Successful shot: how to always get perfect in a photo?

The phone has long ceased to be just a technical tool with which you can call and write short messages. Today it is a smartphone with many useful functions, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. And, perhaps, the main feature of any gadget is the camera, with which you can take photos and shoot videos. A smartphone is especially indispensable on vacation when you want to capture pleasant moments and emotions from what you see. But not all and not always succeed. Top model Anastasia Jias gave five simple tips on how to make a successful shot and always get perfect on the photo.

We make the light areas darker and intensify the light of the shadows

Most photo editors have such an option as adjusting the shadows and lights. Be sure to use it. For example, to improve the nature photo, balance the exposure. To do this, darken those areas where there is a lot of light and vice versa, add brightness to the shadows. It also doesn’t hurt to add some warm tones, you can do this using filters from the VSCO application.

After editing the image, return the settings to 45-50 percent

This is a simple but important point. It consists in achieving a natural image in the photograph, while using filters. To do this, you need to return the settings to about 50 percent at the end of editing. In any application, including Instagram itself, there is a function that allows you to do this. As a rule, for this you need to select one or another filter and click on it again. This is suitable for almost every frame, but do not overdo it with this option, otherwise the photo may turn out unnatural.

We try to make random frames

With photographs it’s always like this: you never know where and when a “tasty” shot can come out. Therefore, if you set yourself the task of bringing a lot of bright and interesting pictures from your vacation, take pictures always and everywhere, even when driving in a car, subway, bus or taking the cable car. The function of serial photos comes to the rescue in this matter. To do this, press and hold the camera shutter. In order not to clog the smartphone’s memory, choose one or two photos from the series received.

We use a tripod

Today, a tripod is as indispensable as filters and photo processing applications. Due to great demand, you can find any model in all price categories, from the most elementary to expensive semi-professional, with and without remote control. By placing your smartphone on a stand, you can take the same selfie in any position and angle, without being limited by an “outstretched hand.” The delayed shooting function will help you with this, as a rule, you can set the delay for 3, 5 and 10 seconds. If you use an additional camera that you control from a smartphone, the task is simplified even more – you can move any distance and choose the right moment.

We move away for the best shots

If you are in the midst of those who want to take a picture against the backdrop of the Milan Duomo or the Eiffel Tower, then to make it so that there is nobody and nothing superfluous in the frame is quite difficult. But there is a way out – you need to move away. Move back a sufficient distance so that the object is in the frame, but everything unnecessary is not. Small artifacts can be removed later during processing, for example, in the Retouch application.

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