The fashion rule of not showing off the legs in winter, only five

Yesterday I said how to wear down jackets, assistant chicks have gone into battle to demonstrate, many people said in the comments: wearing down jackets can actually bare legs, do you know how cold the north is?

  Haha, do you know how hot Guangzhou is?

  However, Guangzhou has also cooled down today. So we are still hurrying to really fight against the winter.

  In the winter, many of the street shots we saw were like this. ▼

  Or like this. ▼

  Not showing up~

  And we usually do this in the cold wind. ▼

  Or like this. ▼

  In short, how come warm and how to wrap yourself into a walking scorpion.

  Do you have to show your legs if you want to wear beautiful clothes?

  Most of the fashion autumn and winter fashion rules are the first ones are bare legs or exposed feet. why? Because the autumn and winter clothes are heavy, it is easy for the whole person to be crushed by the clothes, showing that the ankles are more slender and seem more spiritual. So even if the clothes are thicker, the ankles should be kept exposed. ▼

  But this method of wearing is obviously not suitable for ordinary people. When I was writing the role model last time, some readers wrote that they wanted to see their legs and not wear their ankles.

It can be seen that many people have this distress.

  Winter clothes generally have a bloated upper body, but they also ensure the warmth of the whole body. We can work harder in the lower body. Believe me, as long as the following items are single, they are still very fashionable without revealing their legs:

  A pair of boots wrapped in ankles: no pressure on all kinds of pants

  Boots are available to everyone, but is your utilization really high enough?

  Friends who love to wear pants in winter, this year is a positive solution to start a pair of short boots wrapped in ankles.

  Boots like Olivia’s feet without ankles are not really worn, because the boots are too low, not as warm as the right. ▼

  Not only is the boot barrel long enough, but the width is also important. It is best to have a small opening, just wrapped around the ankle and a small calf above, which is both warm and easy to fit into the various pants. Contrast, the left side is the ordinary boots, and the right side is the boots wrapped around the ankles. ▼

  With it, I can’t think of any pants that you can’t wear in winter.

  A short pair of micro-bar jeans and it is a perfect match, a small speaker with boots wrapped around the ankle, capable and warm, but also warm. ▼

  A short one-piece wide-leg pants can also be saved. Choose a higher, thin and tall. ▼

  Needless to say, ordinary wide-leg pants, you want to wear a few long pants in it. If it is paired with wide trousers, the boot can be slightly pointed and visually stretched. ▼

  Because the boot is small, it can also be stuffed into this nine-point straight leg, and the trousers look very neat. ▼

  It is best to choose a shoe that can be used to reach a distance of half a finger, so that wearing socks inside will not feel squeezed. In contrast, the socks on the left look a lot tighter. ▼

  This year’s socks are extremely hot. Its fabrics are similar to socks, tightly wrapped around the feet, very skin-friendly and very slim. If the socks are worn alone, it is not easy to control. It is just right to wear all kinds of trousers. ▼

  Even so, I still recommend buying boots with tighter boots instead of socks. I personally think that the style of the socks is not generous, and the gust should not be blowing for a long time.

  A black pencil pants: make the thick coat not bloated

  In the cold winter, a warm thick coat is essential, but whether it is a down jacket or a wool coat, they have two things in common, bloated.

  At this time, I also want to create a “I am actually very thin” effect, what you need most is a pencil pants. In my mind, black pencil pants are also a winter artifact. ▼

  I would wear Olivia, and I wouldn’t have a thick coat like a down jacket. I could only wear a pair of pencil pants. She loves to wear knee-length boots with pencil pants. ▼

  Black pencil pants with small black boots is my favorite combination in winter, with a good leg length. ▼

  If you are a chopsticks, I suggest you come in a pair of tight leather pants in winter. Compared to ordinary jeans, the leather is more cool to wear and looks more spiritual. ▼

  Pear-shaped stars with thick legs don’t cry, listen to me, pencil pants are also suitable for you. As long as you wear a long coat, your legs are thick and your butt is not a thing. It’s all covered. ▼

  In addition to the black pencil pants, this dark blue my wardrobe will always have one, also slim and versatile, with a lot of space. ▼

  The lighter blue jeans are not dull, but it is quite fat and it is easy to expose the legs. The material on the left is very soft, especially for careful selection. It is recommended that the material on the right is stiffer. ▼

  A pair of over-the-knee boots: a magic weapon that is tall and thin

  Winter warm and beautiful artifacts also include a pair of over-the-knee boots. The pencil trousers mentioned above, and the best partner is the over-the-knee boots. This OP has the most say. ▼

  There are so many boots, why do you have to choose your knees? Because it is very straight, it is especially suitable for girls with imperfect legs.

  Generally, people with short legs are a little bent from the knee joint. Over-the-knee boots can make the knee above and below the knee into one, cover the small bend, and the leg shape is not bad. Look at Zhang Yun’s comparison chart. ▼

  Over-the-knee boots also maximize the visual stretch of your leg lines, making you look tall and thin overall~▼

  Over-the-knee boots are also good partners for all kinds of whistle skirts. ▼

  The suede’s over-the-knee boots are many people, and its material is soft, and the pleated skirt with a tough material is pretty good.

d. ▼

  Summer print skirts can also be worn in winter, as long as you paired with a pair of over-the-knee boots. ▼

  Silk skirts are also very suitable for matching suede boots. This color is too bold, and the imitation should be cautious. ▼

  There is a stinking problem in the suede boots. It is very easy to wear and wear, and it is quite embarrassing. When you buy, you can choose a style with straps, which is not so easy to drop.

