Perfumery La Religieuse by Serge Lutens

On the aromas of writing is not easy. Perhaps because the author has something inherent in each of them that is hidden in the recesses of his soul. And to read the thoughts of others is not given to everyone. Trying to lay out the pyramid of aroma, to talk about your hot or cold skin, as the girls do in reviews about the fragrance, is a simple idea. The same fragrance excites and excites us in different ways. And to listen to someone’s poetic outpourings, while without knowledge of the Russian language, I do not want to. Or maybe it is not necessary to try to find other people’s thoughts and words that will lead to the solution of the concept inherent in the fragrance? Perhaps, it is better to rely on our spiritual feelings, which are born when you come into contact with the scent, – what do we feel, what do we remember, where is the scent calling us?

La Religieuse, Serge Lutens was created in 2015. Its gentle, soft and quiet aroma belongs to east flower group . Jasmine, civet, musk, incense create a noble, calm and restrained aroma, it attracts and carries away from the first notes, shrouding in mystery and mystical haze, intrigues and flirts.

Sometimes the authors themselves talk about their inspirations, thinking, doubting and philosophizing. La Religieuse is a philosophical flavor about religion. His name says so. Translated, “La Religieuse” means “Nun.”
And Serge Lutens himself, creating it together with the famous perfumer Christopher Sheldrake, thought of White Snow, which for him is a symbol of purity and innocence, a symbol of light and innocence. “I dreamed of the silence of the snow, of the white veil covering my path, of freshness, of innocence, of cleanliness!”
But at the same time, he speaks about himself – “… I keep that innocent light that shines in me, and, at the same time, I hide in a thick, dark gloom …”. And this is not surprising. We all go through life, bringing in ourselves light and darkness, good and evil. What will win at the end of the road, because we are given the free will of choice?

When you inhale this fragrance for the first time, you want, just like Serge Lutens, to say: “Divinely.” Perhaps these words influenced the name of the fragrance. Snow, reflected in the aroma, its divine sound in the notes of purity and innocence. What can be imagined at this moment is the light that comes from purity and integrity. And after a moment – a feeling of deep sensuality, spiritual languor, which is so characteristic of the human soul …
Perfumery La Religieuse water
White Snow – the ideal of an innocent youth, beautiful and fleeting. The aroma is a combination of perfect purity of snow with an animalic, animal sound. This is what happens in the soul of man.
This gentle, but at the same time sensual perfume, suitable for daily use and decorate the romantic style.

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