Pink on white: how and with what to wear summer dresses in winter

I was asked how to wear thin and light summer dresses in the fall and winter. An excellent question, especially since they ask me it every autumn. And every autumn has its own nuances. So I always have something to say about this.

Floral print on a dark basic background is great for autumn and winter sets. The most obvious options are “warming” the dress with a leather jacket, for example. And not only leather – bombers and sheepskin coats will also be used.

Another option – a jacket or cardigan in tone or with a close print.

Universal move – add to the dress top layer in the form of a sweater. The sweater can be short or long. You can add a set of belts – and the dress for this image fits any. Unless I would not take too long models – the dress should not be lower than the ankle. And you should not choose clearly thin materials that “stick” to the tights. The rest is complete freedom of choice.

There are dresses from thin, but dense opaque fabrics. With such no problems at all about how to fit them into the wardrobe in the cold season.

Lush dresses with a clear silhouette are also suitable. But then the top layer should be clearly up to the waist (there are skirts in the photo, but the idea is clear).

Well-looking sets in one color, but collected on the difference of textures. Here is a woolen coat, glossy lacquer boots and lace dress.

But to stand everything in black is not necessary.

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