Summer wedding dresses – 58 photo models for the most fashionable brides

Summer wedding dresses in 2018 – beautiful products from light and air fabrics that can turn a bride into a real princess from a fairy tale. Also, style legislators took into account all the tastes of modern women and presented non-trivial denim solutions for extravagant persons who prefer the brutality of hippies, glam rock and grunge in everything.
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The luxurious wedding dresses Summer 2018 in the style of sophisticated French charm from the times of the Legend of Style, Coco Chanel return to the catwalk to replace the volumetric and cumbersome things. It can be maxi, midi and mini models not only of her A-silhouette and sheath dress , but also airy summer wedding dresses with a skirt in a single layer, or “stylegi”. In the trend remained styles:
traditional mermaid;
combination of “mermaid” year or year.

Brides who like to create unusual ensembles can look for excellent trendy summer wedding dresses in pastel colors, also in pink, sky and blue shades. Bright dresses in red and blue, in all their color combinations and even in two color combinations, come into fashion. Modern versions come with additional designer décor in the form of rhinestones, Swarovski stones, embroidery, lace and guipure inserts and lace. Flounces and ruffles remained popular.

Summer wedding dress to the floor

Unmatched tender summer long maxi-length wedding dresses are models sewn from guipure openwork top and a flared skirt to the floor with a wide waistband. Girls who prefer fluffy traditional dresses can choose a magnificent haute couture product with a fluffy and tiered skirt made of flounces on a corset in a snow-white version, where heavy silk or satin harmoniously alternate with tulle tone to tone. These things do not need additional decoration for the dress, which visually weights the image.

A beautiful dress-suit made of denim will look nontrivial – a super choice for creating youth denim bows of brides who, for example, decided to play a wedding during a rock festival at Kazantip, or in a country style. Summer silk wedding dresses “mermaids” with the effect of glitter on the fabric and with a slit embellished at the back will be an excellent basis for creating a flawless romantic image. If you complement the ensemble with classic shoes , a long veil and an original set, you get a chic wedding outfit.

Summer short wedding dresses

On the global catwalk in the new season, the full domination of retro and ethno, and light summer wedding dresses of mini length in denim and brocade with a silk detachable train or a full skirt with a hem drop. Young and young fashionable women will like short models with a flared skirt and interesting decor in the form of a volume openwork pattern, embroidery or appliqués. Such styles can be a two-in-one solution, and for the prom easily fit for a wedding.

Fashionable summer wedding dresses

What summer wedding dresses in 2018 will be the most popular?
Lush dresses with sun-flared multi-tiered skirts or on hoops will not leave the trends, although in high fashion there is a bet on sophisticated minimalism. At the peak of popularity, due to the triumphant return of hippies, denim models and combined products from light and flying fabrics with brutal denim. Summer dresses on a corset with open shoulders, combining a year skirt and a small train with a romantic transparent cape on the shoulders, will also be a stylish choice.

For brides who love glamor chic, fashion designers offer maxi to the floor of heavy silk or satin with the effect of brilliance in bright and rich colors, perfect even for lush beauty. An incredibly feminine solution will be snow-white exquisite floor-length dresses with asymmetry of cut, additional decor in the form of ruches and front pleated folds on one shoulder. These styles are made in the style of a la antiquity.

Summer luxurious wedding dresses

Wedding dresses Summer 2018 haute couture is matchless models with embroidery and original yoke, multi-layered skirts, both on hoops and tulle in several tiers. The most popular riding stylists consider a corset with open shoulders, if the figure allows. Additional decor:
luxurious empire style corrugated skirt, betraying pomp; it can be unfastened and fastened with a unique brooch or it can be sewn under a thin belt, successfully emphasizing the waist;
a glittering coton corset and a yoke with a thin belt.

If you prefer ethno styles, or like summer wedding dresses in elegant Oriental style with a lot of jewelry, you should look at the models of haute couture. For example, to a dress from Celia Kritharioti with a skirt in two tiers, consisting of small ruches, and top in the form of a T-shirt with thin straps, V-shaped neckline and elegant ruffles. As always, dresses from the Zuhair Murad collections amaze with their splendor, at the same time combining French refined charm and luxury of the East with glitter.

Lace Summer Wedding Dresses

To create exclusive wedding looks, leading fashion designers offer summer dresses for a wedding evening, all sewn from guipure, or lace knitted with or without a cover, the choice depends on the preferences of the bride. They look advantageous in all shades of white and pearl colors. These products can be of different lengths, but stylists recommend choosing maxi to the floor and midi to avoid disharmony. Solutions that combine expensive fabrics, for example, satin or silk and lace in the form of voluminous sleeves of wings, inserts on the entire product and lower frills, will look great.

