The most fashionable fabrics & stylish down jackets of winter 2020

The most fashionable fabrics & stylish down jackets of winter 2020

The most fashionable fabrics & stylish down jackets of winter 2020

Fashionable colors of down jackets


Brightness is back in fashion!Please yourself in 2020 with bright down jackets in any shades of the rainbow. The colors of down jackets can be acidic, which will be especially relevant and stylish for the entire spring-autumn-winter period of 2020.


In 2020, down jackets in metallic color will be in fashion. Metallic does not imply the use of only silver color, because metallic can be different. These are blue, blue, red, green, orange and others that differ in a characteristic metallic tint.

Beautiful print

A multi-colored print or a more restrained plain color is one of the most fashionable outfits for the cool seasons of 2020. Floral patterns, abstractions, cosmic bodies, stained glass drawings, patterns and fantastic peacock feathers are the main component of the print of fashionable down jackets.

Fashionable styles

Without sleeves

Sleeveless down jackets are a bit like puffy vests, but they are not. These models are a full-fledged down jacket with the necessary insulation, a hood, a collar and with different decor and decoration.

There are lighter models for the less cool season, while others are insulated and suitable for a walk in the cool time in the evening city.


Fashion for long down jackets returns to us in 2020. The length of down jackets can reach up to the toes or be slightly higher – in the region of the lower leg. But definitely the down jacket should be long and the longer, the better.

Voluminous collar

A voluminous collar is not only the style and trend of 2020, but also excellent protection for your throat in the cold season. Under this style of a down jacket, you can not wear sweaters with a high neck, because a voluminous collar can protect you from the cold wind and preserve your health.

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Down jacket

Excellent down-padded coats are suitable for women with any type of figure. Therefore, if you do not know which model to stop, then it is better to choose this option.

Actual accessories and finishes

With fur

Luxurious down jackets with fur, can half consist of nylon or polyamide, and the other half have completely fur material, like a fur coat.

Very beautiful, original and unusual ideas for down jackets for 2020.

With a belt

The belt can beautifully emphasize the waist, even if the down jacket is a bit too big for you. He perfectly focuses on the waist, visually stretching the figure making your height taller.

Non-standard down jackets

This selection is for guidance only. Models were presented as unusual styles of down jackets, where the models wore similar to enter the catwalk or photo session.

Amazing styles, extraordinary cut, as well as overalls-down jackets and down-padded jackets-dresses – these are all extravagant, shocking and creative line of down jackets for 2020.

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