The most fashionable sneakers.

Vic Matie sneakers with orange and black strong accents and a massive sole. An ideal model for an active life in a megalopolis, plus sneakers will fit into any fashion look, even a wedding one (yes, that’s not a joke!).

Premiata sneakers in a classic black and white range with charming sequin daisies and recognizable inscriptions are another find on sale at the HC. They have every chance to unleash the potential of a fashion stylist in you and push you into fashionable everyday experiments.

Trading House Holding Center is a Moscow chain of department stores and stores with over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry. The concept of HC Department stores is to create a fashionable space that, in addition to premium shopping, makes it possible to spend time with interest and benefit. To do this, exhibitions, creative meetings and master classes are held in Department stores. 

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