Proper Diet for conceiving a boy

The connection between the nutrition of the future parents and the sex of the child was explained by two French scientists. Jacques Laurent and Joseph Stolkowski conducted a two-month experiment in which two groups of young couples participated. Both groups ate according to different schemes and sets of products, as a result more girls were born in one group, and boys dominated in the second. What did the parents of sons eat? Below about this and some more tips.

We form the sex of the child: what factors affect it

Immediately it should be noted that today there is only one win-win way to “shape” the sex of the child – in vitro fertilization. This is a laboratory process that gives 100% result: long, expensive, efficient. All other methods can only increase the percentage of the birth of a girl or boy.

The conception of a boy can be affected by: genetic predisposition, the health status of both parents, the period of ovulation, the nutrition of the woman and the man, to a small extent the position of sexual intercourse.

The first scientist who drew a parallel between the way of life and the formation of the sex of the child was Shige Song, a sociologist and demographer. His research and surveys (300 000 women took part!) Showed that during the “Great Leap Forward” more girls were born in China, although boys prevailed before and after the hungry period.

Observations were made on animals, after which the theory of the demographer was confirmed: against the background of a shortage of food, girls were born, and in the “full” conditions the male gender predominated. It is argued that the female sex is more enduring. Therefore, for the sake of the survival of the population, the human body and the animal produce more girls.

Echoes of these studies are in the French diet. For the conception of a girl, a complete low-calorie diet is provided, for the son – you can indulge yourself with potatoes and fried meat.

Preparing parents for conception

It is highly desirable that the appearance of a child be a carefully planned event. So both partners will be able to prepare physically and emotionally for the coming changes in life.

The obligatory minimum in preparation is a trip to the doctor and testing. It is necessary to undergo a full examination to detect chronic diseases or possible infections, the disease is not always possible to determine without tests. Unhealthy body of a parent increases the risk of a sick child.

It is advisable to remove all harmful foods and drinks from your menu 3-4 months before the proposed conception. For a healthy couple, it is not recommended to use convenience foods, sweet soda, trans fats (margarine), flavor enhancers.

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If one of the partners is undergoing medication, you need to wait until the drug is completely removed from the body. For women, weight normalization is important: obesity or lack of weight affects the reproductive ability of the woman as a whole. In no case can you resort to exhausting diets, as they deprive the body of most of the beneficial components that will be necessary for the development and birth of a healthy baby.

It is important to exclude alcohol, especially beer, a few months before the planned conception. Of all alcoholic drinks, you can drink a glass of red wine per day.

Eating parents to conceive a boy

Scientists from France investigated the degree of influence of the nutrition of both partners on the process of forming the baby’s sex. It turned out that in families where they eat more foods with sodium and potassium, sons prevail. Parents of daughters before conception ate magnesium and calcium products.

The set of products recommended for use before conception consists of natural components with a predominance of potassium and sodium salts. It is believed that these ingredients can change the pH of the mucous membrane of the female genital organs. In an acidic environment, spermatozoa that carry the Y chromosome die faster, so the balance must be shifted to the alkaline side.

In the first place in the menu, women are recommended to introduce products that are beneficial to reproductive ability in general. Before conception, you need to enter the menu citrus, leafy greens, fish.

A diet for conceiving a boy can only last until the onset of pregnancy. No tricks after fertilization of the egg will not help change the sex. It is important to periodically conduct tests, since the diet of a pregnant woman should be negotiated with a doctor.

To conceive a boy is recommended to include in the diet:

  • cereals and bread: rice, buckwheat, semolina;
  • vegetables and greens: spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, eggplant;
  • fresh fruits: citruses, bananas, peaches, cherries, plums, melons;
  • dried fruits: raisins, dried dates, dried apricots, prunes;
  • sausage;
  • meat;
  • mushrooms;
  •  honey and chocolate.

The mom’s menu should be dominated by bright and nutritious food. It is recommended to salt it a little more to increase sodium intake. You can use hot spices, herbs, natural plant seasonings. Flavors can only be used before pregnancy, as for pregnant women this is an undesirable component. It is useful when planning a boy to introduce more pickled and salted foods: sauerkraut and cucumbers, tomatoes, canned zucchini and eggplant.

