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How to increase the chances of having a daughter? “Order” the floor of the unborn child today is quite real. In the laboratory, the egg is fertilized not only the desired chromosome, but also the best of them. True, this progress is not for everyone. Increase the likelihood of a child of the right sex can be easy and free. One of these methods – a diet invented by French scientists. Find out how food can affect the sex of the child, and what foods you need to eat for the birth of a girl.

Planning a daughter

A couple who wants to have a baby, first of all, need to prepare for the appearance of a child in principle. It is desirable that this was a conscious and balanced choice. It is important that both partners are healthy, held in personal and social growth. Full preparation for this event can take from 6 months to a year, if the prospective parents are ready to prepare meticulously.

A careful approach to pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of having a sick heir. To begin with, young people should undergo a full examination, especially for women, but the health of men plays an important role. Recommend to ensure the absence of chronic diseases, viral and fungal. Pay attention to hereditary diseases in order to prevent a possible problem in time.

It is recommended to abandon the synthetic underwear and narrow clothes that are bad for the reproductive function of both spouses. Even a year before the planned conception, it is desirable to quit smoking, be sure to get rid of the use of any drugs, if such problems exist.

Future mother is better to do sports six months or a year before pregnancy. A healthy female body tolerates pregnancy and childbirth easier, reduces the risk of miscarriage. In addition, if the muscles and skin are in good shape, after the appearance of the child, they better preserve the aesthetic appearance.

A man who is ready to become a dad of the baby also needs to take care of healthy heredity. It is advised to abandon beer and reduce the amount of other alcoholic beverages. Too fat food is also undesirable, as it negatively affects spermatogenesis.

At least six months before pregnancy, both spouses need to abandon harmful food and foods with GMOs. The influence of the latter on the human body has not been precisely studied, so it is better not to risk your own child.

All these measures are necessary in order to prepare a couple for a future pregnancy. The nutrition developed by scientists from France – Jacques Laurent and Joseph Stolkowski – will help increase the likelihood of a girl.

Diet: preparing for pregnancy

After the spouses were convinced of their decision to give birth and raise a girl, were examined and treated (if necessary), you can begin a more thorough preparation.

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The mentioned French scientists conducted surveys in families where only daughters were born and where there were only sons. It turned out that the boys ‘parents ate satisfyingly with a predominance of salt and potassium in the diet, and the girls’ parents loved food with calcium and magnesium, ate moderately. After that, scientists monitored two groups of young couples, some were on a diet to conceive a boy, others for a girl. The results of the experiment showed that such diets increase the chances of having a child of the desired sex by an average of 60%.

Unlike the “boy” diet, to conceive a girl will have to reduce the calorie content of his menu. Even before the French experiment, scientist Shige Sung noted that in the bad years of war and famine, girls are born predominantly. Observations of animals confirm this theory. Amid a lack of food, they produce more females so that the population can reproduce.

Another interesting point was noted: girls are mostly pregnant with sweet tooth. Therefore, the first recommendation for expectant mothers – pamper yourself sweet. For desserts, it is better to choose natural and less high-calorie foods. For a woman who wants to get pregnant, it is important to monitor her own weight. Homemade jellies, marmalade, honey, jam, meringues are suitable. Doubtful chocolates, filled bars and ready-made confectionery products are best avoided.

In addition to the sweet for conception, the girls recommend entering into the menu:

  • dairy products: fresh cheese (mozzarella, unsalted feta cheese), cottage cheese, natural yogurt, milk;
  • vegetables: potatoes, eggplant, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini and carrots;
  • berries: raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, black currants;
  • fruits: bananas, figs, grapes, apples and pears;
  • nuts and greens;
  • seafood;
  • eggs;
  •  bran, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins and dried figs;
  • calcined mineral water, coffee and tea with milk, whey-based drinks.

It is important to choose foods high in calcium and magnesium. Plant foods need to be eaten fresh, pickles and pickles for those who want a daughter is better not to eat. It is recommended to add more milk to drinks and meals, to introduce more eggs and raw vegetables.

To get pregnant, the girl is advised to limit:

  • sharp and salty cheeses;
  • fatty meat, offal, sausages, sausages, smoked meats;
  • fatty fish, caviar;
  • preservation, pickles, pickles;
  • mushrooms;
  • stone fruits and berries: peaches, apricots, cherries, plums;
  • strong black coffee, green and black tea.

