often, for this purpose, a combination of light shades. That is, the color gamut should differ from your natural shade by no more than two tones. Due to this, the most natural effect will be created as if the strands are slightly burned out in the sun.

Blonde girls can experiment a bit and add a muffled strawberry flavor. It looks gentle and it is not too contrasting.

California highlights

Another staining option called Californian highlighting or shatush will be relevant in 2018. Unlike various new options, this one is the most versatile. Therefore, it can be used by girls with completely different hair lengths. As for the color, it is also not too important. However, it is slightly more pronounced on dark hair. In any case, if you want to update your hair color, but do not make too obvious a contrast, then Californian highlighting is ideal.

Splashlights: a stylish novelty in the world of coloring

Those who like to experiment with new products in the world of coloring are recommended to try splashlights. It allows you to achieve the effect of sun glare on the hair. It looks very unusual, but nevertheless it is this coloring at the peak of popularity in 2018.

It is worth noting that the coloring technique involves the use of several shades of yellow. Namely, sand, bronze gold, copper and orange color. Only a professional in their field can do such work qualitatively. Therefore, at home to repeat this staining is not worth it. Otherwise, the paint can be stained, which looks very ridiculous.

3d-long hair coloring

Another no less complex dyeing technique that has become especially popular in 2018 is armoring. The fact is that in the course of work three shades are used, thanks to which the hair looks as natural as possible. At the same time they become more lush or voluminous. Masters say that this coloring is most suitable for fair-haired girls. But at the same time, it can be realized on strands of absolutely any color.

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