Simple and trendy hairstyles to school

Hairstyle to school should be as neat as possible, neat and simple. A scruffy head looks unattractive, and long strands that fall on the face may interfere with the child during reading and writing tasks. Therefore, it is important to choose for the schoolgirl a simple hairstyle with an open face.

Hairstyles for girls to school: ideas with a tail

There is nothing easier than to make a baby tail. Thus, the main volume of hair is removed from the face, the strands are carefully collected with the help of a tight elastic band. It would seem that a simple tail can manifest itself in a new light, if the daily hairstyle is slightly diversified.

The easiest option is horsetail. To create a hairstyle, you need to comb your hair and collect it with an elastic band, while avoiding the appearance of “roosters”. Hairstyle opens up the face as much as possible, the child will be comfortable and not hot with such a tail.

To make a simple tail look more stylish, it is combined with knots, various types of weaving, pigtails. High school students love to combine the tail with voluminous bouffant, a few strands of navypusk, weaving curls or a harness.

Stylish hairstyles for 5 minutes: an elegant bun

Bundle – one of the most trendy hairstyles this summer. Girls who are accustomed to careless tufts on their heads can continue to do this hairstyle with the beginning of the school year, but in a more accurate performance. Undoubtedly, the varnished smooth head is out of the question. Even in the school version of the hairstyle beam is different some liberties.

As for first graders, it is just important neat performance hairstyle. To reduce the time to create styling, get the so-called “bagel”, which will help make a spectacular bump on the head in minutes. Mothers should practice before this hairstyle becomes a habit and becomes for them the easiest and fastest way to transform a little schoolgirl.

Beautiful hairstyles to school: trendy pigtails

Each girl’s mom can weave braid pigtails on her daughter’s head, which instantly transform a child and make the baby’s look more open. We offer you stylish photo-ideas with pigtails, which are suitable for both everyday images and for solemn ones.

At first glance, such weaving seems difficult, but as soon as you put your hand in, you can embody such ideas in a matter of minutes. Pigtails, invisible women with beads and rhinestones, and other girlish accessories add solemnity to pigtails.

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