Swiss watches are the best brands of women’s and men’s wrist accessories

Swiss watches are one of the most desired gifts for men and women around the world. Many people dream of such an accessory all their lives, because it allows them to demonstrate to others the high status and excellent taste. The most important advantage of Swiss watches is their reliability, so they can serve for a very long time.

Why are Swiss watches considered the best in the world?

Real Swiss watches are notable for amazing accuracy and can serve their owner as long as possible. As a rule, they are acquired not when a person just needs a device for determining time, but when he wants to invest his savings and buy a really worthwhile thing. Today’s Swiss watches are a symbol of status, well-being and financial solvency, so they are viewed in a completely different way.
why Swiss watches are considered the best in the world
The main advantage of accessories of this kind is manual assembly. However, this does not mean that such products are completely made by hand. So, the overwhelming majority of watch mechanisms create automata, however, their work is completely controlled by qualified specialists who do not allow any marriage. The Swiss are very careful about their position in the world of the watch industry, so they are incredibly careful in checking all the properties and characteristics of the manufactured products.
Although different brands of Swiss watches differ from each other in appearance, size and price, the accuracy of determining the time for them is always about the same. With careful handling, their mechanism does not require replacement for several decades, so often these items are inherited. In addition, most modern models are placed in a waterproof and shockproof housing, due to which the service life of such products increases significantly.
brands of swiss watches
Women’s wrist watches
top ladies watches

How to distinguish a Swiss watch from a fake?

Since Swiss watches are in great demand and popularity, some unscrupulous manufacturers give out low-quality products for national products and sell them at a fabulous price. These accessories do not meet the requirements for a genuine Swiss watch, and serve much less than the real ones. In order not to be mistaken, before buying it is necessary to study how to distinguish an original Swiss watch from a fake.
Most experts advise to pay attention to the following points:
  • each of the well-known brands has a certain nuance that helps it to protect its customers from the acquisition of falsification. For example, this may be the secret signature on the dial or the original logo on the crown;
  • The hands of elite accessories “float” on the dial, emitting a soft and smooth characteristic sound. In cheap fakes, they usually jump and do not always fall into a given rhythm;
  • special attention should be paid to the strap. As a rule, in replicas it is made of cheap leatherette or other low-quality materials. Expensive Swiss watches are always equipped with a durable leather strap or a bracelet made of noble metals;
  • The popular inscription “Made in Switzerland” (“Made in Switzerland”) is not applied to modern models. If the purchased accessory is not antique, it should bear the label “Swiss Made” (“Swiss Products”), “Swiss Quartz”, or “Swiss movement” another state) or “Swiss Parts” (“one or more parts made in Switzerland”). In addition, on the most expensive exclusive items the word Geneva or Geneve may be written;
  • When purchasing expensive products, be sure to ask the seller for a quality certificate, which indicates the individual product number, as well as the date and place of sale;
  • Finally, a genuine brand model cannot be sold without packaging. Swiss luxury manufacturers pay great attention to its production.
How to distinguish a Swiss watch from a fake
Original Swiss Watches
How to distinguish Swiss watches from fake original

Ladies watches

For beautiful ladies, Swiss watches, which brands are well-known to lovers of high-quality products, are a very important part of the image. They give look’u unique elegance and elevate their possessor in the eyes of others. Especially often this beautiful and unique accessory can be seen in the hands of business women who, by the nature of their work, need to demonstrate status and success.
ladies watches
Ladies watches
swiss watch brands

Swiss watches Tissot

Products of Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son have been made since 1853. Already in 1858, watchmakers brought their products to Russia, and after another 8 years they became official suppliers of the Russian Imperial Court. Currently, women’s watches Tissot Swiss watches are very popular with beautiful ladies of different ages. Among the range of brands distinguish the following collections:
  • T-Classic – excellent products in the spirit of timeless classics. Usually they have a large round dial with Roman or Arabic numerals and strokes. Especially for luxury women in this line is a model with diamonds;
  • T-Sport – sports copies with a rubber or metal strap in bright colors;
  • T-Trend – modern watch, made in the style of glamor . They may have a rectangular, square or round body and are often decorated with mother of pearl or precious stones.
swiss watches tissot

Swiss watches Tissot
ladies wrist watches tissot

Swiss watches Breguet

For several centuries, Breguet has been manufacturing high-quality accessories for women and men. The products of this brand is the standard of style, and the vast majority of models are performed in a classic elegant style. Women’s wrist watches Breguet are available only for the richest and most successful women, however, they have a lot of fans around the world.
breguet swiss watch
Swiss watches Breguet
ladies wrist watches

Swiss watch Omega

The history of Omega has more than 150 years. During this time, a huge variety of different models have appeared in the brand’s collection, which have gained immense popularity among high-income people. Swiss watches Omega are produced in a classic performance, sports or retro style . In addition, in the brand’s lineup there are models for fans of extreme sports who are not afraid of exposure to water, precipitation and strong mechanical shocks.
omega swiss watch
Swiss watch Omega
swiss watches

Swiss Rolex Watch

Almost every rating of Swiss watches is headed by Rolex products. To this day, they are made exclusively by hand and pass pressure testing after the completion of assembly. Products of this brand symbolize luxury, wealth and well-being, so they can often be seen in the hands of successful businessmen and Hollywood stars. At the same time, most experts agree that the best women’s Swiss watch is Rolex.
rolex swiss watch
Swiss Rolex Watch
top ladies watches

Patek Philippe Swiss Watch

Patek Philippe brand products are popular with the richest people on the planet. They are often called “presidential”, because this brand is given preference by heads of state and first ladies. Especially beautiful ladies appreciate the Patek Philippe Swiss gold watch, encrusted with diamonds and striking in its elegance .
patek philippe swiss watches
Patek Philippe Swiss Watch
swiss gold watch

Montblanc Swiss Watch

The original Swiss watches Montblanc are able to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Most of the models from this manufacturer have a round dial, but especially for beautiful ladies, the Profile collection with a small rectangular case has been developed. These watches look unusually elegant and attractive, so they have many fans.
montblanc swiss watch
Montblanc Swiss Watch
original swiss watches

Swiss watches Blancpain

Although all brands of Swiss watches produce technically sophisticated products, the Blancpain brand has become famous for its unsurpassed mechanism. The model of this manufacturer Blancpain 1735 is equipped with a perpetual calendar , minute repeater, tourbillon and chronograph. Currently, the brand produces many different accessories for men and women that look incredibly elegant and luxurious.
swiss watch blancpain
Swiss watches Blancpain
brands of swiss watches

Men’s Swiss Wrist Watch

Representatives of the stronger sex love to demonstrate their superiority to others. This is often used expensive men’s Swiss watches, the rating of which is presented below:
  1. Vacheron Constantin.
  2. Patek Philippe.
  3. Chopard.
  4. Montblanc.
  5. Richard Mille.
  6. Rolex.
  7. Epos.
  8. Perellet
  9. Blancpain.
  10. Cartier.
men's swiss watches
Men’s Swiss Wrist Watch
expensive mens swiss watches

The most expensive Swiss watches

All original Swiss products are expensive. In this case, connoisseurs and experts believe that these products are worth the money, and do not consider the purchase of such accessories a waste of finance. The most expensive Swiss watches, which are deservedly popular with wealthy people from all over the world, are listed in the following list:
  • Rolex;
  • Cartier;
  • Omega;
  • Patek Philippe;
  • Swatch.
most expensive swiss watches
The most expensive Swiss watches
expensive swiss watches

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