Red Wedding Dress Styles

Traditionally, brides wear snow-white wedding dresses that symbolize their innocence and purity. Meanwhile, the imperative of time, women’s desire for freedom and independence and the vigor of beautiful young ladies markedly changed the situation, and today it is not uncommon to see a luxurious red wedding dress.

Fashionable wedding dresses in red

Exquisite wedding dresses of red color do not rarely appear at wedding ceremonies, however, the demand for them is much less than for traditional snow-white robes. Today, such products are usually chosen by courageous and self-confident girls who like to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their own individuality. Meanwhile, the tradition of wearing toilets made in red colors for a wedding is far from new – it originates from ancient Roman times.

In antiquity, brides did not dress fully in bright red decorations, however, they supplemented their image with a veil of this catchy and extraordinary tint that promised young wealth, love and passion in relationships. In medieval Europe, too, there were quite a few fans of this tradition – they believed that a red wedding dress would bring a newlywed personal happiness. However, in 1840, after Queen Victoria married in a luxurious white dress , such bright robes faded into the background.

fashionable red wedding dresses

Red Lush Wedding Dresses

One of the most luxurious options that will not leave its owner unnoticed will be a red magnificent wedding dress presented in mini, midi or maxi length. Thanks to the wide flared skirt, this outfit creates an image of a real princess, riveting many interested and enthusiastic views to the young lady. Since the bright red color is considered very bold and aggressive, it can make a wedding dress too flashy or vulgar, so it should under no circumstances be overloaded with decor.

The upper part in these toilets may look different, for example:

  • corset, opening shoulders;
  • closed top with long sleeves;
  • a top with a V-neck accentuating the attention of others around the young bride’s gorgeous breasts and distracting her from the problem areas of her body;
  • upper part on thin or wide straps.

Not every girl is able to decide on such a bright outfit even on her own wedding day, therefore many stylists and designers offer their customers combined options in which, along with scarlet, other, much more restrained color shades are used. So, for example, snow-white magnificent wedding dresses with a red belt look luxurious.

red fluffy wedding dresses

Red Lace Wedding Dress

Lace decoration brings to the wedding party a unique elegance and sophistication, so it is so valued by stylists and designers. Depending on individual preferences, a young bride can choose a model fully embroidered with delicate lace, or decorated with them in certain places – on a corset, hem or sleeves. In addition, the popular use of lace inserts, which are perfectly combined with more dense materials with a concise texture.

Wedding dress with red lace – the choice of young and self-confident women who appreciate a lot in beautiful dresses. Although such a finish can decorate the surface of any shade, it looks especially attractive when there is a clear contrast. So, for example, a red wedding dress with a corset, embroidered with snow-white lace looks great, or an elegant dress of white color with a bright red lace belt .

red wedding lace dress

Wedding dress with a red bow

A white-red wedding dress with a belt tied in the shape of a large bow will help make the image of the bride bright and unforgettable. Typically, such a detail is located on the back of the garment, however, stylists and designers use different, including the most unusual ways of decorating their models. For example, the bow can be placed on the side, but in this case it should not be too large and lush – otherwise it will cause discomfort for the young lady.

wedding dress with a red bow

Wedding dress with a red belt

The belt is that charming detail of a wedding dress that can not only make the image more vivid and attractive, but also transform the figure of its owner and present it in the most favorable light. So, a wedding dress with a red ribbon on the belt helps to correctly place accents – if necessary, it can emphasize wasp waist, thick chest or slender hips. Depending on the chosen style, this accessory may look different, for example:

  • narrow bright red ribbon;
  • wide belt with slimming properties;
  • option with a large bow or flower;
  • an accessory with rich decor, embroidered with pearls, artificial or precious stones, lace and so on. This option is valid only when choosing a simple and concise style wedding dress, in which there are no other bright accents.
wedding dress with a red belt

Black and red wedding dress

Beautiful wedding red dresses very often use in their design the principle of a contrasting combination of color shades. Including, in some cases, the red color scheme is complemented by universal black color, which makes the product incredibly elegant, stylish and attractive. According to stylists, this combination is very risky, so you need to be careful when choosing a dress – the best option is the one in which both tones perform approximately equal functions, and none of them draws all their attention to themselves.

black red wedding dress

Red short wedding dresses

A short red wedding dress creates a playful and flirtatious image that enthralls young ladies about to marry. It is perfect for the first dance of young people, because this product doesn’t constrain the movements at all and, moreover, it demonstrates to those around it the slender figure of its owner. In addition, in this outfit it is appropriate to appear at the beach wedding ceremony , which recently broke all possible records of popularity.

red short wedding dresses

Red Wedding Dress with Veil

A veil is an essential accessory of most wedding looks. Including, often this detail complements the red wedding dresses to the floor, which look incredibly luxurious and elegant. Depending on individual preferences, a young bride can choose a veil in tone – she will make the bride look infinitely bright and exciting – or a graceful snow-white accessory – he will add her to the image of freshness and elegance.

red wedding dress with veil

Wedding dresses with red embroidery

A wedding dress with embroidery will emphasize the beauty and irregularity of the young bride. The decoration of such products is usually dominated by floral and floral motifs, in addition, wedding dresses in red and white can be decorated with national Ukrainian embroidery or a beautiful image on an abstract theme. In addition, a red wedding dress with embroidery with beads, glass beads or stones looks very feminine, attractive and original.

wedding dresses with red embroidery

Wedding dress with red train

Luxurious red wedding dress with a long train will conquer any member of the stronger sex. In such a dress, no woman will go unnoticed, so he is perfect for a solemn ceremony of marriage. The front part of this garment can be of any length, but the train looks particularly impressive on mallet dresses that expose the slender legs of a young bride.

Models with a train, in addition to the official marriage ceremony at the registry office, are also excellent for weddings, however, in this case it is necessary to choose more closed options. For example, a red wedding dress with sleeves and a long train is a great solution for church ordinance.

wedding dress with a red train

Wedding dresses with red flowers

Exquisite flowers are always associated with romanticism, love and femininity, so they are ideally suited as a wedding dress decor. A white wedding dress with red flowers that can be both large and single, as well as small and multiple, looks especially beautiful and interesting. Apply images to the floristic theme using various methods, for example:

  • print;
  • embroidery;
  • application;
  • openwork patterns.

Floral motifs are very diverse, so every girl who marries, can choose exquisite embroidery or print to your liking. So, a wedding dress with red roses is perfect for a passionate and romantic nature, a bright individual dress with large single poppies, and a young lady is a toilet with charming phloxes scattered across the surface.

wedding dresses with red flowers

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