The list and list of types of nail polishes with photos

Nail polishes differ from each other not only in color, but also in thickness, drying time, ability to give one or another effect on drying, etc.

Glossy and pearly varieties of nail polishes

The most common varieties of nail polishes are glossy and pearlescent compounds that dry quickly. They have a rich range of shades, retain a saturated color when dry and acquire a glossy shine.

Usually applied in the 2 layer. Easy to apply and keep on nails for a long time. They give a slightly less saturated shade compared to glossy lacquers, as well as pearl shimmer.

Consider other types of nail polishes.

But do not dwell on the basic fundamentals – consider other types of nail polishes.

Matt varnishes. Dense varnishes, giving a smooth velvety coating without the usual glossy shine.

Varnishes and lacquers. These transparent varnishes protect the nails from the negative effects of decorative coatings, make their color more saturated, give manicure durability.

As a lacquer base and lacquer coatings, you can use strengthening enamels containing liquid silk fibers, keratin, etc.

Lucky with shine. Varnishes containing reflective particles of various sizes and shapes. Can be both transparent and colored.

Lucky chameleons. These are, as a rule, mother-of-pearl varnishes, which change their hue when the angle of the nail changes.

Express varnishes. These lacquers dry out after 1 — 2 minutes after they are applied, but they hold for a short time.

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