The correct makeup under the clothes of gold color

Properly selected makeup for a golden dress will make the female image more harmonious, bright and attractive.

Make-up for gold clothes while creating an evening look can be made in a beige-gold or brown palette using black eyeliner and black or dark brown mascara. Professional make-up artists do not recommend excessively bright makeup when choosing a gold outfit because this combination will overload the image, as a result of which the girl will look tasteless and ridiculous.

However, too modest make-up for such a luxurious expensive outfit will not work either. Makeup artists recommend making makeup for a gold dress with an emphasis on the eyes, giving them brightness and expressiveness. You should not use a lot of gold shades, because it is important to achieve a balanced and harmonious image.

Regarding the choice of lipstick, then with an accent in the makeup on the eyes, the lips should be covered with a light translucent gloss or lipstick of a natural shade. If the eye makeup is sustained in restrained colors, the expressiveness of the lips should be emphasized.

Makeup for gold and black and gold dress

The golden hue is chic and unique, but at the same time it is treacherous and complex. Choosing cosmetics for such an outfit should be extremely cautious, because it is important not to spoil the image. Most of all, the shade of gold is suitable for owners of dark hair, they look elegant and unique in such a dress.

Makeup for a golden brunette dress can be done independently, following the advice of experts. When choosing a corrector, preference should be given to cool earth tones. It is better to use a blush of a peach shade, it will well refresh your face, give it a natural look and will not create a mask effect.

Golden shadows are a good option for a golden dress. If you need to create a make-up under a black and gold dress, make-up artists recommend putting gold shadows on a black base. So it will create an effective evening look. Lipstick under such eye makeup can be chosen as a light restrained, and rich dark. It will look good lips dark cherry, plum and brown.

The more modest girls who do not dare to perform a make-up in golden colors, make-up artists recommend to prefer discreet brown shades. To give a slight expressiveness to the lips, it is enough to cover them with pink or nude gloss.

When creating makeup for a golden dress for brunettes, the shadows of plum, malachite, emerald, pomegranate and peach flowers look beautiful. When forming the evening look, it is obligatory to use a black eyeliner and a lengthening mascara. Lips with such a bright eye makeup should not stand out too much, matte nude lipstick would be an ideal option.

Step by step instructions for creating evening makeup

Evening make-up should be characterized by durability and brightness. Step-by-step instructions for creating the evening Smoky-Aysa:

  1. Before applying decorative cosmetics should make makeup. To do this, you need to wash your face with warm water using a special tool, selected according to your skin type.
  2.  It is necessary to moisturize the skin well, applying nourishing cream to it with gentle movements.
  3. For the persistence of cosmetics primer is applied to the entire face. This cosmetic product will give the skin smoothness and elasticity.
  4. With the help of liquid correctors, contouring of the face is carried out. Dark color should be applied to the cheekbones, wings of the nose and lower part of the chin. The T-zone and cheeks, with the exception of the cheekbones, are covered with a light corrector.
  5. Over the concealer is applied foundation to the entire skin of the face. This cosmetic should be dense enough and have a natural shade. The application of matting crumbly powder will be the final stage of creating the perfect foundation for makeup under a golden dress.
  6. Before applying shadows on the eyelids, their skin should be covered with a base. Beige shadows with gold elements can be applied to the inner corner of the eye, the outer part can be painted over with dark brown shadows. Black eyeliner and mascara will help to give expressive look. If the eyebrows are not expressive, they can tint with a pencil or shades of brown, dark gray or black.
  7. Before applying lipstick on the lips, it is recommended to cover their skin with an equalizer, which evens out all the irregularities and other defects. Using a lip liner, you need to make a contour that will not allow lipstick to go beyond the boundaries. To make the lips appear more voluminous, a small drop of pearlescent can be applied to their middle.

You can complete the smokey ice by applying a highlighter to the protruding areas of the face – nose, cheeks and forehead.

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