Pros and cons of the loft bed

The loft bed (sometimes called the loft bed) is a popular solution for small children. But more often such beds can be found in “adult” interiors. It’s stylish, it’s original, but … is it comfortable?

We conducted a study and summarized the experience of people faced with these unusual beds in everyday life.

And that’s what we did.

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Advantages of the loft bed

Space saving

In the design of a one-room apartment and small bedrooms (both for children and adults), the involvement of every centimeter of space plays a huge role. The bed under the ceiling will give you the opportunity to place under it another functional area – a corner desk, a wardrobe or a small sofa for relaxing.


Interiors (for example, in the loft style) with a loft bed look very unusual and creative.

Autonomy of the sleeping area

No unauthorized person can now just sit on your bed! On the ottoman, chair, table, but not on your bed. And in the interior of the children’s loft bed will create a certain autonomy of the sleeping area in which the child can quickly relax and unwind from the surroundings.

Game and physical education for children

The loft bed is fun! It may well become an additional place to play your baby and the reason to finally sleep separately from the parents (if there is such a problem). Well, and physical for the baby, so what any.

Disadvantages of the loft bed

Risk of falls

If you or your child sleep uneasily, there is a risk of falling from a high bed (especially if you are not used to it during the first days of use). But modern beds are equipped with sufficiently high protective sides and railings. And then there are low models with a height of 130-140 cm.

Inconvenient to fill

To fill the bed and wake the child at a height of two meters is very uncomfortable. Again, 130-140 cm tall models may come to the rescue, although there will be significantly less storage space under them.

You can not get sick

If you are exhausted by a disease (or have gone over with alcohol – this also happens) – the loft bed is unlikely to be a good helper for you. There will be difficulties in the nursery, if the child often asks to go to the toilet at night or he needs to take a temperature every half hour.

Stuffy ceiling

It is believed that warmer air often accumulates under the ceiling, so in the summer time it is hot and stuffy to sleep on such a bed. We believe that without airing and conditioning it is stuffy and hot to sleep in any room, no matter where the bed is.

The general conclusion that we can make on the basis of our research: how many people – so many opinions. Loft beds look incredibly stylish and really allow you to organize a functional interior, but not everyone, they are suitable due to a number of its features.

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