Pear type figure: style, sport and diet for owners of feminine silhouette

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea – these star beauties are united not only by the love of millions of fans and top positions in numerous ratings of the most desired women, but also by the same body type, which is often called the “pear”. It is best to demonstrate what type of figure a pear is, a photo sultry by Jay Lo: narrow shoulders, small chest and thin waist are combined with wide hips and embossed legs. Very often in women with a similar silhouette, the lower part of the body becomes a problem area – the hips and legs easily grow stout, and incorrectly chosen clothes can only emphasize their excessive massiveness. How to choose the right wardrobe for a pear-shaped figure, what shoes to wear, whether there is a special diet that allows you to make the silhouette more slender – read all this in our article.

Star representatives

Star representatives

Features a pear shape

To understand whether your silhouette is a pear-shaped (it is also called a “triangle” or “A-silhouette”, go to a large mirror or look at your photo in full growth. Characteristic features of a pear-type figure are the following features:

  • narrow, often sloping shoulders;
  • thin arms;
  • small breasts;
  • slim waist;
  • wide hips;
  • tight, sometimes short enough legs.
type of figure pear

If your physique has all these features, you can, without doubt, be counted among the owners of a feminine pear-shaped silhouette.

Rational nutrition and aerobic exercise – the key to beauty

Contrary to the widespread myth, it is impossible to lose weight in any particular part of the body: fat deposits can be deposited in problem areas more actively, but they will melt evenly throughout the body. However, among the owners of a pear-like figure, the upper part of the body practically does not grow fat and remains maidenly thin, without accumulating fatty deposits, therefore with proper nutrition, weight loss will be especially noticeable in the “problem zone”.

Nutrition and fitness


The diet for the owners of pear-shaped silhouette is aimed at reducing the volume and suggests a balanced diet with respect to proteins, fats and carbohydrates:

  • Refuse or significantly reduce the consumption of sugar, confectionery, animal fats (lard and butter), smoked meats, sausages, fatty meat and fish.
  • Cut down on starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets. Eat them in small portions and not at every meal – the diet will be more effective.
  • Choose low-fat dairy products: milk – 1,5%, cottage cheese and yogurt, preferably low-fat.
    A diet aimed at reducing the volume suggests eating enough protein: you will be provided with a low-fat chicken breast, turkey, low-fat fish.
  • Your diet should be a sufficient amount of fresh vegetables, raw or passed the minimum heat treatment – steamed or grilled.
  • Water will help to lose weight – drink at least two liters of pure water a day, it is advisable to use it before a meal, so you fill the body’s need for fluid and at the same time die down your appetite.
  • Diet for representatives of the pear-type figure also suggests a restriction in salt intake. Salt that promotes fluid retention in tissues, not only prevents losing weight, but also enhances the appearance of cellulite.

A diet that will help the owners of a pear-type figure lose weight requires three full meals and two small (no more than 100 kcal) snacks. You can eat fruit or a small portion of nuts.

The diet will be more effective if you supplement it with a course of lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite massage, wraps.

A balanced diet with a moderate calorie intake (no more than one and a half – two thousand a day) will help you lose weight, but remember that the most effective diet will be combined with athletic activity.

Physical exercise

The most suitable for the owner of a pear-type figure is aerobic exercise with an emphasis on the lower body. Running, step aerobics, cycling and elliptical trainers, swimming will help to lose weight and make the hips, buttocks and legs more slender and fit.

Force loads will help strengthen the upper body and make the “problem areas” more prominent and sharp. Choose lightweight weights for the exercises, but the exercises themselves should be performed in several approaches (2-3) at least 12-15 repeats in each.

Remember: diet and exercise – the basis of health and beautiful figure, however, if you decide to change your usual way of life and lose weight, you should consult a doctor for advice.

How to adjust the shape with the help of a wardrobe: tips stylists

Correcting the imbalance of the upper and lower body, inherent to the owners of a pear-type figure, will help not only fitness and diet, but also a properly chosen wardrobe.

Clothes can hide excessive massiveness of legs and thighs and make the silhouette more elongated, you just need to know a few simple rules:

  • Wide, flared skirts of light, flowing fabrics from the hip conceal excess volume in the hips.
    Clothing of contrasting colors (lighter top and dark bottom) visually balance the figure.
skirt and dress images for pear type

Skirts and dresses

dresses and skirts
  • Holders of a pear-like figure should not wear too tight jeans that are tapered down and choose more classic models of straight cut.
street look

Street fashion

Boyfriend jeans

Jeans boyfriend

  • Avoid wide horizontal stripes on skirts and trousers, discard models with large geometric or photo prints.

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