Pendants that resemble art objects

To find a pendant that would not look ordinary , combined with any clothes and which I would like to wear without taking off, is not so simple. We found eight products that cope with all three tasks.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 2)

Rock crystal pendant was made by Avgvst brand with Alena Doletskaya  – and dedicated jewelry to Alma Piel, a jeweler and the only woman who worked for Carl Faberge. To come up with an image to which this pendant might not fit is as difficult (read: impossible) as to walk past the recently opened Avgvst store on the Patriarchs.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 5)

A German brand whose Instagram you can go to like a museum. We recommend taking the Face pendant with you as a souvenir. Leandra Medin already has one. By the way, a girl just can learn to wear frivolous jewelry with the most serious things.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 8)

Charlotte Shesne  is a graduate of Studio Berçot and a colleague of Nicolas Geschiersince Balenciaga . In 2015, instead of moving from Nicolas to Louis Vuitton , she came up with her own brand of sculptural jewelry that seems to go all over. Nicole Kidmanand Lea Seydoux have already appreciated them.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 11)

Parisian Anissa Kermish won the love of buyers around the world with Paniers Dores earrings, which repeat the shape of Chinese cookies with predictions, and in the new collection she experimentes with female bodies: from Venus to cabaret dancers.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 14)

What the Berlin brand does not borrow is irony; but they even make a necklace of shells such that they are easy to combine with cocktail dresses . And this shell pendant with two pearls, which we saw on Camille Charlier, I really want to wear every day: with T-shirts , formal shirts and suits .


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 17)

Another nice pendant, reminiscent of a carefree children’s vacation at sea , we found in the collection of French designer Aureli Biederman. A lacquered shell can be ordered in red, pink, yellow, blue or turquoise – each has a gold chain.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 20)

If it seems to you that you should not expect a wow effect from a pendant for twenty euros, just try to wear it with a simple black dress  – and you yourself will understand.


Eight pendants that resemble art objects (photo 23)

The Russian brand , whose jewelry has an amazing ability to turn simple things into elegant ones: if you had to choose only one Copine.Jewelry accessory , we would not have taken this pendant with pearls without thinking.

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