Terracotta color in clothes

Terracotta color in clothes 1

Today we will see how to use terracotta color correctly in your wardrobe, what to wear it with and how to combine it with others correctly.

The question: “What is this color?” – many girls and women are often interested. And this is not surprising, because the shade does not go out of fashion for several seasons, and designers persistently continue to return to it in their collections.

Terracotta is a red-brown shade, the color of burnt clay or brick.

terracotta color in clothes


The color of baked clay represents confidence, stability and strength. Those who choose him are confident in their attractiveness, stand firmly on the ground and feel protected. These are not the people who will attract attention with bright accents and shades, they know that they will be noticed and appreciated.

shades of terracotta in clothes

Get it by mixing red with brown plus a small portion of yellow. Depending on how much red or yellow is added, the following shades are distinguished:

  1. Dark – dense, quite rich and deep.
  2. Terracotta – the classic version, which in clothes can be found most often.
  3. Brick – there is a little more red in it, it is slightly muffled, not as bright as the others. Not every girl will do, but he combines perfectly with many noble colors – beige, mustard, tones of blue and red.
  4. With an orange tint (red) – a little yellow was added here, it is notable for its special warmth, it creates a feeling of comfort and coziness.

At fashion shows

Luxurious red-brown can often be seen at shows of famous designers. In this photo collection, you can see how it looks in the context of various fabrics and textures.

terracotta total onions (total look)
clothes from fashion shows
options for fashion suits
terracotta dresses with fashion shows
brick on the catwalks

Who is going to?

Particularly relevant in the summer and autumn, but you need to understand that it suits not all girls and women. In some cases, it may add a few years to you visually or make the complexion gray-earthy.

Who is the terracotta color in clothes?
  • Best of all terracotta color in clothes suits girls with color type “Autumn” , which Red hair, dark skin and eyes of hazel color.
  • Brunettes You can also recommend its shades, it will remarkably emphasize their hair color and skin tone.
  • Blondes with terracotta less lucky? You, dear blonde girls, only fit terracotta with an orange tint the rest will be too “interrupt” and divert attention from you to yourself. Therefore, do not use it on the face, but decorate with it the bottom of the dress, choosing the right skirt or pants.
  • If you have a very fair skin and fair hairthen it is better to use this color in a small amount (bag, gloves, shoes).

What colors best match

Restrained, calm and noble tones in harmonious palettes (as in the photo), which can be used in their everyday images.

terracotta color combination palettes

How to combine and what to wear terracotta? Definitely – this is not the easiest option for variations and tones, with which it looks good not so much. It is rather dark, saturated, and overtills all the attention on itself, so it’s better to match shades to it that will emphasize and strengthen it, but not interrupt its brightness.

+ White

Terracotta with white – the perfect match! Why? This is a universal solution that is suitable for work and leisure. It will be relevant at any time of the year, but especially for the summer. White adds lightness and airiness to the brick shade, making it more expressive.

A red-brown shirt or blouse, plus a white pencil skirt or straight trousers, or red trousers and a white light blouse is a concise and very stylish solution for office work.

white and terracotta

+ Black

Want to create an elegant and slightly strict bow ?! Choose to pair to red-brown black. The best thing with black brighter shades of terracotta look, and more muted ones will help create a conservative outfit for a business meeting or negotiation.

You can add white to this company and the combination will instantly change – it will no longer seem so strict.

terracotta and black
What colors does terracotta match

A black belt or a belt will be a great accent for a dress with a red-brown dress.

What colors does terracotta match

+ Gray

What else do they wear terracotta? With gray! It is also one of the most successful options for our shade. With a light gray color, it is better to wear a brick or red, with darker shades of gray – rich and bright intonation. The combination will be softer (and universal), because there is no such strong contrast as with black.

→ Gray – the best images >>>

gray and terracotta

+ Brown

With the brown color of baked clay is combined in any form, because they are related. Often, to pairs of combinations with terracotta, you can safely wear brown accessories and shoes, and it will look very organic.

→ Brown – we create beautiful outfits >>>

images of combinations with brown
terracotta color photo

+ Beige

Gentle and soft beige use both as a base in combination with a brick or red, and as an additional in other variations. It will perfectly emphasize and complement the set, unobtrusively set off our color. This option is suitable for both the cold season and the warm season.

outfit with beige

Girls with blond hair are more suited to brick-orange tones, but brunettes can choose any shade of terracotta.

what color is combined with terracotta in clothes

+ Blue (Blue)

Combination with blue or blue will help to show all the power and beauty of red-brown. The clash of warm and cold tones in one set, it looks advantageous and not boring. The brighter the shade of blue, the brighter on its background will look terracotta.

Blue does not claim to primacy in this pair, he will only gently emphasize all the warmth and depth of red.

→ Blue in clothes is the best >>>

blue and terracotta

An excellent image in a street style is obtained if you combine blue (blue) trousers (jeans), a beige turtleneck and a red cardigan (coat).

what color is combined with terracotta in clothes
blue and terracotta

+ Green

Beautiful natural combination looks very harmonious and natural. With terracotta green-turquoise look especially good, dark green, olive, herbal, marsh, emerald, jade and other shades of green.

An interesting option is obtained if you combine bright grassy green, brick-orange and dark gray.

brick and green in clothes
What colors does terracotta match

+ Yellow

Brick with yellow reminds of a warm autumn, because such a range is typical for this time of year, but this does not mean that they can be worn only in autumn.

When paired with red-brown, it is better to dwell on darker shades of yellow or orange, mustard. But it is better to use it in small portions, accents, details. Light yellow is more suitable for the top of the dress (shirt, blouse, cardigan, t-shirt, scarf), which can be combined with pants or a skirt.

→ Yellow – the best pairs >>>

with yellow
color combination with terracotta

+ Pink, Burgundy

The combination of terracotta and light pink is a great variation for stylish casual bows. It can be taken as the main or in the form of small parts. Bright shades of pink (fuchsia) can be a great accent and bring to the image of immediacy and dynamics.

with pink

Create a harmonious image with burgundy not easy, because the colors are similar. To do this, you can enhance the contrast by combining a darker burgundy with a bright red, or by adding additional tones that will help dilute the set, for example, beige, light gray, light pink.

burgundy outfits

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