Straight bangs with a short haircut 2019

Bangs are a very important element of the image, and in the short-haired version plays almost the main role. It can completely change your appearance, so it’s worth remembering that each type of face has its own form of bangs.

haircut layered cascade with straight bangs

Who does NOT fit straight bangs?

If we are talking about the classic straight bang, then I want to say right away that this option is not suitable for all ladies. A clear straight line visually expands the face, so for owners of a round face and a heart-shaped face, such a fringe is hardly suitable. Rather, this is an option for those who have a narrow elongated face in shape resembling a rectangle. Thick bangs to the eyebrows will help to correct it.

A straight bang with a short haircut is contraindicated for girls with a triangular type of face. The horizontal line of hair will further expand the upper part of the head, and this is just what needs to be fixed in the appearance of this type.

beautiful straight bangs with strands on the sides

A straight but short bang – for what type of face?

A straight bang with a square face is acceptable, but only very short. Then it will slightly change the proportions, and will allow you to shift the focus to the eyes and eyebrows.

Straight bangs are perfect for girls with the appearance …

But who really wants to recommend such a fringe is women with an oval face and the right distinct contour of the chin. In this case, you can do both very short and thick long bangs on the eyebrows, it all depends on what part of the face you want to highlight.

Straight bangs look very stylish, but for ladies older than middle age who have age-related changes in their face shape, it is unlikely to be a good choice. Such bangs look best on dark hair, so it would be preferable for brunettes.

wavy hairstyle with curls and a straight long bang
perfectly straight bangs with a long straight square
Lightweight torn bangs create a delicate feminine look
straight long bang, laid on its side
lightweight straight bangs with a bun
haircut long cascade with straight bangs
short bangs to eyebrows with long hair

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