The diet should be well balanced so that the expectant mother receives all the necessary components and is always in a state of satiety. It is important not to overdo it, it is better to reduce the amount of white bread, animal fat, choose lean meat. It is advisable to eat two servings of vegetable dishes and two protein meals each day.

During the planning period, a male child is advised to limit food rich in calcium and magnesium. These components cannot be completely excluded, as they are important for a woman and for her future son.

To increase the likelihood of a boy, it is recommended to limit:

  •  cottage cheese, cheese, whole milk;
  • egg yolk;
  • beans;
  • caviar of fish, shrimp, mussels, oysters;
  •  dill;
  • calcined mineral waters;
  •  walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts;
  • confectionery and homemade sweets.

The list of recommended products is wide enough. The menu may even have “goodies” like sausages and sausages, crackers, fried potatoes, etc. Sweet is better to limit, you can cook homemade desserts: jelly, pastries without eggs and milk, semolina puddings. It is important to drink enough water so that the body is cleansed and freed from excess fluid.

For the conception of a child, not only the woman’s menu is important, but also the man. The partner needs to increase the amount of protein foods in his diet, preferably lean meat. A large amount of fat negatively affects the reproductive function of men. Fresh vegetables are also recommended. But the amount of salt needs to be reduced, you can use other spices to add taste.

Be sure to refrain from alcohol in the planning period of the child. Male hormones under the influence of alcohol, especially beer, mutate into female tarragon. In addition, ethyl alcohol increases the risk of an infant with pathologies.

Additional measures

In addition to diet, reviews of women who gave birth to sons recommend additional measures. The most common way to conceive a boy is to calculate ovulation. Without an egg cell ready for fertilization, conception is impossible in principle. You can accurately calculate the period of ovulation with a gynecologist. There are “home” methods of calculation: measurement of basal temperature, the calculation of signs of ovulation, special tests. As a rule, the release of a mature egg occurs 14 days before the onset of menstruation.

In order to become pregnant as a boy, fertilization must occur on the exact day of ovulation. A female egg lives no more than 48 hours, that is, pregnancy can occur only within two days for the entire month. Sperm with a Y-chromosome die quickly, so it is important to create favorable conditions for them. To prevent pregnancy by a girl, it is important to refrain from sexual contact for two days after ovulation.

Perspective sexual position, too, can play into the hands of future parents. Spermatozoa that carry the Y chromosome move quickly, but most of them die almost immediately. In order to shorten the path of the male chromosome to the egg cell, it is advised to choose positions with deep penetration. The most common of these positions – “knee-elbow.” It is also noted that abstinence for 2 weeks before the planned conception increases the risk of the birth of a boy.

Since the male chromosome is sensitive to the acidic environment, women sometimes artificially shift the balance of the intimate mucosa towards alkaline. To do this, use syringing before binge with a solution of baking soda, dissolve 2 tablespoons of soda in one liter of boiled water. To use this method is allowed only with the permission of the gynecologist.

Male chromosomes die at elevated temperatures, so it is recommended that before trying to get pregnant to give up a hot shower or bath, bath. Synthetic underwear is also contraindicated for a couple who wants a male heir, since this material raises the temperature of the small pelvis.

In addition to these measures, there are several more, but less plausible. For example, many modern couples use the recommendations of their ancestors to conceive a son. According to beliefs, the boy can only get a full moon, even better if the day fell on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

There are those who trust more signs of other nations. For example, among women, the tables of the Chinese and Japanese calendar are popular. They calculate the month that will be most favorable for the fertilization of the male chromosome. It is not strange, often when building such a table, only the age of the mother is taken into account, the man is completely absent from the calculations.

So, all of these methods, including diet, have the right to practice. However, they all can only slightly increase the likelihood of a son. According to gynecologists, the most likely way to “form a floor” may be the calculation of ovulation. But even this method increases, first of all, the chances of just getting pregnant. In any case, planning a child, the couple must be ready for any results.

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