  Compared with suede boots, this leather over-the-knee boots are more popular this year, and many fashion choices are bold. For example, Bellow, her color has been switching back and forth between burgundy and pink, so I love this combination. ▼

  We still don’t want to learn how to choose such an uncontrollable color. The leather boots are already strong enough, and the color is recommended to choose a low-key black or brown. ▼

  When it comes to socks boots, this trend has also hit the knee boots here. Like wearing long stockings, the legs are wrapped tightly and thinly. Balenciaga’s long stockings are the most popular, I refuse, do you think it looks good? ▼

  A pair of black warm socks: rely on it in winter skirts

  Winter love to wear a skirt and do not love to show legs? You need a dozen black warm socks.

  I said it last time. I don’t know why I saw someone wearing black warm socks and spit it out. I feel very LOW. Is it cold and high-legged? The most fashionable fashions are wearing black warm socks in the winter. ▼

  It is also often seen in big-name shows, such as Chanel’s Fall 2016 show. ▼

  When choosing a base stocking, pay attention to the number on the package. For example, 60D, 80D, this represents the thickness of the stockings. The bigger the number, the better the warmth effect.

  Winter wear 80D-120D between the meatless stockings, the warmth coefficient is higher.

  Warm socks make winter more possible, whether it’s a short skirt or a dress, all can be worn out of the street. Paired with small black boots or black over-the-knee boots, it is very long. ▼

  The reason why Olivia’s wear is so popular is that she is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. When it is cold, she rarely sees her wearing very little. This is right. She wore a pair of thick black base socks under a knit maxi dress, and was paired with patent leather Martin boots, which was handsome and beautiful. ▼

  Compared with black pencil pants, one of the great advantages of black warm socks is that they don’t pick shoes. Oxford shoes and Loafers can be set up as you like. ▼

  By the way, with black warm socks, many coats can also be worn as skirts, and you are the most elegant in the cold wind. ▼

  Looking at so many pictures in front, have you found that black warm socks are very versatile. Double eleven does not know what to buy and want to buy something, warm socks is a good choice. Those who are interested can review the recommendations that have been written before: mature people are wearing long trousers, wit me out of the warm socks

  A few pairs of socks: you can wear a variety of shoes in winter.

  Although winter is the world of boots, other shoes have plenty of room to play, as long as you choose the right socks.

  Nine pants with sneakers, oxford shoes, etc. are also very fashionable, but barefoot wear is too cold, coupled with socks is perfect. ▼

  How to choose socks is especially important.

  You see, the good-looking mix may sometimes become a bit rustic because of a pair of socks. White socks should be carefully selected, it is not easy to wear a texture, and the contrast with dark clothes is too big, it seems not easy to coordinate. White socks with black shoes are even more to avoid. ▼

  In contrast, black socks are much more friendly, especially suitable for wearing black shoes. Miss Zhong loves to wear this way. ▼

  The dark checkered suit is also suitable for black socks, and the small yellow bag lights up the whole body. ▼

  However, the black socks are a bit too dull, the white is too glaring, I think in the socks, the most versatile is the gray socks. ▼

  When shoes and pants are black, it is also a good choice to use gray socks to make the transition. Black socks are a bit stuffy. ▼

  Checkered socks are also my favorite in winter. There is no pressure on what kind of shapes and shoes to put together, and you can wear a little British style. ▼

  You can also try a variety of bright color socks to make socks a part of the shape.

  For example, dark green socks, with Lok Fu shoes full of autumn. ▼

  The color of this body is very rich, and the wine red socks are also added points. ▼

  Try wearing a pair of red socks when wearing brown shoes. It is quite special. ▼

  Especially when the whole body is black or the whole body is dark, making good use of the light color on the socks is likely to bring surprises to the shape.

  For example, the following is black. This yellow-cut sock doesn’t mention much wind. ▼

  The words of Rebecca:

  The five items above are also the ones I have worn the most in the winter.

As a stupid hobbit, I also persisted in the winter with a lot of bare legs. When I was older, I realized that the tears that are now left for joint pain are the water that comes into my mind when I was barefoot. In the first two years, my knees began to ache frequently after a cold rain, and it took a while to raise them. Then I was very careful. Now, if it is not a last resort, I rarely squat in the cold weather. If you don’t say it, there is a kind of maturity called mom who hasn’t called you to wear long pants, you have already put on yourself silently~

  As for how to wear in winter and warm and beautiful, I wrote this. The five items mentioned above belong to the kind. After they are used, the utilization rate of other clothes in the closet is greatly improved, not only to ensure that winter is not exposed. The legs are not frozen, and it is easy to wear out the personality and beauty not only to ensure that the legs are not frozen in winter, but also to let you wear personality and beauty. Everyone will try to know~

  I wish you all beautiful and not frozen. see you tomorrow:)

  Editorial Assistant: Rua, JOY

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