Ribbon braid and styling

The braid with an interwoven ribbon is a classic combination that never loses its relevance. How to weave a ribbon into a braid, consider below.

What to weave into a braid?

A standard hairstyle familiar from childhood – a braid with an interwoven satin ribbon can be modernized in every way and modified to modern trends. This can be achieved by weaving something else instead of a regular tape, for example:

  • bright silk scarf;
  • a strip of fabric with raw edges;
  • beads;
  • skin flap, etc.

Thus, interweaving various accessories into braids, you can change your image depending on the dress, situation and mood. In this case, the most successful option is when a contrast is created between the shade of the hair and the color of the interwoven ribbon (or other accessory).

Types of braids with ribbons

Braids with ribbons can be weaved according to a variety of schemes, both simple and quite complex, accessible only to professional craftsmen:

  1. Braid with ribbon. Type of installation, which is characterized by ease of weaving and bright appearance; Especially beautiful harness looks on straight long hair.
  2. Fishtail with ribbon. Spit, in its shape resembling a fishtail. It is fairly simple in weaving and is suitable for various occasions for girls who want to give a zest to their image.
  3. Single strand braid with ribbon. Elegant and feminine hairstyle with many variations. It is ideal for both adult women and girls as a daily, festive and even wedding hairstyle.
  4. French braid with ribbon. An option for sophisticated and glamorous girls who can best emphasize the image. Here, too, there are several options for weaving and laying the braid itself – it can curl around the headstart from the crown of the head or trail sideways; there can be several braids, they can be tied up in a bun or left free, etc.
  5. Four-strand braid with ribbon. This implies a more complex weaving technique, which requires accuracy and patience, but the effort is worth the result – the hairstyle looks very impressive and stylish, helps to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Swiss braid with ribbon. The technique is similar to the ordinary three-spit braid, but at the same time each strand is twisted into a rope before weaving. This hairstyle is both very simple and stylish.
  7. Greek braid with ribbon. Ideal for romantic natures, which is now at the peak of popularity. It is suitable for both owners of straight and curly hair and is able to decorate and refresh the image in any situation.
  8. Dutch braid with ribbon. Hairstyle hit the last few seasons, which is similar to the weaving technique french spit, but weaving is made as if inside out. This hairstyle looks both tender and sexy.

How to braid a braid with a ribbon?

Consider how to weave a braid with a ribbon, on one of the most difficult options – a four-spit braid. After mastering this technique, weaving the ribbon into other types of braids will not cause you any difficulty:

  1. Comb all the hair back and separate the part of the hair at the crown, then tie the ribbon to a small strand.
  2. To divide into three equal parts the previously separated part of the hair. We will refer to the obtained three strands from left to right: 1 strand, 2 strand and 3 strand. Strand with anchored ribbon to connect with strand 2.
  3. Weave like an ordinary braid, but at the same time passing the ribbon between the strands. In the left hand, take the strands 1 and 2 and the tape, which we bring to the strand 2. At the same time in the right hand – strand 3.
  4. The 3 strand is placed on the 2 strand, and on top – the ribbon; thus, in the right hand are a ribbon and a strand of 2. Next, we strand the 1 strand under the 3 strand onto the ribbon, and we transfer it under the 1 strand to the left hand.
  5. The 2 strand is placed on the 1 strand and the hair is added to the right side of the 2 strand. From above on a strand of 2 we start a ribbon so that in the right hand there is a strand of 1 and a ribbon.
  6. After that, weave in the same way as in paragraph 4. That is, the 3 strand is wound under the 2 strand and to the left of the temple we gather hair to thicken the strand.
  7. We put the 1 strand on the 3 strand, and when the ribbon is under the 3 strand, we again gather the hair from the right side into the 3 strand, overlaying the ribbon from above.
  8. Just as in paragraph 4, we strand the 2 strand under the 1 strand and gather the hair to the left of the temple. The 2 strand is in the right hand, the tape is in the left.
  9. We continue to weave all over the head, gradually picking up hair from both sides.
  10. To get a spit volumetric, its edges need a little stretch. After collecting all the hair, we continue to weave the braid, but without additional strands. After the end of the weaving, the braid should be secured with a rubber band and tie a bow on top.

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