Seductive fruit: what to wear women with the type of “apple”

The type of the figure “apple” (it is also called O-silhouette) is usually referred to as the most problematic body types. Slender legs, normal hips and breasts and the absence of a pronounced waist (and sometimes a rather noticeable tummy) – such a figure is not easily amenable to sports correction and needs careful selection of clothes. However, there are many secrets that can help get closer to the ideal. About how to choose a wardrobe, how to eat and what type of fitness to prefer, read our article.
dress for fullCorrect silhouettes

Stars “from the apple tree”: the famous owners of the O-silhouette

Star beauties, whose type of figure – “apple”, is not so little. Among them you can meet both slender girls and owners of outstanding forms. Many of them, like ordinary women, struggle with obesity all their lives with varying success: look at least at a photo of Kelly Osbourne or Jessica Simpson from different years. In their examples, you can also see that the right (or wrong) chosen clothes can both beautify the silhouette and spoil the whole image.
Kelly osbourneLuke Kelly Osbourne

Jessica simpsonJessica Simpson figure changes

The slim representatives of the O-silhouette include Reese Witherspoon and Liv Tyler. The actresses are well aware of the peculiarities of their figure, and masterly hide small imperfections with the help of a properly chosen wardrobe. Both Liv and Reese know that one of the most beautiful parts of the body of women with such constitution are long, slender legs, and demonstrate them by choosing for red carpet tracks and studio photos of dresses with cuts or bold mini.
Luke Reese WitherspoonLuke Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon CarpetReese Witherspoon’s Choice for Carpet

Reese Witherspoon Evening DressesEvening Dresses Reese Witherspoon

Liv Tyler runner carpetLiv Tyler’s Choice for Carpet

bows with Liv TylerLuke with Liv Tyler

 “Apple” or not? Determine your type of figure

To determine whether you are inherent in the type of figure “apple”, go to a large mirror or take your photo in full growth. You belong to the owners of O-silhouette, if you have:
  • Narrow, sloping or straight shoulders.
  • Large or medium sized breasts.
  • Hips, roughly equal in chest volume.
  • Slender legs.
  • Weak waist or lack thereof.
body build apple
If all of the above features are inherent in you, and the waist and abdomen are the main “problem zone”, prone at the slightest weight gain to the accumulation of body fat, without any doubt, your type of figure is “apple”.
Reese Witherspoon Figure AppleBeach Photos Reese Witherspoon

We select wardrobe in accordance with the features of the figure

The “apple” type of figure requires a careful and thoughtful approach to wardrobe composition: incorrectly chosen clothes can make you visually a few pounds heavier and deprive the figure of grace. It is necessary to be careful with light, flying and bulky tissues – they also add unnecessary volume. Baggy and too tight clothing is also banned: the fabric should slide over the body, not over-pulling it and not gathering in ugly folds.
To make the silhouette more elongated and visually more slender will help vertical lines. A vertical print on fabrics, long, multi-row necklaces and especially unbuttoned jackets, coats and jackets, which form two long vertical sides, will help make the figure more harmonious. In this case, outerwear and top (dress) should be in contrasting colors. Successful color combinations can be found on the photo in the network or glossy magazines
Reese Witherspoon KitsImages of Reese Witherspoon for the city and celebrations

If your type of figure is “apple”, your clothes should not be contrasting in relation to top-to-bottom: plain dresses and sets will look the most advantageous. A well-chosen coat diversifies the sets in the offseason.

Tops, blouses, jackets

The “apple” type of figure is demanding of choosing the upper parts of the wardrobe: too large collars and decorative elements as well as a deep cleavage can distort the proportions and make the torso even shorter and more massive. Clothing should not have decorative elements, folds and prints in the waist and abdomen. The most suitable models for women with O-silhouette include:
  • Tops and blouses with a high (empire) waistline.
  • Tunics up to mid-thigh with a V-shaped or oval neckline.
  • Blouses with a small overlap on the hips.
  • Cropped bolero jackets.
  • Fitted single-breasted jackets length to the bone on the thigh.
blouses and jackets for full

Pants and skirts

The key point in the selection of such wardrobe details as skirts, pants or shorts for women with O-silhouette is to determine the correct waistline. It should in no case be understated, otherwise you risk finding ugly folds above it, even if your weight is normal. The most correct decision will be the selection of models with a fairly wide belt on the classic waistline. Preferred clothing made of thin, but well-shaped fabrics: cotton, denim, twill.
If your type of figure is “apple”, pay attention to the following models:
  • A-line knee-length skirts.
  • Flared skirts and “flare”.
  • Straight legged trousers with half-heel closure.
  • Trousers 7/8 long and capri.
  • Rolled up boyfriend jeans, slightly opening the ankle.
Skirts and pants for obese

skirts and pants Plus size


Dresses for women with an O-silhouette can be both short, showing the beauty of the legs, and long – the latter visually pulls the figure vertically. Will suit you:
  • Dresses with an empire, high waistline.
  • Dresses, shirts and dresses in the style of safari, intercepted at the waist with a wide textile or leather belt.
  • Sleeveless sheath dresses.
  • Mid-thigh A-line dresses.
  • Tight-fitting dresses with a tulip skirt.
variants of summer dresses for fullVariations of summer dresses

Slimming underwear will hide flaws and recreate feminine curves.

The choice of swimsuit

The correct models of swimwear for the beach require special attention.
swimsuit for appleSwimwear options

We dance to stay beautiful

Unfortunately, most O-silhouette women are prone to weight gain, especially in the waist area. Fat deposits (including around the internal organs) increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular and other serious diseases. Therefore, women with a similar physique should be especially attentive to their diet and lifestyle.
A diet low in simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour and pasta, white rice, potatoes) and enough protein (lean meat, poultry and fish, low-fat dairy products) will help maintain weight at the right level.
sports and nutrition for obese
Combine a diet with physical exertion: supplement aerobic exercise with exercises that strengthen the direct and oblique abdominal muscles. The motivation will be taken by photos of women who have achieved success in fitness: print them out and hang them in a visible place.
To make the waist and abdomen more elastic and taut, to improve your posture and to add movements of grace and smoothness will help oriental dance and bellydance.

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