Rating of fashionable women’s fragrances 2019

It is not a secret to anyone that the smell is capable of influencing the human consciousness, evoking various associations and stirring up fantasy. Every girl wants to leave behind a memorable trail of flavor , bright and unique. And in order to remain in trend, each lady prefers to know which perfume of 2019 for women is the most fashionable now. Consider an elite women’s perfume, referring to the expert opinion of the best modern manufacturing companies.
Let us tell you what we are being offered today by famous brands and famous brands: perhaps new interesting lines of fragrances for girls of 20 years old and women for 50 will appear?

The review of fashionable novelties and tendencies in 2019

In 2019, each woman will be able to choose the fragrance that she will like. Thus, the first position in the trends will take fresh, natural, natural flavors. Do not overlook the floral, herbal and especially citrus compositions, as well as spicy and chocolate, luxurious powdery and restrained chypre notes – they still do not lose their relevance.
Fashionable “notes” will be:
  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Mandarin
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Neroli
  • Patchouli
  • Ylang ylang
Based on trends, you should pay attention to this selection:
  1. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria is a line of four unique fragrances, each of which dictates a sublime mood;
  2. Au Bordde L’eau from L’Artisan Parfumeur – the bright aroma of bergamot is replaced by spice, making your mood invigorated;
  3. Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent – a bright aroma of jasmine, an unusual shade of a mixture of pepper and coffee. The perfect choice for the brave and confident!
  4. Donna Karan’s Cashmere is quite extraordinary in its combination – the sweetness of patchouli in a duet with suede, seasoned with the tartness of almonds;
  5. Good girl from Carolina Herrera – the composition consists of oriental fragrances, complemented by leather notes;
  6. Serge Lutens’s Gris Clair — rich lavender and a subtle woody scent give a sublime mood regardless of the weather;
  7. Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent – a real mix of different fruit flavors, which is so relevant in 2019-2019;
  8. Tom Ford’s Soledi Positano – a bouquet of aromas reveals a citrus cocktail, overflows with the freshness of grass and lily of the valley, and completes the composition of the smell of tart moss.

Top manufacturers of women’s perfumes

Despite the fact that the year 2019 presented a large number of unisex perfumes, famous brands and fashion houses did not cease to create fragrances that emphasize the character and personality of each woman – the ladies of 20 years or women of 30 years, and women over 50.
Below is a ranking of perfumes that have received the most pleasant reviews from buyers.

Andrea Casotti: THE HOUSE OF OUD

Empathy is a chance to hear each other, to make a pleasant gesture towards the emotional component of a person.
In the top notes – a pleasant sweetness of pear flowers. Middle notes envelop with raspberry flavor and hints of fruit tobacco. The final chord puts a woody blend aroma of burnt wood and moss.
In the top notes gives joy the aroma of goji berries and apricots. In the middle notes the aroma of white flowers is expressed – African neroli and jasmine Sambac. In the base notes you can hear the spice of Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood from Mysore and Yemen incense. This fragrant solution adds an all-encompassing solemnity to the composition.

Dolce & Gabbana

Light blue eau intense
No matter what time of the year outside the window – whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, the fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue Eau Intense” will successfully complement your look.
Suitable for both young and older women, best revealed in the afternoon and evening. Experts say that the aroma has a noticeable persistence – from 3 to 6 hours, and has a characteristic plume.
The composition belongs to the floral and fruit classes. The composition of the scents of lemon and apple “Granny Smith”. Heart notes give freshness of jasmine and calendula. The basic tint of the blend was blowing musk and amber.


Unisex fragrance “Clementine California” from the brand “Atelier Cologne” will please for a long time – its durability varies from 8 to 12 hours, it has a plume of average intensity. Aroma gives joy, charging the warmth of sunlight, which allows you to wear regardless of the season, age and time of day.
The composition belongs to the class of citrus and wineglasses. The fruits of juniper, mandarin and clementine reveal their fragrance in the top notes. Hearty accents are set by hot peppers, star anise and basil. The base notes are vetiver, sandalwood and cypress.


Perfume belongs to the flower class. In the top notes of the composition Gabrielle Chanel are citrus fruits (mandarin, grapefruit) and black currant. Heart notes are orange tree, jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberose.
It is noteworthy that in Chanel No5 jasmine from Grasse, and in this composition it was replaced with Egyptian, which added a drop of tartness.
The base notes are light and weightless thanks to sandalwood and musk.


The new unisex perfume “COLONIA PURA” from the Italian brand “ACQUA DI PARMA” will equally well emphasize the features of the image not only of a woman, but of a man, even a child. This is the perfect fusion of musk, cedar, coriander, bergamot and lime notes. This fragrance is a great solution for modern men and women living in the rhythm of the city.


The new fragrance “TIFFANY” can rightly be considered the answer to the question, what kind of perfume is the most fashionable in 2019 for women. Now the fragrance attracts everyone’s attention, because for the last 10 years, the favorite brand of ladies and ladies has not released perfume.
One can rightly say that the new fragrance has exceeded all expectations.
He has incorporated notes of mandarin, toffee, patchouli and musk, which help to make the image of a woman romantic and refined.