In addition, it is advised to consume less foods that interfere with the absorption of calcium. These include sweet soda, spinach, sorrel.

Meals should be built so that the woman was full, but not overeating. It is advisable to follow the weight, if there is a set of mass, calorie content and the amount of food should be reduced. Sweet, porridge and dairy products are best eaten in the morning, and in the evening leave fish, lean meat and vegetables. Fried need to be eliminated, the advantage should be given to boiled and baked food.

It is better if such a diet adhere to both spouses. A man, like a woman, is not recommended to gain weight during the planned conception. Fat meat, fast food, soda should be replaced with homemade and healthy ingredients.

During the diet, it is important to periodically conduct pregnancy tests. Adhere to such a diet is advised only before its occurrence. After confirmed fertilization, you can eat anything that pleases. In the short period before the onset of toxemia, it is better to pamper yourself tasty. Bearing a girl is often more difficult than a boy, so it will not be superfluous to let yourself relax before the coming pregnancy.

Increase the chances of the appearance of the daughter

American scientists Lendram Shetlz and David Roervik made up another way to plan the sex of a child for female ovulation. Among all the auxiliary measures of “programming” gender, doctors believe that this option is the most effective. So what is it.

Once a month, a mature egg moves from the ovaries to the uterus, it carries only the X chromosome and lives no more than 2 days (most often only 24 hours). Male sperm carry the maiden X chromosomes and male Y chromosomes. “Boys” move quickly, but massively die in the acid environment of the female genital organs. “Girls” move in a measured way and are able to live in the female womb up to 2 days.

To conceive a daughter, it is recommended to plan sexual intercourse one to two days before the egg leaves the ovaries. So the girl’s chromosomes can easily wait for ovulation and fertilize the egg, while the boys will significantly reduce the chances. On the day of ovulation and a couple of days after it is better to refrain from sexual contact, as nimble Y chromosomes can leave no chance for slow X chromosomes.

With the help of special tests from the pharmacy, you can determine the time of ovulation. Also used methods for measuring the basal temperature, it rises before ovulation. It is possible to consult on this account with your gynecologist, the doctor should take in advance the tests, on the basis of which will report the most accurate date.

More methods: unbelievable and not fact

Use a few more methods to increase the chances of the birth of a girl. One of these measures – the choice of sexual position. It is believed that to conceive a daughter, one should choose poses with a shallow penetration. This increases the chances of girls sperm. Since the path to the uterus is lengthened, the male chromosomes do not survive and release the path to their “rivals”. The desired depth of penetration can provide a “missionary” position, “rider” or “spoon.”

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In addition to these methods, tables with calculations for blood renewal are used. It is believed that the sex of the child may depend on whose blood from the parents is “younger”. In men, it is updated once every four years, in women once every three years. A couple or son will be born to a couple depending on whose blood was last updated: if Daddy is a boy, if Mom’s mother is a girl.

You can calculate it in the form of a formula. The age of the man is added to the age of the woman, the resulting number must be multiplied by the fraction ¾. If the resulting number has a remainder multiple of two or does not have it at all, then the couple will have a boy. If a unit remains in the balance, there will be a girl. You need to read manually, without a calculator.

The dependence of the sex of the baby on the blood of the parents is laid in another table. It calculates the Rh factor of both partners. It is believed that the coincidence of Rhesus indicates a high chance of conceiving a boy. If one partner has a Rh factor negative, and the second one has a positive one, the probability of conceiving a daughter increases.

The last two methods raise doubts about efficiency. In the case of parents’ age, the couple will have to wait for years for the blood to be refreshed “as needed.” The method with the Rhesus factors is rather merciless: if you really want a daughter, and the partner’s blood is “not that,” it turns out, do you need to change your partner? Of course, there are no scientific grounds for the latter methods. All they can build on is unexplored statistics.

Despite the absurdity of many ways of planning the sex of the child, young couples use them too. For example, popular beliefs are often popular in such matters. To conceive a girl, our great-grandmothers wrapped the little finger on his right hand with thread, slept with their heads to the south, and “sinned” only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Such events after many years can be funny stories for the son, about how parents tried to have a daughter. In general, in the desire to conceive a girl, you can use any methods that do not harm health, they all have the right to life – what if? The main thing be ready to love both the son, and the daughter.

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