Stylish ideas for decorating jeans with drawings and embroidery

Stylish ideas for decorating jeans with drawings and embroidery

Recently, it has become more and more relevant to reuse things. In this case, we are talking about jeans. It is not at all necessary to throw them away, because even at home they can be given a touch of originality. Needlewomen often use an artistic technique in the form of a picture for this. Thanks to it, you will get new, stylish jeans at practically no cost.

Drawing on jeans with acrylic paints

The process of applying acrylic paints to denim is not too complicated. This does not require special skills. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines. But first, let’s prepare:

  • blue jeans;
  • white acrylic paints;
  • pattern with a picture;
  • Painting tape;
  • foam sponge;
  • thin brush.

Put light blue jeans on the work surface. We fix the stencil with masking tape.


We dip the foam sponge in white acrylic paint and apply it through the stencil onto the fabric with hammering movements. Please note that the paint should not be applied too thickly. It is best if the natural denim wear persists.


If desired, draw leaves or other additional elements with a thinner brush. After the design is completed, leave the jeans for at least 24 hours until they dry completely.

After a while, it is enough to wash the jeans in cool water, wait until they dry and you can safely wear them.

Diy drawing on white jeans

For those who like finer and more delicate designs, the first option is definitely not suitable. An alternative solution would be simple mesh lace. But keep in mind that it should be made of synthetic thread and at the same time remain not too dense. By the way, many people even use small pieces of tulle, if it has a suitable pattern. In addition, we need:

  • White jeans;
  • colored markers for textiles;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • pins.
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We recommend ironing the jeans before starting work. This will make it easier to work with them. In addition, you can put them on almost immediately after drawing. So, the next step is to put the jeans on the work surface and straighten them.

We determine the place of drawing the picture and put a small piece of cardboard in the inner part. This will provide a smoother surface. In addition, you will protect the second part of the leg from staining. In this case, we suggest starting at the very bottom of the jeans.

Attach the selected piece of lace to the jeans with a few pins. Using a marker of the selected shade, carefully apply the pattern through the lace. We make dots or strokes depending on the size of the parts. It is best to start with the outline and gradually move towards the center. You can also start with a thicker part of the lace.


Multiple shades can be used for extra volume and gradient effect. In this case, we are talking about dark and light blue. Of course, this process is laborious and quite lengthy. Especially if you plan to cover the entire surface of your jeans. But the result is definitely worth it.


Markers that are intended for use on textiles are generally quite wash resistant. However, we recommend that you do this in lukewarm water and no earlier than a day after registration. This keeps the contours of the design clear and the drawing attractive.

Drawings on jeans on back pocket

Regardless of the selected pattern, it is extremely important to determine the optimal location for it. Basically, women of fashion, who for the first time do such a design on their own, start with their pockets. The thing is that this is a fairly small area. That is, you will spend the minimum amount of time and materials on its design.

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In addition, if it does not work out the first time, it will not be difficult to redo the drawing. A fairly large number of design options are relevant this year. Young girls will definitely love the cartoon characters. They are bright, funny and look especially stylish.

Drawings based on famous works of art are also popular. They can be similar or combine with modern signs, symbols and details.

We recommend taking a closer look at natural motives, which always turn out to be bright and stylish. The main advantage of this design is the simplicity of design. Therefore, every fashionista can easily make such a pattern on jeans, even without the help of a professional.

Contrasting images just look great on light jeans. Therefore, be inspired by ideas and feel free to try something new.

Jeans drawing ideas

In case you have decided to make a drawing on jeans yourself, it’s time to choose the most suitable option. After all, the effectiveness of the design will depend on this. In 2020, schematic depictions of faces are popular. Basically, they use black, white, or a combination of them. One of its main advantages is ease of application. Therefore, it is suitable even for those who have not tried something like this before.

Brave, bright girls very often choose unusual solutions for themselves. Among them are abstract drawings, multi-colored details, or even an image of fire. This is a kind of way of self-expression, so there are no special restrictions and frameworks in it.

Real women of fashion always appreciate floral designs. Moreover, you can use it literally everywhere, from manicure or accessories to clothes. Therefore, jeans are very often decorated with just such a design in color or black and white.

Lovers of modern fashion experiments will definitely like this jeans design. After all, it allows you not only to present them in a new way, but also to demonstrate your own sense of taste.

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