Sheath dress for the full – the secrets of creating the perfect image

Magnificent forms are not a hindrance to look attractive and fashionable. Just the choice of clothes, style and color must be approached carefully. One of the most popular things can be called a sheath dress for the full, it is the basis of the ladies’ wardrobe. This is ideal for curvaceous figures, because it will help correct drawbacks and emphasize merits.

Sheath dress for obese women

Owners of magnificent forms will appreciate such an option as a sheath dress with a full figure. It has such characteristic features:

  1. The main features of the style are the absence of a seam dividing the upper and lower parts, slightly narrowed and fitted silhouette.
  2. With this outfit you can create a modest but feminine image. At the same time the bow will be incredibly stylish, as the sheath dress for the full does not go out of fashion.
  3. The product can appear on a cocktail party, a romantic date, come to the office or stroll with friends around the city. Due to the use of different accessories, you can change the image many times.
  4. Thing is important to wear in the summer, winter or in the offseason. The main thing is to choose a model from a suitable material, it can be knitwear, tweed, cotton, linen, velvet, satin.
  5. There are models with basque, yoke, lace, inserts from another fabric, with a belt.
dress case for obese women

Sheath dress for obese women

full body dress
black dress case for full

Sheath dress with basky on full

Extremely interesting and original model is a full body dress with a basque:

  1. This is the perfect choice when you need to visually adjust the shape. If you are going to buy a model, it is better to give preference to natural fibers.
  2. As for color, the absolute favorite is white, which is used to design the basque against a black product. The hue will add freshness to the image, make the waist an aspen.
  3. Sheath dress for full with basky white, beige, black, gray is appropriate at a party and in the office.
dress sheath with basky on full

Sheath dress with a yoke for full

Another option for a stylish casual or evening dress is a sheath dress for full girls, complemented by a yoke:

  1. Especially this model is suitable for owners of the “pear” figure. An inset in the shape of a semicircle or square, located at the top, will distract the attention of others from massive hips.
  2. Red color should be chosen if you want a cocktail product. To get out of the shadows at a party, a sheath dress for the full can be sewn from fabric with sequins, velvet or thick satin.
  3. Inserts with animals prints add a special chic model.
sheath dress with a yoke for full

Full dress with lace

A black dress case for obese women or a different color product made of lace fabric looks stylish and sophisticated:

  1. Lace inserts dilute the laconic lines of strict style and make it more elegant. Therefore, the option is ideal for creating an evening look.
  2. Designers offer and models made entirely of lace fabric.
  3. It is better to place decorative elements made of translucent material on the front side of the dress on top of dense matter in order to visually hide folds on the stomach and visually make the figure slimmer.
dress sheath for full with lace

Sleeve Dress

To divert attention from excessive volume in the shoulders and arms can be, if you choose a style with a sleeve:

  1. The classic version is a straight sleeve of conventional length, but there are also models in three-quarters or with a shortened sleeve.
  2. You can choose a beige dress case for full with darker brown sleeves. This will help make the upper part of the figure more elegant, while at the same time emphasizing the curvaceous chest.
full body dress with sleeves

Dress with belt for full

Girls who have a figure of the type “hourglass”Perfectly fit full-length dress models, complemented by a belt:

  1. The strap will help emphasize the seductive shape and create a sophisticated image;
  2. if the main problem is broad shoulders, then you should choose dresses with a V-neck. In this model, the emphasis is on a lush bust, and the proportions are adjusted. A wide belt in this case will help to divert attention from the problem area.
dress sheath with a belt for full

Combined sheath dress for full

Visually stretches the shape of the style of the full body dress with contrasting side panels:

  • the model from several color blocks looks very impressive;
  • What should be more careful with the magnificent women, so it is with prints;
  • the best choice is vertical stripes;
  • Looks good dress-combo case for full polka dots, cage, with flower buds. From the large pattern should be abandoned.
combo dress full case

dress style case for full

Full body dress – colors

Designers use a variety of colors, creating a dress-stylish case for the full:

