Stylish design of the increased nails – a photo of the novelties

For any woman it is very important to have a beautiful, well-groomed manicure that will tell others about the sense of style. Even in the busiest days, she finds time to follow the latest innovations in the fashion industry.

Modern trends of enhanced design

In 2019, natural manicure is gaining great popularity. These are short or medium almond or oval-shaped nails. The lacquer should be beige light pink solid or brown. The replacement of the long extended nails come natural, natural forms. Everything is also in the top classic French and moon manicure. But the classic white color this year can be replaced by more saturated, eye-catching tones. It is also a good option to add a decor in the form of small crystals, or to perform a gradient transition. These types of manicure fit absolutely under any style and image. But still, despite the popularity of naturalness, beautiful, maxillary-sized, enlarged marigolds do not cease to enjoy wide popularity.

Common types of materials for building in 2019

This year, manicure masters offer different methods and materials for performing nail extensions. To build can be two types of material: acrylic or gel. Acrylic is more practical and durable material. But the nails, made by gel, have a more transparent appearance and glossy shine. As for the methods of extension, here too it is worth choosing between the tips and the form. It is necessary to take into account the anthropometric data of the fingers for a more suitable method.

Varieties of the forms of the increased nails

Nail fashion has its own trends as regards the shape of the nail plate. This year, the popular is not only oval, but also square, almond-shaped. Bridget is a combination of stylet with narrowed squares and two edges. Pipe – in this form, the nail has a rectangular appearance, and the tip smoothly turns into an almond-shaped appearance. Edge is a base in the form of a narrowed square, but the stylet must have one facet clearly.

The design of the increased nails for each form

The most classic oval shape is practical, as it takes less damage and at the same time has a beautiful neat appearance.

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