Split ends of hair. 10 ways to fight

Hair – an integral part of female beauty, attractiveness and sexuality. In order to become your pride hair, you need to take care of and care for them daily. Unfortunately, our hair lurks a lot of problems: dandruff, loss, dryness and brittleness, lack of gloss and of course cross section of the tips.

The section of the tips of the hair – One of the most common and unpleasant problems (especially for long hair). Causes of splitting hair tips quite a lot: improper care, often the use of chemical dyes, high temperatures for styling (hair dryer, ironing, forceps), improper combing, stress, lack of a balanced diet, slow metabolism, an imbalance of hormones in the body.

10 ways to deal with split ends of hair

  1. If you have noticed the split ends of the hair, it means that you urgently and necessarily need to resort to the most correct and effective way of fighting – trim the split ends. At least on 1 – 1,5 centimeter. Such a “cardinal measure” will help to refresh your hair, they will no longer be confused, they will be easier to comb and become more attractive. Trim the ends of the hair should be once a month (0,5 – 1 cm).
  2. For hair styling, choose the means in which does not include alcohol (alcohol). Gels, varnishes, mousses and foams containing alcohol will inevitably overdry hair. As a result, brittleness and cross section of the hair ends appear.
  3. Gentle care. Try at least from time to time to arrange your hair a well-deserved vacation – dye less (at least not over the entire length of the hair), do not use a hairdryer and ironing, do not do bouffant hair and taut hairstyles. Give your hair time to recuperate naturally.
  4. To avoid cutting the tipsIt is recommended to use the cool mode using a hairdryer (+ air ionization). The flow of cool air helps to make hair soft and manageable, to avoid fragility and dryness of hair.
  5. Water. Hair needs moisturizing. It is not enough to use cosmetic or folk remedies. A day is recommended to use 1 – 1,5 liters of purified water, which moisturizes the hair from the inside, maintains tone, and thus helps to fight the splitting of the tips.
  6. Fight stress. Chronic stress – the true enemy of beauty and health of hair. Learn to relax, have a rest not only physically, but also morally.
  7. If the hair splits, then your body catastrophically not enough essential fatty acids. Revise your daily diet and add foods such as fatty fish (sardines, salmon, herring, tuna) and various types of nuts.
  8. Protection. Hair (especially long) need protection from the negative effects of aggressive environmental factors – cold, wind, dust, ultraviolet rays. In winter, do not forget to wear hats or at least, collect hair in a bun.

9. Use special products for split ends of hair.. The range of hair care products is quite large – serums, oils, fluids, ampoule preparations, indelible masks and conditioners will help protect the tips until the next hair wash

10 Oil. At home, for the care of split ends of hair, it is necessary to use vegetable oils once a week. “Butter” the hair in the literal sense of the word – apply on the tips of burdock, olive, sunflower, flaxseed, castor, almond, shea butter (shea), coconut or peach oil. For greater efficiency, it is necessary to create a “sauna effect” (wrap hair with polyethylene and wrap with a warm towel). Oil must be maintained 40 – 60 minutes (can be left overnight).

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