  1. If you want to create an image for a business meeting or office, you should choose colors from the classic range. A black dress-case for full ones, a thing of beige or gray shade, looks win-win. This is a timeless classic in which the curvaceous lady looks particularly elegant.
  2. Patterns or decorative elements should not completely fill the thing. A small amount of geometric lines or floral designs is allowed.
  3. The thing of the red color is chosen by confident ladies. Such a model is appropriate to wear a date or party. The product is a wine-colored or burgundy – a great replacement for a bright combination, because it looks more elegant and refined.
  4. Blue model looks spectacular, but not defiant. In it you can go to a restaurant or a corporate party. The thing is dark blue color and is suitable for the office. The product of this shade looks especially beautiful on blue-eyed women.
  5. A green thing is a suitable outfit for any unofficial event. A pleasant shade will emphasize the beauty of green-eyed beauties with magnificent forms.
  6. If you want to create a modest, but elegant image, then you should pay attention to the gray or blue product. Casual style – an unexpected, but effective choice for friendly meetings and walks.
dress case for full colors
full body dress

Sheath Dress for Fat Low Women

Especially careful selection requires a sheath dress for full tall women:

  1. What exactly you should not do is buy cramped clothes, hoping for a stretch effect. In fact, it will further emphasize the shortcomings than hide them. The most suitable style is a classic with a floor adjacent silhouette, rounded or in-depth neckline.
  2. Ladies with a curvaceous figure is recommended to choose the style of length to the knee and below. But it is necessary to take into account the silhouette. If nature has bestowed long legs and narrow ankles, then the knees can be opened a whole palm. The length of the midi is also a good choice, but if the knees are rounded and the calves are too thick, you should choose the dress ankle-deep.
dress case for full low women

Cocktail dress for the full

A fashionable sheath dress for the full can be a real decoration of a cocktail party:

  1. It is important to remember that cold colors visually increase the volume, and warm colors reduce it. Curvy ladies should pay attention to the styles with a combination of contrasting colors.
  2. Light top and dark bottom attract attention to the elastic bust, masking the folds in the abdomen and heavy thighs. For this purpose, it is better to buy dresses with combinations such as pale pink and lilac, light green and dark green, beige and chocolate, gray and blue. If you change colors in places, then the emphasis will shift from bust to hip.
cocktail dress sheath for full

Evening dress for the full

To go to a ceremonial or evening event, a beautiful full dress will perfectly suit your needs:

  1. The choice of color is extremely important. You can use not only the traditional black shade that slims and visually pulls the figure. Modern designers are distinguished by more progressive looks and bold experiments, therefore they offer lush ladies with models of red, green, brown, ashy and pastel shades.
  2. If you wish to balance the narrow shoulders and overweight hips, curvy-haired women are advised to choose a style with bare shoulders.
  3. The deep cut emphasizes the femininity of the cut and visually lengthens even the heaviest figure.
  4. Ladies with curvaceous shapes should choose a model from dense, well-shaped fabrics. Looks impressive velvet and satin.
evening dress sheath for full

Wedding dress case for full

Designers often use case models for full to create spectacular wedding gowns. Thanks to the semi-adjacent silhouette, the plump brides prefer this model:

  • The length can vary from midi to maxi;
  • a product with silk embroidery, lace or sparkling stones can turn the hostess into the queen of the evening.
wedding dress sheath for full

What to wear full body dress for women?

The model can be used as a basis when drawing up a stylish bow. Changing additional attributes, it will be possible to create new images each time:

  1. A popular combination is a full body dress that is perfect for a business office, and a jacket. You only need to choose clothes from costume fabric, cotton or heavy linen. Better to wear for walking with friends jeans jacket or a jacket of bright color with an interesting cut. With the onset of cold weather, it is replaced by a short leather jacket.
  2. Cardigan – an element that fits in both business and casual image. But his color should be lighter than the dress to balance the figure. If you plan to go out with friends or have a romantic date on a cool summer evening, then you should take a bolero, shawl or shawl.
  3. It is better to add a red sheath dress for the full ones with a jacket of restrained soft tones.
  4. If the product has a print or pattern, a jacket or cardigan should be chosen to match its color. In winter, a feminine silhouette is well emphasized by a manto or fur coat. Fur products make the image elegant and graceful.
  5. From shoes it is worth picking up high-heeled shoes or elegant wedge heels. For the autumn / winter period, it is worth stocking up with ankle boots or half boots. High-top boots are worn only with a knee-opener. A stud or a steady heel is a personal choice of every lady, but shoes should not look rough.
  6. Accessories must be selected depending on the place to visit. If the bow is created for the office, then you need to restrict restrained gold or silver jewelry, medium-sized jewelry. When published, it is worth complementing the image with voluminous earrings, bracelets and unusual necklaces.
  7. Color scarves will help to add brightness and tenderness to the image. The model is perfectly combined with different variants of bags. It is worn with a clutch and small handbags on a chain, with business briefcases.

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