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How, regardless of physique, look stylish and attractive? Is it possible, without having a pronounced waist, seem feminine and slim? Get answers to these and many other questions regarding image and health, allow the popular classification of Veronica Henderson, according to which there are 7 types of female figure. On the “rectangles” will be discussed in this article.

Type of figure slender column

Representatives of the type “slender column”

Tailor’s tape and a mirror to help

How to determine the characteristics of physique

It is important to understand from which part of the body we begin to gain and lose weight – this will help with the definition of our type.

Determining the range of thinness, perhaps by the size of the wrist:

  • up to 14 cm – thin figure;
  • 14-16 cm – average addition;
  • from 16 cm – are prone to corpulence.

To understand what type of figure you have, use a tailor’s ribbon. Use it to measure the distance between the shoulders. At the same time keep the tape tightly, like a ruler. Looking in the mirror, determine where your hips have the widest place, and then measure it. Look carefully at the shoulder line: are they sloping or straight? To make your idea of ​​a silhouette complete, measure your hips and waist.

It will also help assess your proportions – a photograph of the silhouette from the back in tight-fitting clothing.

Your rectangle shape type (H-silhouette, “slender column”), if you have:

  • the same width of the hips and shoulders;
  • flat buttocks;
  • the intermediate shoulder line is neither sloping nor straight;
  • the difference between waist and hip volume is less than 22 cm.
Type of figure slender column
Shape type full rectangle

Weight matters

In the “rectangle” category, two subtypes of figures are conventionally highlighted. Women of model appearance (“slender column”) have a rather slim and toned body with small hips and breasts. They are often tall (from 170 cm), a small belly may appear with age. The second subtype is “plain or full rectangle”. Women with such a constitution tend to be overweight, of small or medium height. The main feature of their figure is the presence of a large chest with fairly slender hips and legs. In “rectangles” of the usual type, as a rule, the torso is getting fat.

Shape type full rectangle

Representatives of the type “Full Rectangle”

Star geometry

Fashion designer’s dream

The main disadvantage of girls with a rectangle shape type is the absence of feminine curves. On the other hand, many fashion designers see this as not a flaw, but a plus, so for their shows they choose models with exactly these parameters. For example, the first supermodel in the world is Briton Twiggy. Her fragile, almost boyish figure made a splash in the 60, becoming the benchmark of beauty for a decade.

Model 60's Twiggy Twiggy

Model 60’s Twiggy (Twiggy)

Gisele Budchen model Gisele Bundchen

Top Model Gisele Bundchen

Other well-known models, whose figure has an H-silhouette, – Gisele Bundchen, Mila Jovovich, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss.

Milla Jovovich

Model and actress Mila Jovovich

And actresses, and sportswomen, and simply beauties

Among the film stars, too many owners of rectangular physique. Stars such as Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman impress their fans not only with their talent, but also with their slender figures. Often, the trimmed forms of the famous “rectangles” are not a gift of Mother Nature, but the result of playing sports.

Actress nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman is a bright type representative

Uma Thurman Uma Thurman

Actress Uma Thurman (image from the movie)

Keira Knightley

The fragile and graceful Keira Knightley

Natalie Portman

Expressive Natalie Portman

However, not everyone can gain extra pounds. This is clearly seen in the plump figures of Liza Minelli, Tina Turner, Britney Spears.

full rectangles photo

Changes depending on age and excess weight

Sports and nutrition

Recommended Exercise

Rectangle-shaped women with a body type have a strong body that needs regular training. Dance and aerobic exercises, bodyflex and yoga classes will allow them to look and feel good at any age. If the choice is made in favor of strength training, the key areas should be the load that helps increase muscle mass in the upper zone (chest, shoulders) and lower zone (gluteus and thighs). It is desirable that sports are regular – from 3 once a week.

When pumping the abdominal muscles, exclude weightings and stress on oblique muscles.

collage fitness

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