Sweatshirts, cardigans for obese women

Today, young ladies wearing clothes of size with an additional “X” can look simply luxurious. Firstly, the fashion for thinness a step away from anorexia has long passed. And secondly, the modern fashion industry is ready to fill any vacuum and offer interesting solutions for girls with rich shapes.                   

What sweaters and cardigans of large sizes are in fashion, you will learn about this in our review. You will also find out what the most profitable colors of clothes for overweight women are popular. Colors of clothes that slim.

The main trend of is not new: emphasize the splendor of the chest and slightly hide the lush hips and tummy. But we’ll discuss how to do it best right now.

Sweatshirts and cardigans for the full. The main thing is conciseness.

Many eminent designers are inclined to believe that the just new year for girls in the body should pass under the banner of brevity. Embroidery, ruffles and appliqués should be excluded. Of course, tunics and cardigans are an obvious hit. The main condition is the need to close the widest points of the hips.

Advising a fashion cardigan for obese women, it is worth mentioning the asymmetric cut. So you will look fashionable, and the emphasis will shift.

Sweatshirts 2017 for full: light jacket with a large collar.
Sweatshirts 2017 for full: white jacket with a short sleeve.
Sweatshirts 2017 for the full: a white turtleneck with a striped sprint.
Sweatshirts 2017 for overweight: white sweater with a striped print.
Sweatshirts 2017 for full: purple-colored jacket with a long sleeve.
Sweatshirts 2017 for full: beige jacket with an inscription on the chest.

When choosing blouses or cardigans for full, stop on models with a V-neck. This will visually reduce the fullness of the face and emphasize the virtues of the magnificent breast.

Sweatshirts and cardigines for obese women: the main accents

A blouse or cardigan, fashionable for obese women, should be fastened with small buttons. This will avoid unnecessary additional folds in the abdomen. Models without fasteners or with a belt are also recommended.

 Sweatshirts 2017 for full: blouse with a belt at the waist.
Sweatshirts 2017 for overweight: a checkered blouse with a fur collar and a belt at the waist.
 Sweatshirts 2017 for overweight: pink short cardigan.

 Sweatshirts 2017 for full: short knitted sweater with a white blouse.
 Sweatshirts 2017 for overweight: a bright orange jacket with an application in the form of a golden deer on the chest.

When choosing a cardigan or sweater stop at fine knitting. It looks feminine. Coarse knitting fills.

Women with large clothing sizes should not choose short sweatshirts that reach the waist. So the silhouette will be poorly balanced.

In sweaters or blouses, shuttlecocks and ruffles are allowed only in the neckline. This is the main decoration on sweaters for overweight women.

Sweatshirts 2017 for overweight: white blouse with frill.
Sweatshirts 2017 for the full: a bright orange blouse with frills.
Sweatshirts 2017 for overweight: light pink blouse.

It is better to choose a jacket with many wedges and a clearly marked waist. This will make you look slimmer and at the same time be very stylish.

Do not choose an oversize style!

When choosing fashionable sweatshirts in for overweight women, you should abandon the oversize style that is so popular today. He will turn a dense young lady into a shapeless cocoon. In addition, choosing a blouse, stop at the one that does not have pockets. Although this is not practical, it will remove unnecessary accents on the sides.

Paying attention to the sleeves, choose not very tight models. Also exclude flashlights and a coarse overcoat cut.

Sweatshirts and cardigans for the full. What colors work best?

• Blue. By the way, do not forget to look for something from denim. 
• Cool pink. Yes, it’s paradoxical. But, many things in shades of cold pink do not completely fill up. 
• Burgundy. It is, rather, an echo of last season, which has not yet lost relevance. 
• Ruby. This shade of red can be considered one of the coldest and most suitable for overweight women. 
• Coffee. Well, this is generally a hit of the season. As well as the following: 
• Sand-colored clothing. A great option for a fashionable sweater for the full. 
• Rich chocolate. 
• Pearl gray. Perfectly slim. However, you should take a closer look – whether it suits your color type. 
• Emerald. A good solution just for the cold season. 
• Turquoise is also acceptable.
• White. Surprised? However, designers are asked not to be afraid of dazzling white. Just pay attention to the fabric: it should be dense (maybe even a dense, modeling stretch). And also you should pay attention to style: an eternal classic is offered.

Sweatshirts for the full. Prints and patterns.

Do not bypass the geometry! It is worth choosing a product where the vertical strip is a little more pronounced. This is visually very slim.

Floral ornaments are relevant although more dense girls should choose a small and not too contrasting print. These are successful patterns and prints for fashionable cardigans and cardigans for fat girls.

Sweatshirts and cardigans 2017 for full: a cardigan with a geometric print.
Sweatshirts and cardigans 2017 for the full: cardigan with jeans.
Sweatshirts and cardigans 2017 for full: beige blouse with a windbreaker.

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