The languid fragrance “Dahlia Divin Nude” from the French brand “GIVENCHY” transports into the atmosphere of bliss and inviting silk sheets

Perfume as if envelops the sweetness of the aroma of ripe apricot, osmanthus and jasmine. Musk base provides durability and a pleasant loop to the new product.
The aroma will truly emphasize the undeniable taste of the owner and show strengths.


In the outgoing year, the British brand “ATKINSONS” pleased the ladies with the new fragrance “CALIFORNIA POPPY”. 
The ideal solution for those who want to find themselves in the flower fields near the Mediterranean coast. Perfume has incorporated fragrant notes of flowering poppy and bergamot with ozone and sea freshness.
One breath will allow you to travel back to the flower country of happiness, feeling the caress of the sea breeze on the skin.


Another unisex fragrance gives brand LES LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES.
“BLOODY WOOD” is a niche aroma, as if intoxicating with red wine, fruit, wood-based roses and violets. The choice in favor of the perfume will make the true aristocrats.
Blend will make the image of the owner – whether it be a woman or a man – mysterious, mysterious and having alluring charm.

Nina ricci

Chant d’extase
This year, the brand released the limited edition fragrance “Chant d’Extase”, which impressed thousands of women with its grace. His appearance is deceptive – the bottle is made in aquamarine, and a mermaid is placed on the package. However, this ecstasy does not envelop the sea breeze at all; on the contrary, it is sweet and saturated.
In the top notes show their juiciness raspberries. Notes “heart” give a bouquet of roses, decorated with sprigs of jasmine. The final chord will put delicious caramel.


Marie-Kate and Ashley Olsen – sisters from “ELIZABETH AND JAMES” in 2019, released a unique women’s perfume. Two new fragrances, Amethyst and French Gray, saw the light. Their expressiveness emphasizes the rose, in a beautiful combination with sandalwood.


Another discovery of the year is the unisex fragrance “222” from the brand LE GALION
Under the unusual name of the perfume hides no less unusual flavor.
In a bottle intertwined: violet, tanned leather, old moss, oak and mushroom notes. This blend will not leave others alone, and its owner (or owner) will remain in memory for a long time.


British actress Lily James introduced the new floral fragrance “BLUSH” of the MY BURBERRY brand.
The sweetness of the pomegranate, the tartness of the geranium in fusion with the freshness of jasmine will make the image of the owner of the perfume more feminine and charming.


The famous brand “OLFACTIVE STUDIO” also contributed to the global perfumery, presenting the unisex fragrance “CLOSE UP” in 2019.
Liquorice and anise flavored with coffee aroma will appeal to ambitious, unshakable people.
Pleasant, falling into the memory of the train will leave tobacco, cedar notes with impurities of rosewood.


Another long-awaited novelty for women was the fragrance “WOMAN” from the famous brand “RALPH LAUREN”.

Fans of the brand “RALPH LAUREN” for ten years have been waiting for the release of the new fragrance “WOMAN”, which shows a woman as society sees her in the 21st century: free, strong, but still gentle and sensual .


The fragrance “WORLD” from the world brand KENZO is rightly considered the hit of the year among women’s perfumery.
Perfume is as special as the owners who chose it. The design of the bottle is confirmed by the velvet cap of the bottle; special braille will not leave indifferent on its way.
Perfume belongs to the floral, woody and musky families. Meets the fragrance notes of red fruit. In the heart notes – a fragrant bouquet of Egyptian jasmine and peony, decorated with floral chords. In the notes of the base Ambroxan, which gives the aroma resistance.


Another unexpected presentation was the RiRi perfume by American pop singer and actress Rihanna.
Unexpected, in places a sugary-sweet aroma with the romantic name “RiRi” did not leave indifferent not only female singer’s fans, but thousands of girls all over the world. The aroma is distinguished by its durability, which gives it a sweet, candy notes.

What will be fashionable in 2019

Having analyzed what perfumes for women in 2019 became the most fashionable and popular, let’s see what new items and trends the 2019 year prepares for us.
Winter is a time when the heat is most needed, and despondency is trying to get into the house. To help cope with the blues in 2019 can such perfumes:
  • Jo Malone – truly a dream lovers of sweets in a bottle. Resistant, sweet, spicy aroma complemented by the unusual smell of mimosa;
  • Estee lauder Hibiscus Palm – the name speaks for itself. Perfume perfectly conveys the mood of warm and bright days;
  • Dior Addict – a whole line of different flavors, where the basis is a fruit mix and spices.
Spring freshness and summer heat in 2019 will be given by such aromas:
  • Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Hermès. The freshness of jasmine and the ozone smell of the stone after the rain – what can better convey the mood of this season?
  • Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum L Occitane en Provence is a floral blend that, despite its lightness, remains stable throughout the day. What you need on a sunny summer day!
Selecting the fragrance for yourself, listen to the advice of perfumers – they know like no one else how to find their “notes” among a huge amount of blends.
You should not hurry with the purchase: having come to the store, “try on” the vending perfume, put it on the usual places – neck, wrists, clothes. Within 20 minutes, the fragrance will “sit down” and will sound different than in a bottle.
Remember – do not choose fashionable perfume , if you do not feel with him more confident. After all, the task of perfumers is to show the owner from the best side and leave a pleasant moment of meeting in memory.

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