Stunning manicure with inscriptions 2018-2019 of the year: words on nails – photo ideas

Reconsidering the many ideas of manicure for long and short nails, cute girls are confused, what is the most fashionable nail design to choose this time?

And if you are in search of new manicure products, and want to pamper yourself with an amazing and unusual solution for decorating nails in the 2018-2019 season of the year, then we have excellent manicure ideas for you with inscriptions and words on nails.

An adorable manicure with words and inscriptions looks pretty bold, and allows you to stand out with similar inscriptions on your nails in the 2018-2019 season of the year.

In our today’s review, we have collected top nail design ideas with inscriptions that you can implement on any shape and length of nails, in different styles and techniques.

Gentle manicure with the inscriptions on Valentine’s Day, made with thematic words and drawings of hearts. It is important to remember that the trendy manicure 2018-2019 with inscriptions, words and letters can contain different meanings – from a declaration of love to a playful and unpretentious nail design with inscriptions.

Variations of inscriptions, words and letters on nails can vary. According to the letter on each individual finger or the whole inscription on one thumb – all these are top nail design ideas with inscriptions 2018-2019.

Much in the fashionable manicure with words and letters depends on the chosen design style, and on the font of the inscription, which can be subtle and romantic, or bold and challenging.

You can add mega-fashion manicure with inscriptions with different trend techniques. So, we picked up a trendy nail design with words and letters in tandem with “negative space”, foil, glitter, kamifubuki.

Matte manicure and jacket with inscriptions, gradient, rhinestones and bouillons add to the completeness and refinement of the trendy nail art with the letters and words 2018-2019 of the year.

For the summer, we suggest choosing a megastyle nail art with words and letters, featuring spectacular hues and patterns. Wonderful and playful cartoon characters in tandem with neon gel polishes, as well as inscriptions allow you to perform an amazing manicure 2018-2019, which can not be remembered.

Nude manicure with words and letters looks more restrained and gentle, allowing you to become universal in any season and for any bows.

White nail design with inscriptions 2018-2019 looks more contrast and effective, with an immediate emphasis on the hands, can be a manicure option for each season.

Among such a huge variety of solutions for designing nails with inscriptions, words and letters, you can certainly find your perfect option – a bright or discreet, minimalistic or effective manicure with inscriptions.

We offer you 10-at the best types of manicure with inscriptions: TOP-10 nail design ideas with words and letters in the 2018-2019 season of the year, before which no fashionista could resist.

Bright manicure with inscriptions

Summer is a time of experiments and how can one not try a trend manicure with inscriptions on the nails? Juicy and bright accent lacquers, and to help them – various prints and inscriptions on the nails, and that beckon to use them as a nail decor. Focus on a couple of nails, drawing pictures in the form of geometry or animal stickers slider, on the other – write a couple, such as “summer time” or “love”, and others – in neon color. And the most delightful and stunning bright manicure with inscriptions and words ready!

Gentle manicure with letters and words

Tired of bright colors and wanting calm color nail art, but at the same time megastylny and extraordinary – choose a fashionable manicure with inscriptions. Pastel and nude tones are perfect for delicate nail designs with words and letters 2018-2019. Decorate with just one or two fingers with inscriptions and that will be enough. If you wish, you can make the inscriptions on the legs over the picture with dots or diagonal lines that will look very nice.

Manicure with inscriptions and “negative space”

Natural transparent marigolds in tandem with other favorite nail technicians – the trend of the season 2018-2019, which did not bypass the fashionable manicure with words and letters. Nail design with inscriptions on a transparent background “negative space” will give a special charm to ease and unobtrusive manicure with inscriptions. To do this, it is enough to cover the small spots with any color, leaving the thumb with the transparent base, on which to write something is enough just “love”, “don’t”, etc.

Manicure with words from glitter

Glamor may not be enough in modern nail design, which leads to simplicity and asceticism. Therefore, a small amount of sparkles in the design of nails with inscriptions just does not hurt. It is enough to use glitter for the inscription on the nails instead of the usual colored lacquer, and a fashionable manicure with words like “love” with the help of glitter is ready.

Nail design with words and camoufooks

Wonderful confetti has become the trend of decorating fingers, which can be safely used in the fashionable design of nails with words in the season 2018-2019 of the year. Select single-colored kamifubuki circles in gold or silver color and lay them on the finger, and on top – create an inscription. Such a manicure with inscriptions looks bright and wonderfully on short and long nails.

Ombre manicure with words and letters

Trendy gradient transitions made on several fingers can be an excellent complement to 2018-2019 nail design with words and letters. Milky shades, turning into crimson, orange and other colors with thin inscriptions with curls will look elegant and so amazingly beautiful.

Nail art with words and foil

Interesting can be a megastyle manicure with foil and the words on the legs in the season 2018-2019 of the year. Use any kind of slogans, brand name, important words and names for you, creating an inscription on your finger. Complement this inscription with pieces of foil, decorating the nail and thus creating an excellent manicure with inscriptions in a laconic design.

Matt nail design with words and letters

The tenderness of the velvet on the nails has always captivated by its attractiveness and this can be safely applied in the design of nails with words. A trendy matte manicure with words, letters and inscriptions on matt fingers with a tint of cobalt blue or wine, bordeaux, khaki will be simply irresistible. Use the inscriptions on the transparent coating, combine the matte-glossy modifications in the modern nail art with the inscriptions.

Manicure french with words and letters

Do not want to part with your favorite jacket? And we will tell you – and do not! In truth, complete the current french 2018-2019 with an unusual design with words and inscriptions, and your favorite nail design in the French direction will sparkle with new motifs and colors.

Manicure with Valentine’s Day Inscriptions

Thinking through the look on Valentine’s Day, you cannot do without a beautiful manicure, which can be a fabulous and wonderful manicure with inscriptions, words and letters. If you want to make a declaration of love or just perform a thematic manicure for Valentine’s Day in the season 2018-2019, then our manicure ideas with inscriptions will help you. Choose a romantic nail design with the words “love”, drawings of hearts and sparkles – and your pens will be irresistible on this important holiday for lovers.

Trendy nail design ideas with words and letters in the season 2018-2019: a fashionable manicure with inscriptions on the photo

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