Red lipstick for blondes

Red lipstick is an attribute of femininity, sexuality and elegance, which is often preferred by successful and stylish women. Quite a few women treat this color with caution, considering that red lipstick creates an overly defiant, bold and even vulgar image. Indeed, this tone requires a certain responsibility from a woman for such a choice, which particularly applies to perfect skin and make-up in general.

Does blondes have red lipstick?

Reflecting on the subject of red lipstick for blondes, we can recall the famous beauty Marilyn Monroe and say with confidence that this is a classic option, and that the red shades are perfectly combined with blond curls. And today you can drop all stereotypes and use red lipstick in make-up not only in the evening, on special occasions, but also during the day, in everyday life. The only limitation may be an office setting that provides for a specific dress code.

How to choose a red lipstick blonde?
Incorrectly chosen lipstick, both red and any other, can completely distort the female image, make the face look old and highlight all its flaws. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of shades of red lipstick, of which there are a great many. First of all, blondes should focus on the shade of hair.

So, ladies with ashy or platinum shade of hair are recommended to prefer red lipstick with berry or wine notes. And, on the contrary, you should protect yourself from excessively warm and bright tones (carrot-red, bright scarlet, rich brick).

If the hair color is closer to light brown, wheat, in this case, the choice of shade expands significantly. Such girls can easily afford and saturated red shades, red mixed with terracotta, light red, burgundy, coral, cold berry shades, etc.

Eye color is also significant in the selection of lipstick. For blondes with brown eyes, red lipstick can have a more saturated, deep tone. But for blondes with blue, light gray eyes, red lipstick is preferable muted tones.

Also, when choosing shades of red lipstick for blondes, experts recommend paying attention to the skin tone of the face. For example, if pale skin, has an olive or beige tone, then the color of the lipstick should be cold (including with a subtone of blue). If the skin tone is pinkish, peach, then the shade of red lipstick should be warm, contain yellowish notes.

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