The final touch of the perfect interior: choose the most beautiful chandeliers in the living room

The definition of a chandelier is short and dry – a suspended ceiling lamp designed to create a shadowless lighting (as opposed to a point source). But when you start to choose, you can simply drown in a variety of types, shapes, colors, materials. Let’s see what kind of chandelier is better to prefer in one way or another.

Classic chandelier in the living room interior

Living rooms in most homes are the most significant place, as a rule, they try to combine the comfort of a home hearth and the presentability of the place where they receive guests. This room is a place where all households can relax. At the same time, it should look presentable and advanced. And the choice of the chandelier for the living room in a modern style, which can favorably emphasize the main idea in the interior of the room, will play a significant role in creating the desired design.

The most common version of the lighting fixture is a classic chandelier. Its popularity is determined by the fact that in any situation the chandelier looks very elegant and is an absolute decoration of the room.

The main element of the classic chandeliers – ceiling. The main materials for their manufacture are brass, bronze, glass, crystal. Ceiling lamps have elegant smooth shapes, they can be applied soft geometric or floral pattern. The floral style is widely used in the design of classical chandeliers: the luminaires themselves are made in the form of a flower or bud, and they are decorated with leaves and sprigs of metal. Antique-style chandeliers look more massive and heavy – ceiling lamps imitate marble, and bronze is used as a decor.

Crystal chandeliers deserve special attention. For many owners, it is a symbol of beauty, luxury and wealth. Numerous crystal chandelier pendants provide a unique play of light, and their faceting enhances the brightness and light of lamps.

Romantic version of the classic lamps – chandeliers with candles. Such lamps are increasingly coming into fashion. Special lamps of low power due to their number provide sufficient lighting and create the illusion of a ballroom in the room.

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