Sandals with socks – how to combine to be in trend?

If your basic style is distinguished by such qualities as ambiguity, non-standard and creative, then the combination of sandals with socks will be a relevant solution for you to complement the image. And fashionable reviews of stylists will help you to make the right choice by adding a harmonious and original accent to the bow.
Do sandals wear socks?

This question has been worrying modern women of fashion for years. Initially, this combination was considered an unconditional move. Later it became permissible to wear open shoes with traces or in a thin mesh of flesh-colored. To date, the question of whether to wear sandals with socks for a woman, stylists understand several criteria. And in many respects the admissibility of such a decision depends on your personal stylistic preferences. But in order for the ensemble to be harmonious, spectacular and successful as a whole, it is worth adhering to the following rules:
The relevance of the image . It is very important to understand where you are going to go in this form. If this is a business meeting or work, then there is no doubt, there is not a combination of open shoes and any accessories. But if your style is distinguished by creativity and non-standard approach, then an interesting addition will become an original accent.

Features of appearance . It is worth paying attention to your figure. It is very important that you have slender and thin legs, because open shoes in an ensemble with socks will emphasize the lower body.

Individual approach . Before selecting and matching accessories, it is important to understand whether you personally welcome such an addition in the image. If you are skeptical about this issue and only follow the fashion trends, it is better to abandon the ambiguous duet.

Sandals on socks – the trend of this season

Modern fashion is experimental and often surprises with the most unexpected and unconventional solutions. The combination of open shoes and accessories for the feet is considered one of the most striking such examples. However, sandals with socks, fashion 2018, will not surprise anyone, but at the same time, they must emphasize the uncommonness, decisiveness and unusual sense of the fashionist’s style. A particularly popular choice would be to focus on the legs, focusing on the additions of catchy design, with decor or decoration. But in any case, such an element in the image should be in harmony with the rest of the details and among themselves.

How to wear socks with sandals?

If you decide for yourself that the recently popular ensemble of accessories is acceptable to you, it is important to be able to correctly select these parts and combine them. The main rule is to take into account the design of shoes, in accordance with which accessories are determined. For example, heeled sandals with nylon socks should not be bulky with a thick shoe. Stylists give the main recommendation, which should be repelled – the more elegant the style, the thinner the garments should be to her. Under the massive shoes you can wear warm and voluminous additions.

Heeled Sandals

One of the most relevant decisions in the selection of shoes are heel styles. In the latest collections, designers have focused on a diverse selection in design. In the trend, both high and concise pads, resistant kegs and cubes, elegant hairpin, refined glass and kitty heels. Open sandals with socks perfectly complement loose office bow, romantic combinations and creative urban style. Products with heels, perhaps, the only option where accessories with a trim in the form of ruffles and ruffles are permissible.

Sandals on a flat sole with socks

Models on the flat run differ practicality and functionality for active everyday use. Socks and sandals this year are presented in both contrasting and one-color combinations. However, an important criterion for choosing shoes is understated style. For a stylish accessory, high gladiators or summer boots are not suitable. The edge of the item of clothing must be at least a centimeter above the buckle. In addition, any trim that fringes the ankle is excluded, since sandals are considered to be a purely casual piece of clothing.

Wedge Sandals with Socks

The elegant block in the form of a triangle under the heel has become a stylish alternative to the heel. Wedge has several advantages even over the most stable cube and barrel. And the main distinguishing feature is practicality and reliability throughout the day. In the trend of the model on a high block and with a low rise, which will allow you to choose a good option, taking into account the individual lifestyle. Trendy sandals with wedges with socks are perfectly complemented by short dresses, skirts, shorts and pants of shortened length. Here the same rules for choosing clothes apply, as is the case with heeled styles.

Sandals on a platform with socks

Such styles of shoes always attract attention due to their bulkiness and volume. Therefore, it is especially important to take into account the peculiarities of the structure of its legs. Sandals on a platform with nylon socks have become a fashionable ensemble. This option will somewhat soften the cumbersome design completion. However, girls of thin and slender appearance can, without doubt, dwell on accessories made of wool, dense knitwear or with textured patterns. Shoes on the platform refers to the casual style, but it will be an excellent complement to the club image.

Denim sandals with socks

This option is the most ambiguous. On the one hand, open shoes are versatile when choosing the rest of the details in the bow. But on the other hand, such models are capricious in an ensemble with accessories for legs. Socks with sandals are considered fashion denim as very non-standard and atypical for everyday style. If you really need such a duet, then the best choice would be kapron flesh-colored products that are almost invisible. Tight accessories can be worn with closed-toe styles or thick twisted straps of the darkest shade of the blue palette.

What socks to wear with sandals?

When choosing accessories for open shoes, it is very important to take into account the harmonious combination of these two parts and the image as a whole. Do not make a sharp transition, which will be very stand out. It is better to maintain one direction, as a rule, a romantic or casual style. And although modern fashion is favorably positioned to the original mixes, in this case it is better not to experiment. Let’s see the most relevant solutions:
Contrast color . Accessories can be dramatically contrasting shade. But in this case it is important to take into account that both scales are combined, and to stop at a monochrome design.

Prints . Printed abstractions will be a stylish choice. But here it is necessary to take into account a single stylistic orientation. For example, a geometric pattern on clothing must be combined with shoes with a similar geometric print . The ensemble of one-colored completion and printed accessories will be a win-win.

In the color of the shoes . An excellent solution would be the idea of ​​a one-color combination. This duet creates a visualization of the closed style – ankle boots. Particularly relevant are bright colors, for example, white sandals with white socks.

Nylon socks under sandals

One of the most relevant are accessories made of thin transparent material. This choice is especially suitable in case you want to create the illusion of open legs with the help of bodily models. However, in the trend and sandals with nylon socks bright colors – red, blue, yellow and others. For club bows fit products with shiny lycra. Kapron supplements have become universal, but they are especially well suited to shoes of elegant shape – with thin heels, low wedges, with many thin straps and others.

Sandals with socks in the net

This option is universal for shoes of any style. But stylists make differences when choosing accessories. For a cumbersome completion, it is better to choose products in a large grid. Socks under the sandals of an elegant romantic design are presented with a small motif of symmetrical holes. In this case, the colors can be both contrasting and universal – physical.

Sandals with warm socks

Warm products are presented from a variety of materials. Knitted models made of wool, acrylic, mohair, angora became especially popular. In a fashion and a neat design of knitwear or pressed wool fabric. Masters offer a variant with textured patterns and a smooth appearance without finishing. The original will be a choice of melange yarn or jacquard knitting technique. Women’s sandals with socks of thick material should be bulky form. In this case, shoes with wide heels, platform, and tractor soles will be relevant.

Sandals with socks – fashion look

Stylish ensemble can be added to a variety of bows. But as a rule, sandals with socks – images in everyday style. Sometimes women of fashion choose the original completion for club decisions. Feminine dresses and skirts of short or moderate length are considered suitable clothing. Then the spectacular detail will attract attention. Another fashionable choice was pants with shortened length 7/8 or practical jeans with twists . A popular solution in the period of warm and dry weather are shorts. And such a wardrobe item can be a classic cut, made of leather or denim.

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