The combination of colors in clothes CORAL

The combination of colors in clothes CORAL 1

Many fashionistas in the wardrobe there are things of coral color. It is perfect to update your image. Especially relevant in the warm season and is amazingly combined with other colors and uplifting. You can use clothes of coral color in combination with calm tones, and you can create a bright and unique image, combining bright colors.

This will help you to take a fresh look at your wardrobe and create stylish and interesting images.

“Coral” got its name from the red species of sea corals. This is a very romantic and feminine color, it certainly attracts the attention of others, especially male. Not every color has such a wealth of shades with which it is presented, and this could not but remain without the attention of designers and fashion designers.

coral color in clothes

He is very uplifting even in the most gloomy weather, so it is the best way to fight depression and bad mood. However, you shouldn’t overload your image with it, it can tire in large quantities.

Shades of coral color

shades of coral color in clothes

The richness of shades pleasantly surprised. From delicate pearl to neon. Each of them looks unique, refreshing, makes the image vivid and memorable. These photos are different shades, but the most common is the first five.

  1. Pearl pink – the most light and gentle shade. Fit with: white, gold, pale lilac, dark brown, blue, denim, gray-blue.
  2. Pale Peach – best combined with olive, denim, orange, burgundy, lilac, brown, terracotta, gold.
  3. Pink Peach – most effectively looks in the company light pink, beige, gray, azure, olive, silver, dark brown, dark blue, lilac.
  4. Light pink – The best colors to combine with it are: gray-pink, yellow, golden, olive, silver, red-brown, gray-blue, caramel, azure.
  5. Pink-orange – Stylish combinations can be made with the following colors: dark blue, azure, beige, golden, silver, soft blue, light gray, denim, amber, yellow-green shades.
  6. Neon Pink – bright and rich shade goes well with azure, dark blue, pale yellow, gray, light beige, golden, silver, brown, pink.
shades of coral color in clothes
  1. Bright pink-orange – juicy and expressive coral shade in a pair with pink, light beige, light gray, denim, amber, golden, brown, blue, blue will look great.
  2. Terracotta Red – It is recommended to mix in one set with the following colors: red, light yellow, mustard, dark red, green-blue, azure, light shade of gray, dark gray, white, brown, gold and silver.
  3. Hot pink – is very close in its qualities to pink and the same combinations are suitable for it as for pink, namely with: white, brown, beige, yellow, dark red, green-blue, azure, gray, dark gray, gold and silver.
  4. Purple pink – one of the “dark tones” of coral, for an effective combination it will suit: golden, crimson, burgundy, light pink, beige, dark gray, light gray, dark brown.
  5. Raspberry – deep and rich shade, for the clothes with his participation fit lilac, gray-lilac, dark gray, red, burgundy, straw color, pink-beige, shades of brown.
  6. Red-orange – perfect for evening wear, and you can wear it with hot pink, pale yellow, salmon, brown, white, dark gray, silver, golden, orange yellow.
coral color in clothes in combination with other colors in clothes

To whom does

Even small accents in coral-colored clothes in your casual and elegant clothes can complement the image of any girl or woman, but still, when choosing your own shade, you should take into account your color type and select the exact shade that will best match your appearance.

who is coral

There is a total 4 color appearance model: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Knowing your color type, you will be able to choose the most successful colors and make up for yourself a color scheme that will favorably emphasize your appearance.

The combination of other colors in clothes with coral

What are the best colors to combine coral? He in all his variety of shades can be well combined not with all the colors and he needs to choose a pair carefully, then he will be irresistible and emphasize all the advantages of your beauty.

palette of coral color in clothes

The simplest are its combinations with basic monochrome (white, black, gray) or pastel tones; a more complex range will come out with a combination of bright hues.

+ White

With these colors you can create a simple and concise image that is suitable for a business meeting (coral blouse and white pants) and for an informal walk (coral pants and white top) in the city. Also, coral and white – an excellent base, to which you can add as an additional any color from our list.

coral color in clothes combined with white
coral and white
coral and white

+ Black

A strict and conservative black in combination with a bright shade will allow you to create not only casual, but also a great option for evening wear. This neighborhood looks very fresh and stylish. Black adds severity and mystery, and coral adds a bright and feminine accent.

