The belt, the accessory that never goes out of style

There are many men who underestimate the importance of the belt , one of the classic accessories of male attire. Its use fulfills a function as practical as subject as aesthetic , being the element that adds elegance to your final look always in coordination with the shoes. A belt can improve or damage your image, not so in the case of women, who can dispense with their use according to the clothes they wear.

Choose the correct size and the exact thickness

The pre-purchase phase of a belt is important. Looking at the size of your waistline will help avoid size mistakes ; For this you can look at the label of the pants to see the size or measure your waist, above the belly, with a tape measure. To the final measure, add 2 cm. more to get the exact size of the belt. Regarding the thickness, it will depend on the pants you want to use them: for jeans, the best ones are the wide ones and for the suits or tailor’s pants, the fine ones fit much better .

Should you wear a belt with your suit?

When we talk about suits and belts, there are many men who omit the presence of the belt when they wear suits, a blunder when it comes to dressing well. The belt prevents the pants from falling when you walk, keeps the suit clean and adds a touch of style . Others prefer braces, but these are not always matching the shirt and can be a bit uncomfortable; The belt girdles your outfit at the waist and prevents any wrinkles in the clothes.

Combine it with your shoes

Combining it with shoes is essential to achieve a perfect, polished and elegant outfit . The rule is simple: that the color of both garments be the same or be in the same color range. This is known by celebrities such as Zidane or Ryan Gosling, kings of style and good male dress.

Take into account your physiognomy

The colors play a fundamental role at the time of seeing us better, favoring the most remarkable points of our body and disguising those parts that we like less. In the case of belts, it is advisable to take into account your physiognomy and if you are corpulent the best thing is to use a color similar to that of the pants. In case you are too thin, it is best to create contrast between the belt and the rest of the garments .

Look at the materials

 The sum of materials is essential to choose the perfect belt and in this also influence the shoes. If your shoes are made of leather, the belt should also be made of leather, and in the case of more sports shoes, the belt should be made of a lighter material so that it does not clash with the rest of the outfit .

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