The most beautiful original design ideas for spring manicure 2020

The most beautiful original design ideas for spring manicure 2020


Soon we will meet spring, which means a time of change is not far off. Most women precisely during this period change their hairstyle or hair color, also based on the trends of modern fashion, the wardrobe is updated. Similar innovations apply to nail design. Spring manicure 2020 is an abundance of all kinds of varieties, and we are ready to tell in detail about some of the most beautiful ideas in our article today.

Trends of manicure 2020: the most beautiful ideas

The spring manicure of this season gathered the most interesting and original design options. Among the masterpieces of design, plain and colored nails, floral prints, interesting drawings and voluminous design were identified. As well as foam manicure, gradient nail design, French spring manicure, manicure with decor and many other ideas that will surely captivate young ladies with their novelty.

Solid manicure spring 2020: the most beautiful ideas

For the plain manicure of this spring, first of all, pay attention to the coatings in delicate shades. Neutral beige, light blue, mint, pink and similar tones are very relevant for this option. Among the classic colors, red, burgundy and black-and-white duet confidently appeared. For more colorful ideas, choose vibrant, rich, or neon shades. In addition, solid nails are very beautifully complemented by floral arrangements, a variety of patterns and neat decor.

Create a spring mood: multi-colored nails 2020

nails of different colors will not only be noticed by others, but will also give their owner a spring boost of energy. Trend colors of coatings are striking in their versatility, they allow you to perform manicure in restrained and rich colors, as well as combine coatings with each other and create simply amazing ideas.

Volumetric design: beautiful ideas for spring 2020

The original casting or sculpting technique allows you to create very unusual and beautiful patterns on the nails. Details of this design can be done in delicate and restrained colors, and can decorate fingers with brighter patterns. Exquisite floral arrangements, twigs and leaves are an integral part of the spring look, and voluminous drawings in this theme are one of the most chic design ideas.

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Foam manicure: new in spring 2020

Such a novelty of manicure art very quickly found its fans and confidently occupies a leading position among many beautiful and original ideas. To obtain a “bubble” effect, it is enough to use any foaming agent. Foam is carefully applied to a thin layer of gel polish, and the nail is dried in a lamp.

Bubble manicure looks very beautiful with white, blue, pink, beige or any other shade. You can accent one or two nails in this way, complement the foam design with a delicate pattern or shiny notes.

Spring Gradient 2020

More than one season can’t be imagined without incredible gradient transitions, especially spring. Designers recommend such a beautiful manicure not only in shades of the same color scheme. In addition to delicate colors, you can confidently use bright and saturated colors, as well as perform vertical, horizontal and diagonal transitions. For additional decor, use glitter strips of different sizes and colors of rhinestones or drawings using the stamping technique. Gradient nails wonderfully combine with a monophonic glossy finish and a matte finish.

Spring design of flower manicure.

The awakening of nature, characteristic of this period, begins with the appearance of all kinds of vegetation, and numerous flowers, twigs and leaves are very much in demand in spring nail design. You can decorate your nails with similar motifs using murals, stamping techniques or ready-made stickers. Floral design perfectly accentuates accent fingers, exquisitely adorns the matte finish and is wonderfully complemented by sparkling decor.

Incredible spring transformation of French manicure 2020

This spring, the classic French design was offered to its fans in a very interesting interpretation that will pleasantly surprise with its fresh notes and uniquely transform your nails. This spring, French manicure is dominated not only by restrained, but also saturated shades. The smile can be bright, two-tone, have a square or V-inverse shape. Exquisite flowers, geometry, rhinestones, beads, a smile made with foil are only part of all kinds of ideas for design craftsmanship.

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Manicure with drawings: spring mood 2020

Which drawing will actually decorate your nails this spring and elevate your manicure to the rank of the most beautiful? To accomplish this task, the young ladies are offered original geometric prints, among which are complex compositions made using the color-block technique, as well as simple lines, squares, rhombuses and triangles. Lovely faces, insects and little animals on the nails look very interesting this spring. Animalistic images, floristry and unique abstraction look no less exquisite.

The most beautiful manicure with decor: new spring

To decorate manicure this spring, young ladies are offered a great many interesting examples, among which the most sophisticated fashionista will find her perfect design. Your decor can be a volumetric pattern or a glitter stroke, emphasizing an interesting pattern. nails can be decorated with figures of stasis or beads, complement the matte finish with metallic stripes, originally decorate the fingers with broths, sequins and other similar details.

Today we have proposed some very original ideas that will surely find their fans, and will also serve as a great example for creating our own unique options.

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