Snake manicure: exotic print in 100 fashion design ideas

Snake manicure: exotic print in 100 fashion design ideas

For most women, snakes, lizards and similar reptiles do not cause sympathy, and the young ladies treat them with a certain sense of hostility and disgust, although there are exceptions to the rules. In one case or another, no one can deny the fact that nature endowed these creatures with unique beauty, grace and a unique color.

Prints imitating snake skin are widely used in interior design, clothing, shoes and accessories. Also, such a print is popular among lovers of bold and colorful nail designs. That is why we suggest performing a manicure with the effect of snake skin or depicting a reptile on the nails, more about which in our article with a photo.

How unique and to whom is such a manicure suitable?

Images of a snake in nail design can be called the choice of bold and bright young ladies who are not afraid to attract attention and stand out from the crowd. Such a manicure can look bold and bright, and can very beautifully and elegantly complement monophonic nude coatings.

This design is simple and realistic, and looks like an independent decoration on any length of the nail plates. In addition, the snake print fits perfectly into any look and is universally combined with clothing and makeup.

Snake design on short nails

A short snake image can visually stretch your nails. To do this, apply reptile images along the nail plate, vertically. You can also perform manicure on the principle of a puzzle, and depict a snake on several fingers. For such an effect, a part of the reptile’s body is drawn on each nail, which folds into a single picture when the fingers are joined together.

Imitation of snake skin on all nails or only on their tips looks beautiful. Masters can offer you the use of both contrasting and bright colors of varnishes, as well as shades close to the main coating. In addition to drawing, snake design can be done using stamping and stencils. Shining and sparkling notes look very impressive in a manicure.

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Snake on long nails

Long nails allow you to perform a manicure without any restrictions in the use of decor and a combination of a variety of techniques. The snake eye, the whole snake image or plot drawing can be applied on all nail plates, as well as accent fingers to decorate with a similar theme.

A 3D drawing that imitates reptile skin looks very impressive on long nails. Neat scales are applied using gel polish or painted with acrylics using different shades. Also on long nails it is very important to carry out a fashionable and stylish design in the Gucci style.

Gucci style reptiles: fashionable nail design, photo

The main components of a Gucci-style manicure are the main colors and logos of the famous brand. Its symbols are a fly with an orange-black abdomen and a red snake with white-green stripes, the image of which we will use in manicure. Place the snake on one of the nails, and cover the rest with green and red stripes.

You can also complement this design with the brand logo, and cover the remaining fingers with a solid shade. As the primary colors, choose red, white and green. In addition, use black, golden, brown and beige colors. The use of glitter, rhinestone and similar shiny decor is welcome.

White manicure with a snake

The snake looks very expressive on a white background. For such a coating, you can give complete freedom in choosing the color for the picture. It can be completely different colors and shades, both the most delicate and the brightest and most saturated. You can cover several nails to match the pattern, apply it gently or add a brilliant design to the manicure.

Snake manicure in red.

The red lacquer or matte top, made in monochrome, will be very beautifully decorated with a dark or black snake, and it will not look vulgar at all. Also, the golden glow is wonderfully combined with a red tint. Gold snake skin can be created using foil, glitter or gold paint gel polish. In addition, for clarity and drawing details of the image, use black, white and other shades appropriate in your drawing.

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Classic black in snake manicure

Using such a deep shade, you can create just an extraordinary manicure, and feel like a fatal beauty. Cover the nails on one hand with black, and on the other – in this tone, depict a reptile. Yellow, orange, red or other bright and contrasting shades will very successfully act as the main coating in this case.

Also, for the image of a snake on a black base, you can use any palette, decorate drawings with decor and use shiny varnishes.

Imitate the skin of a snake in a nail design

Thanks to modern materials, manicure masters are able to create just real works of art on nails, and without much effort to complete a design that imitates the skin of reptiles as much as possible. For such purposes, a variety of ready-made stickers, stamping, foil elements, sponges and nets are used. Using acrylic, gel or craquelure varnish, you can decorate your nails with “real” voluminous scales.

A fashionable trend in manicure for snake skin has recently appeared a way to decorate the nail plates with genuine leather of these creatures, which they get rid of during seasonal molting. Pieces of natural material are attached to the nail plates and fixed on top with a transparent gel polish. The unique effect of naturalness is ready!

The popularity of snake print does not lose its relevance. Such an unusual and bold design always finds its place in the list of leaders, and its relevance does not depend on the time of year or the weather outside. Be sure to apply one of the original designs in your style to your nails and a spectacular look is guaranteed!

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