Primer and its Application

Primer is Foundation under makeup – a tool that performs several functions at once:
pinning makeup;
skin matting;
alignment of the relief;
protection from clogging pores decorative cosmetics;
giving the skin perfect smoothness.

What is a face primer?
It is almost always possible to find a skin defect requiring masking, for which a primer is needed. It is able to fill wrinkles, hide flaws in skin tone and other imperfections. To understand what a primer is, you need to distinguish it from of a voice-frequency cream. This product does not stain the skin, it only prepares it for creating the perfect background, helping the skin to lie evenly and fixing the result. Such tools are available in liquid, creamy, gel form, their properties depend on the composition – some will increase the resistance of the makeup, others will make the image perfect by adjusting the complexion.
What is a lip primer?

Having dealt with the fact that such a primer for the face, you can not ask the same question about the means for the lips. It performs similar functions, only the release forms differ. For ease of application, the product is made in the form of a stick, pencil or tube with an applicator. The question of whether you need a primer for lips, controversial, because if necessary, you can use the base for the face. If the skin of the lips is constantly in need of correction, then it is better to purchase a special tool that will hide wrinkles and prolong the life of the makeup, making the mouth area more attractive.

What is eye primer?

Eyes – a special area on the face, for which special cosmetics are produced. Understanding what a primer is in cosmetics for the eyelids is not difficult – it performs the same functions as the base for the rest of the face, but it is more delicate to the delicate skin of this area. The product does not allow the shadows to roll down and lose brightness, fixes tonal means, masking skin defects.

Types of primers

In addition to the area of ​​application, the foundation for makeup differ in composition and the result obtained. To understand which primer to choose, you need to determine the source data – the skin type and the desired effect. Products can be grouped as follows:
consistency (creamy, oily, silk);
basic shade (pink, white, green, purple);
composition (silicone, matting, reflective, moisturizing).
Matting makeup base

What is a primer with a matting effect, it will be interesting to know the owners of oily skin, which quickly spoils the attractive appearance of the applied cosmetics. To extend its durability it is necessary to use additional funds. Makeup base for oily skin contain in its composition absorbent particles that absorb excess sebum. Some products have inflammatory components in their composition. Apply such a primer on the forehead, nose and chin, permanently maintaining the fresh look of these areas.

Makeup Correction Foundation

The base for decorative cosmetics is designed to secure it and hide the defects of the face. It is clear that a primer of any kind will have such an effect, but special means can also correct the skin tone. These include multicolored bases.
White – evens out skin color and masks small imperfections. Suitable for use under not very dense powder.
Pink – Refreshes the complexion, gives it porcelain transparency.
Green – the right makeup base for redness on the skin. It will perfectly mask the vascular grid, inflammation or allergies in the winter. You need to use such a base under a dense powder or foundation.
Peach – Refreshes the tone of the face, but does not lighten it, so it suits dark skin.
Yellow – this tonal foundation for makeup will hide bruises and marks post-acne.
Transparent – ideal for leveling the microrelief, applied under the foundation or used independently.
Purple – hides the yellow skin tone, hides this shade from the tonal bases, refreshing the face.
Smoothing Foundation

To ensure a perfectly smooth skin surface, a silicone makeup base is used. It can be applied solo or in combination with the foundation. Bases with such a composition are available for the face and lips, as they have an excellent ability to fill all microsites. Dimethicone may be included in the product to maintain moisture levels and cyclomethicone to give a slight shine. The tool is spent sparingly, so a small tube lasts a long time. It is allowed its layering, if necessary, a more intensive correction.
Foundation with a shine effect

The composition of such funds include particles that can capture and reflect light. It gives the skin a natural glow, making it more attractive. The luminescent primer base for evening make-up is applied on the entire face, and for its everyday images it emphasizes separate zones. At dark skin preference should be given to warm shades, and when light – cold.
Moisturizing Foundation

The primer must necessarily match the skin type, so for a dry designed makeup base cream, which is saturated with moisturizing ingredients. These can be vitamins E and A, silk and green tea extracts, minerals. Suitable for dehydrated skin oil-base under makeup, which for a long time will keep the optimal level of moisture and will not allow the applied cosmetics to spoil its attractive appearance. These tools help to cope with dryness and peeling, protect the skin from harmful external influences, but do not replace an ordinary cream.

