Plum color in clothes – the best combinations and photos

This is one of the shades of purple. It miraculously combines mystery and mystery.

This noble connotation of many is associated with power and wealth. Plum color is quite serious and requires the same attitude. His dense rich tone, with a slight admixture of red, is usually referred to as exciting colors.

People who prefer this color are practical and noble. Dress plum shade will look great on women with any skin tone and will give its owner even more grace and sophistication. However, girls who have blond hair and very fair skin should not be overdone with this shade, otherwise it will pale them even more.

Plum color in clothes has a pleasant versatility – it is perfect for everyday outfits due to its practicality, and for “outlets” you just need to add a few bright accessories and an elegant noble plum shade will set you apart from the rest.

The main rule for plum in your clothes – do not overload!

If this shade is too much on you or in the surrounding space, then this can have a negative impact on our mood, make you sad. Therefore, do not forget about the harmony of both external and internal.

Plum color in clothes – how and with what to combine it

Plum color in clothes

+ White

With white color plum looks very elegant and fresh. You can combine the things of these colors, and you can pick up accessories of plum-colored to the snow-white along. An additional color in this tandem can be beige or brownas well as gold.

+ Black

This is a very elegant and serious combination of colors in clothes. It is best to choose a plum shade a little bit lighter, it will look next to black more expressively. If this combination seems too monotonous to you, then add a little white to it and it will be perceived very differently.

Plum + Black + White + Beige (Brown) – A great option for everyday kits, both formal and informal.

Plum color in clothes black
Plum color in clothes black
Plum color in clothes black

+ Gray

These colors together form a very perceptive color combination. If you want bright colors, add a few accessories in one of the following colors:

  • yellow
  • Orange
  • mint
  • turquoise
  • lime green
Plum color in clothes gray
Plum color in clothes gray

+ Brown, Beige

In the combination of plum and brown there is something very natural, natural, probably that is why it looks so harmonious and natural.

Beige is able to emphasize the depth and beauty of this shade, they look great together.

Plum color in clothes

Plum color in clothes beige
Plum color in clothes beige
Plum color in clothes beige

+ Green, Mint

Green and plum strengthen each other and create a beautiful and complex contrast. Gold can complement this combination and add to it even more expressiveness.

Mint shade will seem even more tender and soft next to him, and plum in turn more saturated and deep. Great trio:

Mint + Plum + Beige

Plum color in clothes green
Plum color in clothes green
Plum color in clothes green
Plum color in clothes green

+ Blue, Aqua

These colors look good and calm. Blue is better to choose medium shades, so that the kit does not turn out too dark.

Plum color in clothes blue
Plum color in clothes blue
Plum color in clothes blue
Plum color in clothing sea green

+ Red, Burgundy

Red will add brightness and energy to plum. Burgundy (cherry) will help create an elegant and feminine image.

+ Yellow, Mustard

Yellow is able to give all its brightness and warmth to the plum blossom. Next to yellow, it seems warmer and more comfortable, losing its seriousness and severity.

Plum color in clothing is yellow
Plum color in clothes mustard

+ Golden, Silver

For the evening alongside the plum-colored accessories of gold and silver colors are just perfect.

Plum color in golden clothes
Plum color in silver clothes

This is the most harmonious combination of plum color with others in clothes. Combinations with the same complex shades look very unusual and interesting: blue-green, green-yellow. For winter time it is better to choose darker pairs, where the plum will be dominant. In the summertime, the options with brighter and more saturated colors will look good.

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