The 60-year-old grandmother wears everyday textbooks into

Around us, many women began to turn around the family after they got married, especially after the age of 40, they almost gave up the “beauty”.

  Maybe they will blame their stature, maybe they will say that their energy is on the children, and there is time…

  At the age of 60, they are busy with grandchildren, not to mention  

  But in Omaha, USA, there is a 60-year-old aunt, Beth Djalali, who has stopped himself at 40 and is always 40 years old!


  She was born in Omaha, USA, and many people have never heard of it. It is not a fashionable place. This is a photo of her 32-year-old, a beautiful woman when she was young. She was married at the age of 33. In 26 years, she gave birth to three boys and raised them to grow up.

  If in China, others must think that she is already in shape, old age, and can only bring her grandson at home.


  But Beth Djalali feels that now that she has finally had time to live her life, she founded her own blog Style at a certain age, sharing 40+ age dressing and lifestyle!



  Walking the dog, planting flowers, holding the cat for afternoon tea, and dragging the suitcase to travel… Beth Djalali wants to tell all women that even after 40 years old, they can continue to live wonderfully!



  And her daily dressing and matching can be almost written as an “elegant” textbook!

  Who says that he is too old to wear pretty colors?


  Beth Djalali wears red more than young people and temperament


  It’s also a handy look at the fashionable contrast.

  I have always felt a bit of a headache for the vivid contrast of the blue and yellow colors of the color contrast. I didn’t expect a blue and white striped shirt to be too natural.


  The bright prints on her body are not rustic at all, and they are very fashionable. She looks very refreshing with a white transition.


  But most of the time, her 40+ dress style is not like many fashion bloggers pursuing personality exaggeration.


  Beth Djalali’s mix is ​​more wearable, and very elegant, so it is more suitable for everyday reference!


  The sporty letter sweater is also very fashionable to wear, especially with red shoes echoing red letters, gray sweaters and smoky jeans, and the matching color is also very advanced. This young girl can completely copy!


  There are a lot of red highlights in her collocation, which is completely unacceptable to the old rhythm! As the mother of three children, even if she is in exercise, her body can not match many young girls, but it does not affect her dress.


  This organ pleated skirt has no age span and can be worn for a lifetime. The color of Beth Djalali is low-saturation and looks soft.


  Handsome military green tooling jacket, this straight loose jacket, let alone fat can not wear! Striped pants look like going on vacation


  The little black dress is also a piece of elegant life for a lifetime, and each woman’s wardrobe can have one. Fit is the first principle of choice. With some shiny and bright accessories, you can be very advanced.


  Or use her red color to do the finishing touch, you can show a young charm. Who is not a little belly, confidence is just fine!


  Wearing a neutral color, you can be elegant and textured. The basic white bottoming shirt is always wrong. The straight pants look slick and have a sense of exquisiteness with some textured necklaces.



  In addition to the white T-shirt, I also like to wear a striped shirt to make a base, blue and white strips or red and white strips, more interesting than black and white stripes, with neutral colors appear younger and more energetic.




  Beth Djalali likes to wear this short knit cardigan, with a skirt to wear, sometimes with a smooth color, sometimes with a smooth color, very suitable for office copy.



  When the weather is cold, replace it with a tweed jacket.

  Dresses with hips or short skirts are very nice to look at, and then come to a commuter bag, the feeling is wearing the prada devil head possession.



  BF wind jeans, roll pants and feet are young, can be worn with a handsome suit, can also be equipped with a sweater to create a French style.



  This long straight trousers, with a slim top, worn with high heels, looks elegant and feminine.



  Elegant women are good at silk scarves and light up the overall match.



  I also like to use the sweater as a scarf and put it on my shoulders. It is completely the style of fashion bloggers.

  Create a sense of hierarchy, it is easy and casual.


  I like to wear a pencil skirt. Most 30+ women will like it very much, and the body is feminine.


  With the basic shirt, it is hard and has a good shape. It looks like the whole person is very capable.


  You can also wear a sweater and it will be gentle.



  Sometimes it’s black and white, but it doesn’t feel monotonous at all, because she chooses a small contrast like plaid or stripes.


  After seeing Beth Djalali’s life shared at Style at a certain age, do you think that beauty is completely irrelevant to age? The focus is on our mentality. If you have a heart that is fashionable and beautiful, and willing to act, it will never be. Too late!



  In fact, his girlfriend always wanted to do, that is, by sharing practical matching skills, more girls can discover their beauty, appearance, body, age, money, time… These are not excuses that hinder us from pursuing beauty.

  On the body and face value, Beth Djalali can’t compare with many young girls;

  On money, there is no shortage of fashion bloggers who wear popular brands and basic models;

  On time, sometimes even if you apply lipstick, you can change your look…

  So, change from the moment!

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