How to choose a primer for the face?

The first time to buy a product is better to come to the store to be able to test the tool, evaluate the ease of application, compliance with tone and skin type.
Creamy texture is suitable for normal skin, because it requires minimal correction.
The best primers for dry skin – containing moisturizing agents. They will prevent the feeling of tightness, hide fine wrinkles and peeling, making the relief uniform. In their composition should not be silicone.
Silicone bases are also contraindicated for sensitive skin, and water-based versions will do. In the presence of stimuli, it is impossible to choose light reflecting bases, they will reveal every shortcoming.
The best makeup base for oily and combination skin should have matting ingredients. They will prevent the appearance of traces of sebum on the surface, hide enlarged pores and make the skin visually smooth. Primers with silicone are suitable because this substance reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
When choosing a color base, you need to focus on the disadvantage that you want to hide – redness, acne marks, tired skin.

Not one makeup base can have a similar composition, which one can better understand your own feelings and rating based on reviews.

Chanel le blanc de chanel – a legendary primer that combines moisturizing and matting properties. He hides minor defects of the skin and highlights it, tightens the facial contour. Provides reliable fixation of makeup on 5 hours.
Tony Moly Egg Pore – designed for problem skin, well hides enlarged pores and other irregularities, makes the skin matte and smooth. The composition has an extract of calendula, which helps to further care for the skin. After makeup remover along with the primer, excess fat is removed from the pores and other dirt.
Yves Saint Laurenr Touche Eclat Blur Primer – with passion fruit oil, apricot, corn and rice bran, tightens pores and softens, suitable for oily skin. The composition includes reflective particles, the texture is delicate. Available in a single tone, adjusting to the skin color.
Librederm – hyaluronic, relatively inexpensive primer provides hydration, has a light texture, suitable for any skin type. Copes with lightening redness, smoothing wrinkles and pores, delaying the appearance of oily shine.
Maybelline baby skin – budget base with gel texture. It is easy to apply, mattes and fixes the tone, preventing it from rolling.
Meteorites Perles Guerlain – provides a velvety surface, evens out skin color and removes oily shine. Effectively hides freckles and facial hair fixes makeup on an 6 watch. Not recommended for oily skin, may enhance the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
Clinique Superprimer Face Primer – Available in six colors, has an average thickness, smoothes the skin and gives a uniform color. Permanently fixes makeup without the appearance of fat areas. The composition includes moisturizing and soothing ingredients.
Code Color – silicone base, moisturizing and masking skin defects. Light texture ideally shaded without gloss, not felt on the skin.
How to use primer?

To make up turned out perfect, you need to know how to apply primer. Even an expensive remedy that is ideally suited to the skin, if used improperly, will give an unsatisfactory result. The following tips will help you avoid such an unpleasant experience.
Preparation. Apply daily moisturizer or non-greasy serum to clean skin. After 2-3 minutes the tool is absorbed, it is necessary to blot its remnants with a soft cloth.
Application Before you apply the base under the makeup, you need to squeeze the primer on the hand and warm it, then the product is distributed over the face with a sponge, brush or fingers. It is important not to rub or stretch the skin. It is necessary to move from the eye area to the forehead, cheeks and nose, the chin is last processed. It is not always necessary to cover the entire face, you can just walk through the problem areas.
Feather. At this stage, it is necessary to check the uniform distribution of the primer, especially in places that require masking.
Last step. After skin treatment with primer, it should be allowed to soak. After the foundation is applied or a light powder.

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