Short cascade 2019: how to choose by face type

Short hair cascade is a unique hairstyle, which is based on the difference between the steps: shorter and longer strands. However, the main feature of the short cascade is that the initial shape of the haircut can be taken any suitable for your type of face, but it is performed in cascading form, with a transition and a difference in lengths. That is why for any person you can choose your own version. But which one – let’s try to figure it out.

The main starting point that sets the tone for the entire hairstyle is the length of the control strand. This lock from the crown to the line we need, which depends on the type of face. A square, diamond-shaped face is better for this strand to be up to the lower jaw, but a trapezoidal face will look better with a length up to the line of the cheekbones. The tips are cut at an angle. Which makes it possible to tighten them when laying.

An important point in a short cascade is the fringe. And here it is best to choose elongated slanting bangs, which, at the same time, are the most universal. This season also offers a look at the asymmetric long bangs, which allow you to correct appearance flaws.

Round face

So, for a round face, you should choose an option that will cover the widest area – the cheekbones. Choose the length to the chin line. The most important point is the long bangs. It will help visually stretch your face. Also for a round face, various asymmetries are recommended. Therefore, it is worth choosing a side part, and make the tips very torn. When laying, do not twist them from the face. So your face will appear wider. It is also worth giving up direct short bangs.

Square face

These shortest and most direct bangs do not suit the owners of a square face. Remember that such a face looks quite courageous, but angular. Therefore, we remove all angles: no clear, straight cuts and even parting. Ideal will be laying in the form of waves, which will soften the entire image.

It should be remembered that the accent of the hairstyle should be shifted from the bottom to the top to balance the massive jaw. Therefore, the strands should be at the temple level or slightly lower, but not reach the chin. An excellent solution may be a zigzag parting. And also a long slanting bangs, which will cover part of the face and smooth the corners.

Trapezoidal face

For a trapezoidal person, it is worth choosing the most shortened version, reaching the cheekbones. The main emphasis on the additional volume. Asymmetry and styling in grunge style will add even more volume to the top, thus balancing the proportions of the face. You can experiment with the most unusual and direct short bangs, visually expanding the forehead.

Triangular face

The triangular face, on the contrary, should shift the emphasis to the bottom. So cascades can begin in the area of ​​the earlobe and go down below. The main task is the correct styling: waves from the middle of the hair length, curling out and perfect styling with feathers, in which the lower part is “most disheveled”, will help to hide a narrow chin. Twisted to the side, an elongated fringe helps hide a wide forehead.

Oval face

But to whom short cascades fit perfectly, it is the representatives of the oval face. They can try the so-called “frozen cascade”, cut with a clear graphic ladder. You can experiment with a variety of bangs and twists. And here, the result will most likely be chosen not from the shape of the face, but from your age and status.

So, cascading hairstyles are very versatile. However, depending on the shape of your face, it is worth choosing the necessary option. Naturally, we considered only the basic tips and did not touch on the possible nuances associated with the structure of the hair. In addition, it is believed that the most advantageous cascading haircuts look on copper and blond hair. If you have darker hair, you should consider highlighting

If you do not know exactly what type you have, then we will determine your type of person using celebrities as an example .

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The cascade for short hair is a haircut that is best entrusted to a professional, because a slight difference in the length of the main strands can significantly affect the whole image. But, if you select the appropriate option, you can be sure that the attention of others is provided to you.

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