Permanent lip makeup: Before and after

Permanent lip makeup is one of the popular procedures that modern girls do. After all, thanks to this, you can not carry a mirror and do not tint the lips after another cup of coffee. Moreover, the result of the procedure gives confidence in itself and its beauty.

Features permanent lip makeup

Despite the fact that this procedure is done by many girls, some still do not understand what effect it can give. Firstly, it is worth noting that tattooing can visually increase and give volume to thin lips. It is much more safe and painless than increasing them with various drugs.

permanent lip makeup

Secondly, some women with age complain of such a problem as the omission of the corners of the lips. This gives the face a sad look, so the desire to change such a flaw is natural. Permanent makeup is the perfect solution.

Thirdly, using this procedure, you can give your lips the desired color or emphasize the outline. The palette of shades contains soft tones, slightly darker than natural, as well as brighter, more saturated. But nevertheless masters recommend at first to do a neutral color in order to make lips more expressive.

Types of permanent lip makeup

Depending on how you want to get the result, the procedure can be carried out not only in different shades, but also in different techniques.

Contour Stroke

This type of tattoo is recommended to choose girls whose lip contour is not clear. So that the effect of the procedure does not stand out too much, a natural shade is selected, which is very close to your natural or slightly darker. Therefore, the lips look very beautiful and have a smooth contour.

Only contour strokes are rarely used. Often, in cases where nothing but blurring the contour does not need to be corrected. But still most often girls choose a combination of stroke and feathering.

Contour with shading

This type of tattoo of the lips is chosen most often, since it looks natural as a result. This effect is achieved due to the smooth transition of the feathering of the contour to the neutral color of the lips, due to which the stroke can be made more saturated.

It should be noted that the shading itself can be different and it all depends on what you want to receive. For example, a partial version of the coating on a third or half of the surface of the lips is often chosen by girls who have a rather saturated color. At the same time, full coverage is suitable for those who want to radically change their lip color. As a result, it seems that lips are just made up with lipstick.

By the way, there is a rather complicated technique that allows you to make a coating with a gentle, barely noticeable brilliance. This type of tattooing really looks very beautiful. But still, girls with thin lips are recommended to choose another option, since this view can hide their volume and make it even thinner.

3D technology

This type of tattoo is considered the most beautiful, as with his lips really change. As for the procedure itself, the master paints the skin above the upper and lower lips, using a light shade. Thus, a barely noticeable light contour is obtained, which enhances the contrast and visually refreshes the face.

Then, a variety of tones are applied at the same time to create the effect of glare and lip relief. This is necessary in order to create a beautiful volume. It should be noted that the color range of permanent makeup lips with the effect of 3D is very diverse. And you can choose tones, ranging from delicate, natural and ending with bright and rich shades. All this in order to create a truly beautiful effect.

The basic rules of permanent lip makeup

When the features and types of lip tattoo have already been studied, it is very important to understand the rules before and after the procedure. That is what will help make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Rules before the procedure

The basic rule, which is recommended to adhere to all experienced masters – prevention of herpes. As is known, almost 80% of the population is infected with it. Only someone may not manifest in any way, while other people regularly suffer from it.

In turn, permanent makeup is a set of minimal injections, and such irritation can provoke an aggravation of herpes. This affects the quality of the procedure, so it is recommended to take antiviral drugs without fail. Remember that only a doctor or your master at the preliminary consultation can prescribe the necessary medications and regimen.

Try to schedule the procedure so that the next few days you do not need to go to work or an important meeting, as much swelling is possible.

Many experts recommend taking a lipstick or other lip makeup for a consultation. This will help to correctly explain to the master what exactly you want to receive as a result. You can also show a photo stored on your phone.

Taking into account your wishes, the master will draw an approximate sketch on the lips. And only after you have approved a particular form, you can proceed to the procedure.

Rules for lip skin care after the procedure

After the master completes the procedure of applying makeup, lips are necessarily treated with a special composition. After only 15 minutes, a healing ointment or cream is applied. All this is necessary in order to swell gone as quickly as possible.

After some time, crusts form on the lips. It is very important not to scratch them and not to try to tear off. On average, they last from two to five days, after which the peeling begins. And only when all these processes are completed, it will be possible to evaluate the result.

Make the sponge more voluminous, give them an attractive look and shade by using permanent makeup. Drop all doubts and sign up for a consultation. After all, a conversation with a real specialist will allow you to discuss individual characteristics and make the right decision.

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