Raglan sweater – photos of female models for any type of figure

The first thing that distinguishes a sweater, a knitted raglan is the shape of a sleeve. Unlike traditional models, in which the sleeve is sewn to the main part at shoulder level, in the raglan model, the triangular part is filled along the entire length. The raglan is knitted in a circle, forming two smooth, smooth seams. This type of sleeve looks good on sweater models any length and any cut.

The raglan sweater has one important advantage – due to the unusual cut of the sleeve, it can be used to visually correct imperfect shoulders and arms. Based on this, it is safe to say that this model is suitable for everyone, without exception, as a slim thin girls, and those who have a powerful physique or broad shoulders. Thanks to the original, the top of the sweater looks neat and sophisticated.

Oversize Raglan Sweater

Modern fashion this year sets such a trend as oversight – this is a wide loose clothing that looks like it is not the size, and a sweater with a raglan sleeve is no exception. There are a lot of advantages and such models:
An oversized Raglan sleeve sweater looks great on any type of figure.
Due to the wide cut, with the help of such a model it is easy to visually hide figure flaws, for example, broad shoulders, not a perfect belly, very large or small breasts.
Oversize clothing is comfortable, does not hinder movement.

The most popular models of overseas with raglan sleeves are knitted sweaters. They look volume, and it is easy, most of them are very warm, suitable for the winter season. When choosing such a sweater it is worth paying attention to what is mating to the touch – ideal if the canvas is soft and loose. Otherwise, you may experience severe discomfort.

Sweater raglan with collar

Many people mistakenly believe that raglan is only a model with a round or sharp neckline, so this option is not suitable for winter. But this opinion is erroneous – the raglan sweater range has many collar options:

Such models can be sewn or knitted from bulk warm fabric or yarn – they will be warm and comfortable. The styles with a collar, connected by a thick pattern of bulk yarn, look harmoniously. The most popular patterns are braids or arans. Lightweight raglan models with a collar are also popular – neat comfortable golfhills or stylish thin spring sweaters.

Aran sweater

In modern fashion, women’s knitted raglan sweater is particularly popular. It looks stylish and beautiful on any type of figure – on girls of both thin and strong stature. Plus, if you knit yourself or order a master, you can choose a yarn with a high percentage of soft wool, and in this case the sweater will be light, comfortable and unusually warm.

One of the most popular patterns for knitted raglan is arana. It is a variety of diverse braids intertwined in an interesting way. The pattern with arans can be both bulky of thick yarn, as well as subtle, neat. There are two main uses for the pattern:

the whole sweater is connected with aran pattern;

Aranami is connected only with the front part and, possibly, a fragment of the sleeves, the main pattern is the front smooth surface or elastic band.

Openwork sweater raglan

Knitted openwork things look especially light and gentle, especially if we are talking about such a stylish and comfortable model, like a raglan sweater. This option is hardly successful for the cold season, but it is ideal for a warm spring or autumn. The models of openwork raglans are various:

sweater, fully knitted openwork pattern;

Raglan sweater with lace sleeves.

Raclan sweater with jacquard pattern

As a rule, everything new is a well-forgotten old, long-standing sweaters with jacquard patterns in the past are back in fashion in an updated stylish design. They seem especially cozy, warm. The jacquard sweater with a raglan type is very comfortable and comfortable, many people use it as casual warm clothes. It is also an ideal model for thematic. winter photo shoots.

Sweater Raglan

Incredibly popular in the winter season 2019 sweater made of thick raglan yarn. More often, this is an oversized model – it looks volumetric, sometimes even massively, the pattern can be both complex and sophisticated, like arans or delicate compositions, as well as extremely simple – in such a design even the usual front surface looks incredibly stylish. The only important requirement for coarse-knit raglans is that the fabric should be loose, soft, and in no case dense. Otherwise, the thing will look extremely ugly, and it is unlikely you will be comfortable in it.

Sweater Raglan

A comfortable and stylish raglan sweater with a neckline will look especially neat on a sophisticated female figure, it is only important to choose a good shape and depth of the neckline, taking into account the cut, body type, chest size and personal preferences. Designers offer fashionable women such options for cut-outs on a sweater with a raglan sleeve type:

round neckline;

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