Summer wedding dresses retro

Stylish summer wedding dresses are made in the spirit of the updated and traditional retro, which leads the world on the catwalk. These are impeccable and elegant models of style not only of Coco Chanel herself, but also of her followers. If you want to be the center of attention at your own wedding, like a bride, and be known as a true fashionista, feel free to choose unusual dresses in cream and pink colors:
“bell” and “Tatyanka” and “dude” styles;
Maxi “Spaniard” with an abundance of small ruches and lantern sleeves from Chanel.

In the new season, famous couturiers gathered original ideas from the fashion of past centuries, creating stunning retro wedding dresses in pastels for a real Cinderella, with open shoulders and inlaid with rhinestones and small pebbles throughout the product. Those brides who prefer to surprise everyone with their extravagant images, leading designers offered a non-trivial option in white colors in the style of Disco.

Greek style summer wedding dresses

Luxurious summer wedding dresses a la antiquity with glitter repeat the styles of Goddess Olympus dresses, neoclassical and modified according to modern trends of “Greek women” and “Romans” that do not go out of women’s fashion for two thousand years. Feminine and romantic, in snow-white performance, these airy summer wedding dresses will easily become the basis for creating a perfect wedding image for any bride.

Dresses in classical antique performance, with an accent under the chest line and a loose flared skirt, are suitable for fashionable women with luxurious shapes, perfectly concealing small figure flaws. These styles can be:
with a V-shaped or oval neckline;
asymmetrical cut with a one-shoulder strap;
with a thin edging along the neck with open shoulders.

Summer wedding dress with a slit

The styles of flying summer wedding dresses with deep side, front and back cuts look attractive. Such solutions are made of light fabrics: chiffon, crepe de chine, organza and crepe georgette; they can be transformers, with a detachable train imitating a cut effect. Designers try not to burden their products with catchy and intrusive décor, they are limited to corrugated folds, lace or guipure top, elegant belt that favorably distinguishes the waist. A dress with a smell effect on a corset will also be a great choice.

Summer wedding dresses for the sea

A summer wedding dress for a denim beach is a great solution for brides who prefer non-trivial and original dresses even for a wedding, especially if the overall bow is kept in ethno and multi-layered brutality. Summer wedding dresses 2018 maxi will also fit perfectly into the light atmosphere of a beach wedding in a floor of flying fabrics with a single-layered flared sun skirt . If preference is given to mini and midi options, brides can look after themselves with beautiful and light retro vintage models or tunic dresses.

Summer wedding dresses for pregnant women

Beautiful and simple summer dresses of a free cut, “Greek women” and styles a la Natasha Rostov will suit both women in the position. These flying maxi models are the best base for creating a luxurious wedding ensemble in which a pregnant woman will feel completely comfortable. Couture décor: contrasting belts, ruffles and ruffles, lace inserts, interesting accessories.

Cape on a wedding dress in the summer

In the new season, along with the veil, a light, laced or transparent summer cape for a wedding dress came into fashion, which can be long and short, go as a cardigan or kimono, hang loosely and be tucked under a wide belt along the waistline. In their collections, the Valentino and Schiaparelli brands presented stunning summer wedding dresses of two in ethno style , where in the first case the cape was made with an openwork cardigan on the floor, and in the second – the original bolero with contrasting multi-colored inserts.

Accessories for the summer wedding dress

According to the stylists, stockings under the wedding dress in the summer should be selected 20 Den, so that they are not hot. In fashion white and physical, or repeating the color of the dress, stockings, both with a picture and without, the choice depends on personal preferences, you can add a garter. Original will look socks-stockings with lacing under the denim short dress. Other accessories: handbags, veils and artificial flowers for her or decorating hairstyles, brooches and jewelry – to the taste of the bride, but in harmonious combination.

Accessories for the summer wedding dress

Shoes under the wedding dress in the summer

The lawmakers of the style offer brides to combine beautiful summer wedding dresses with the classics of the genre – boats on a comfortable glass or not too high heels. For complete comfort, you can pick up shoes on the platform and a steady trend heel. It will not be a mauve, especially if it is difficult to stand on heels all day long, it is difficult to choose leather sandals, shoes and slippers with an elegant wedge or with a low heel for summer wedding dresses.

Modern fashion is democratic and does not dictate rigid restrictions, any experiments are allowed to your own taste. Easy to mini, midi, denim and ethno dresses, you can pick up shoes on a low run. For example, sandals and laconic slippers without heels and elegant ballet flats, original ankle boots, low shoes, summer boots and even Cossacks. However, stylists categorically say “no” to sneakers and sneakers for wedding dresses, if this is not an image all in denim.

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