The bends full of charms: the type of figure “hourglass”

Thin, well defined waist; chest and hips equal to each other in volume, smooth lines and bends – this is the most feminine type of figure the poets compared with the Greek amphora and guitar at different times, but it is the comparison with the hourglass that reflects its peculiarities.

Star shapes

Owners of perfect proportions

Considered at all times the standard of feminine beauty, such a silhouette due to the apparent difference in volume between the waist and hips looks most seductive and harmonious. In the 21 century, this type of figure received another name – X-shaped. How to emphasize your feminine beauty with the help of clothes, what shoes and accessories should be worn, as well as what types of fitness should be preferred to keep the figure of the hourglass silhouette attractive, read our article.

Hourglass figure
Figure Full Hourglass

Famous owners of the X-shaped silhouette

Since the type of hourglass figure has always been considered the standard of female attractiveness, it is not surprising that most well-known sex symbols and simply star beauties are owners of just such a physique. Starting with the film stars of the golden age of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, seductive beauties invariably become objects of admiration and imitation. Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Holy Berry, Salma Hayek, Dita Von Teese, Scarlett Johansonn, Kate Winslett – the star list can be continued to infinity. It is worth noting that both slim and full hourglasses are equally attractive: thousands of likes in the network collect photos of both slim Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian, who has outstanding forms. One thing unites them: the stars prefer outfits that emphasize their beauty and seduction.

Hollywood Style Icons

Hollywood Style Icons

Images of Blake Lively

Images of Blake Lively

Luke Monica Bellucci

Luke Monica Bellucci

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Bends

We select clothes in accordance with the features of the figure

If you belong to the happy owners of an X-shaped silhouette, your task in choosing a wardrobe is quite simple – you need to emphasize the natural virtues and not to spoil the image with excessive decor or incorrectly chosen styles. Clothing should emphasize your curves, not hide them; things should not be baggy, but at the same time not too tight, so as not to make the image vulgar.

Stylish Hollywood Star

Stylish Hollywood Star Blake Lively

Images of Blake Lively

The classic style is ideal for owners of the X-shaped figure: clothes of calm colors and strict cut perfectly shade the natural seductiveness of the forms and at the same time will not make the image too provocative.

Holders of the silhouette of an hourglass should wear clothes made of soft, flowing, flying fabrics, soft-fitting and repeating the figure lines. Dense fabrics such as tweed, velvet, can visually weight the silhouette, make it more squat and deprive the image of grace.

Tops, blouses, jackets

To make clothes emphasize, rather than hide, your natural virtues (breasts – waist – hips), the decor should not be excessive, an excess of volumetric details and bright elements will be distracting, and not demonstrate the advantages of your figure. Choosing a top or a jumper, stop your choice on simple, laconic on a cut models with oval or V-shaped cut. Clothing should not drag the figure, but gently repeat its lines.

The most suitable model of a blouse for owners of an X-shaped silhouette will be a shirt in a masculine style, plain or in a narrow vertical strip. A jacket should be necessarily fitted, with neat rounded or classic lapels. Underline the waist is recommended and in the style of the coat.

Jackets and blouses

Suitable jackets and blouses

If your type of figure is an hourglass, then when choosing tops and blouses you should avoid:

  • High collar “under the throat”, shortening the neck.
  • Volumetric decorative elements located on the chest: bows, jabot, patch pockets – they will make a magnificent bust massive.
  • Too deep neckline.
  • Elongated tops or slouchy models.

Pants and skirts

When choosing wardrobe items such as skirts or pants, women with an hourglass figure should be guided by the following rules:

  • Choose a model with a classic waistline. A low waist will visually make your hips wider and heavier.
  • A classic pencil skirt, a tulip skirt, a knee-length flared skirt will decorate any type of figure, but they are best suited for an hourglass. Mini-skirts can be worn only on condition that you are confident in the slimness of your legs.
  • Jeans can be flared from the hip or from the knee, and straight jeans-pipes will do, the main thing is to choose a model with the correct, not understated, waistline.
  •  Choose classic straight trousers with an arrow that is up to the middle of the heel or a little longer: these models visually lengthen the legs.
variants of skirts

Variants of skirts

Pencil Skirt

Bows with pencil skirt

Pants and jeans

Optimal pants and jeans

On an hourglass figure, skirts and trousers with a high waist — a corsage — look great. It can be zipped, one or two rows of buttons. Wear such models with men’s-style shirts or plain-fitting tops.

variations of classic trousers

Classic Monica Bellucci Choices


Women with an hourglass figure seem to be made to wear dresses. Almost any model is suitable for happy owners of such a silhouette:

  • Classic dress-length knee-length or slightly taller.
  • Dresses in the style of new look, fitted, with a wide flared skirt.
  • Dresses with the smell of soft knitwear or jersey.
  • Models in safari style with a wide belt or belt.
  • The fitted sundresses on the straps.
sheath dress

Variants of sheath dresses

It is worth wearing dresses with classic boats with a heel of comfortable height for you. Choose a model with almond-shaped or sharp (but not elongated) toe. Wide belts made of leather or textiles will help emphasize the waist.

Star bows

Selection of Hollywood stars

Kim kardashian bows

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