Super practical weight loss method, the most complete men’s weight loss plan to share

Nowadays, many men’s life pressure is too great, so they often go to drink and eat late at night, etc. Because of the lack of exercise, many men have obesity troubles. The following is a small series to share the men’s weight loss plan in men’s weight loss method. Men who want to lose weight can come and see together.
Weight loss method
Weight loss method
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  1. The basics you need to know
  First of all, fat loss and muscle growth can not be carried out at the same time, muscle growth requires excessive intake of calories, accompanied by fat growth, and fat reduction is a phase-in process. Therefore, students who want to really gain muscle should follow the muscle-enhancing plan instead of the fat-reducing plan. Exercise is systemic, although instrument separation training can strengthen muscles and strength. However, because there is no excessive supplemental recovery, and a large amount of aerobic exercise is a kind of consumption for the muscle. So if you want to shape, you should have full body training.
  You need to know your training weight and number of trainings and groups. There are three training weights: the maximum weight, that is, one group can only be completed once, 100% load, used to increase strength, hereinafter referred to as 1RM; 70% of the maximum weight, a group of 8 to 12, can maximize muscle growth Hereinafter, referred to as 8-12RM; small weight, that is, 50% of the maximum weight, requires a group to complete more than 15, mainly used for muscle endurance training, and the muscles are slender and firm, hereinafter referred to as 15RM. You need to know how much of these three strengths you have before training. Be fully aware of the importance of core strength, it will affect your various training. Flat support, roll belly, supine leg lift, deep squat, deadlift are a good way to train core strength. The tablet support can be practiced every day, every time as much as 10 seconds longer than the previous day.
Weight loss method
Weight loss method
  To put deadlift and squats at the top of the training, students who don’t do should learn on their own. First of all, they are systemic training, can train almost all the parts you want to practice, improve your cardio endurance, also have the effect of reducing fat, and most importantly, it can improve your testosterone secretion, which is why men compare Women are muscular and have the most important factor in strength. Home Jun believes that men will not go to the gym without hard-drawing and squatting. Because it is a novice stage, the actions in the plan are definitely not comprehensive, but they are all basic. What everyone has to do is to be proficient in these exercises, the standards are more standard, and other actions are derived from them. Novices should be in a state of mind, not greedy and greedy, people are clouds, remember!
  2. You need to purchase a comprehensive set of fitness equipment, including a sportswear, a pair of strength belts, a pair of gloves, and some small tools, not necessarily very good-looking, but it can improve your athletic ability and athletic performance.
  3. You need to eat a meal 30 minutes before training, providing a small amount of protein and carbohydrates, so that the muscles have enough energy to burn calories during training.
  4. Before and after training, you need to fully stretch to avoid injuries and muscle soreness and viscous conditions.
  5. Do not rest more than 45 seconds between groups during training, as short as possible.
  6. Focus, focus, and don’t chat while training. You can’t control yourself. You can wear headphones to listen to some music that helps you exercise.
  7. If you don’t want your training efforts to be wasted, but also a reasonable diet, don’t ignore this most important part because of fatigue!
  8. The order of training is: warm-up – equipment training – aerobic exercise – finishing exercise.
Men's weight loss plan
Men’s weight loss plan
  Any time of the day can be your training time, but the premise is relatively fixed and regular, which is conducive to the function and recovery of physical function. The number of trainings provided by the plan is four days or one cycle or seven days, and the trainer can adjust according to his own situation.
  Specific training arrangements
  Day 1: Legs and hips
  1. Squat (as far as possible on the Smith squat rack), six groups, respectively 15RM, 1RM, 4RM, 8RM, 8RM, 15RM;
  2. Bow and arrow steps (no weight bearing, in situ or forward), three groups, each group of 20 steps;
  3. High leg lift for 30 seconds + original frog jump 20 times, two groups, the fastest speed, no limit;
  4. The inverted machine, three groups, respectively 10RM, 10RM, 10RM;
  5. After picking legs (training biceps), three groups, 12RM, 12RM, 12RM;
  6. belly, three groups, 20RM, 20RM, 20RM;
  7. HIIT self-weight training for 15 minutes (the action is arranged according to the online Raiders) or the treadmill for 25 minutes;
  8. Stretching, the overall time is controlled within 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Weight loss method
Weight loss method
  The next day: shoulder, arm
  1. Barbell push shoulder (standing or sitting position), four groups, 10RM, 10RM, 10RM, 10RM;
  2. Flat lifting before the dumbbell (standing position), two groups, 10RM, 10RM;
  3. Dumbbell side lift (standing position), three groups, each group more than 15 times;
  4. Two barbell curls (standing position), three groups, 15RM, 8RM, 10RM;
  5. Two dumbbells curled (standing, sitting), two groups, 15RM, 12RM;
  6. Training stool support (upright posture and extension, training triceps), 10RM, 10RM, 10RM
  7. Three-head steel line pressing (or neck back arm flexion and extension), three groups, 15RM, 10RM, 10RM;
  8. HIIT self-weight training for 15 minutes or treadmill for 25 minutes;
  9. Stretching, the overall time is controlled within 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Men's weight loss plan
Men’s weight loss plan
  Day 3: chest, back
  1. deadlift, six groups (decreasing after weight increase) 15RM, 10RM, 4RM, 1RM, 10RM, 10RM
  2. Barbell bench press (lying position), three groups, 15RM, 8RM, 8RM;
  3. Push-ups (normal or kneeling), three groups, as many times as possible;
  4. Sitting on the pulley pull back (can do pull-ups better), six groups, 12RM, 12RM, 12RM, 12RM, 12RM;
  5. Sitting rowing (instrument), two groups, 12RM, 12RM;
  6. Roll belly, three groups, 20RM, 20RM, 20RM
  7. Aerobic class (45 minutes, training coordination) or treadmill 30 minutes
Men's weight loss plan
Men’s weight loss plan
  8. Stretching, the overall time is controlled within 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  Day 4: On the day of rest, only aerobic 30-40 minutes, can be changed outdoors.
  The above content is shared by the men’s weight loss program in the men’s weight loss method. Men who want to lose weight can refer to it more. You can also pay attention to our website for more information.

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