In order for the image not to turn out “heavy” one of the colors should be visually larger. For example, a black dress in a floor and a coral jacket (jacket). As an option: wear coral shoes or ballet flats to it.

→ BLACK in clothes – stylish images >>>

color combination in coral and black clothes
The combination of colors in clothes CORAL 2

+ Black and white

We combine black and white and get another interesting combination, where we get an original and stylish bow with things in black and white stripes or a pattern, or just a monophonic image.

coral color in clothes
coral color in clothes

+ Gray

Gray or blue-gray paired with coral create a pleasant and light, slightly contrasting combination that is perfect for work and for festive events.

Additional colors: black, white, beige.

→ GRAY color in clothes is the best >>>

combination of coral in gray in clothes
color combination in clothes coral with gray

+ Blue (Cyan, Turquoise)

This union can be called a contrast if we take in a pair of coral blue saturated, dark blue, cobalt or blue electrician. In this case, your kit will look bright enough, you can even dilute it with a thing of white or black in order to preserve the color balance. And do not forget about the rule: one of the colors in the set should be more than the other.

→ BLUE – with what and how to combine >>>

coral color in clothes combined with blue
combination of coral and dark blue in clothes

It will be interesting to look like a soft light blue hue, and bright saturated turquoise.

combination of coral and blue in clothes

With a denim fabric any combination of shades is perfectly combined. Jeans with a coral jacket + white t-shirt or blouse will look very youthful. Additional colors will be black or white.

coral color in clothing in combination with denim
coral color in clothes combined with turquoise and mint
coral color in clothes combined with turquoise and mint

Turquoise, Aquamarine or Turquoise, Aquamarine or mint possess properties to enhance the color of coral. This combination looks very summer-like. It can be used not only in clothing, but also in manicure or makeup.

+ Yellow

This pair can be called akin and boldly attributed to warm, because the coral already contains yellow, which means they certainly look great together.

Yellow can be used in this tandem, as the color of one of the main things, and for accessories, for example, a yellow handbag or shoes under a coral dress.

→ YELLOW – the best images for girls and women >>>

The combination of colors in clothes coral and yellow
The combination of colors in clothes coral and yellow

+ Brown (Beige)

Beige – it’s just the perfect option that suits our shade just perfect. Soft bodily emphasizes all the tenderness, saturation and brightness of coral. Try to use this combination of colors in different variations, and you definitely will not be disappointed. For example, a dress or coat in a pink-orange shade goes well with a beige bag and shoes.

In a couple with brown It is important to avoid visual overload attire, so it is recommended to use brown in the form of accessories.

combination of coral color in clothes with beige or brown
combination of coral color in clothes with beige or brown
what colors does coral in clothes match

+ Pink

The color of such images looks incredibly feminine. With delicate light shades of coral, it is better to combine the same light pink.

The combination of colors in clothes coral and pink
The combination of colors in clothes coral and pink

+ Purple (Lilac)

These kits also look original and help refresh your everyday looks. You can also add to them dark blue, gray, beige.

The combination of colors in clothes coral and purple, lilac

+ Golden, Silver

Metallic shades – silver and gold – both are perfect as accessories for coral outfit.

Handbag or shoes golden hue will emphasize all the warmth of this color, will add to it “wealth and luxury.”

Silver tint paired with a salmon-pink forms a tone contrast (warm and cold), so it is also better to use it as an accessory.

combination of coral and gold in clothes
combination of coral and silver in clothes

Very feminine, romantic, but at the same time bright, summer and cheerful – color. He may be present at least in the minimum quantity in your attire, and at the same time heighten your spirits and introduce a bold accent even in the most boring office bow.

Stylish images

A beautiful and stylish shade in your wardrobe is able to work wonders with your everyday or holiday outfits, combining it with different things, you can create original and attractive images for various occasions.

♥ Dress

In these photos you can see how celebrity dresses of this shade fell in love, gathering on the red carpet.

For example, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Langoria and Halle Berry look simply irresistible in the evening coral dress in the floor. It harmonizes perfectly with their warm skin tone, gently emphasizing feminine lines, while concentrating all the attention on the face.

what to wear a coral dress
what to wear a coral dress

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