Pastel colors – what does it mean, pastel shades in modern fashion

Pastel colors are those soft shades, when looking at which you immediately feel relaxation, peace and peace of mind. Ivory, pearl, caramel, powdery, light coral, pistachio, bleached blue – looking at these shades and you want to surround yourself with cozy things, wear a gentle outfit and go to the romantic and lavender Provence.

Pastel colors are what?

Apricot, peach, marshmallow, soft colors give softness and calm, relieve nervous tension, which means pastel colors are able to create a weightless mood, immerse in a state of carelessness and boundless femininity. They give a feeling of comfort and security. If we talk in more detail about how pastel colors look like, here is a clear example:

  • “Dusty” pink;
  • pale lilac;
  • pripylenny burgundy;
pastel colors are what
  • muffled yellow;
  • pale green;
  • gray-blue;
what do you mean pastel colors
  • deep color of forest greens;
  • all shades of chocolate;
  • gray-brown;
pastel mix
  • light gray;
  • dusty turquoise;
  • peach;
pastel bow
  • light peach;
  • lighted coral;
  • blue gray;
shades of pastel colors
  • muffled plum;
  • sky blue;
  • mint;
pastel colors in clothes
  • “Dusty” beige;
  • muffled cornflower;
  • color cappuccino.
pastel mix

Warm pastel colors

If you believe the psychology of color, the warm pastel colors in clothes give the young lady softness, calm. She feels safe and comfortable. Such people inspire confidence. They open, with ease go on contact. One would like to learn from them something useful for oneself, to learn something, to learn from experience. Pastel warm colors are associated with something cozy, homely, a little childish.

image in pastel colors

Clothing pastel colors – this is what helps to create a win-win outfit. She always in trend and due to its muted color gamut, it is not as quickly bored as it happens with bright colors (for example, acidic ones that are not in fashion now). As for the popular combination, combine them with white things or with elements of a wardrobe of a rich shade.

pastel mix

The only thing you need to be careful about when mixing pastel colors with each other is to not load your look with “sweet” colors. Total should be in moderation. In the outfit look harmoniously things with three delicate shades. Otherwise, we get a cloyingly infantile image, from which breathes not of calm, but childishness, recklessness.

pastel bow

Cold pastel colors

Gentle pastel tones with a cold sheen are perfect for girls with the summer and winter color type. As for the palette of shades, here are muted red, dusty burgundy, pale pink, lemon, gray-yellow, bleached orange, cold green, frosty blue, gray-blue, purple with hints of gray, “dusty” purple, gray-chocolate , brown with a drop of ocher, cold wine.

soft pastel colors

Composing an image in cold pastel colors, do not forget to dilute it with things of neutral white, classic black. If you want something unusual, add a look to the silver wardrobe item. Do not be afraid to play on contrasts. With pastel cold tones it will play into your hands. Wish to create ideal image? Then do not forget about the color of accessories. With cold colors, jewelry made of white, yellow gold, light pearls, silver, with emeralds, and white rhinestones look good.

pastel coat

Such pastel colors look great in romantic looks, in country-style clothes, softened classics. They are perfect for office dress code. For example, costumes of discreet blue and azure shades work flawlessly with this. If you prefer a traditional black and white duet trouser gown, complete the stylish look of a cool turquoise coat.

pastel colors in clothes

Pastel colors in clothes

The combination of pastel colors will be on top if you prefer monochrome. In the world of high fashion, it is allowed to dilute a calm pastel shade with a bright color, but when it harmonizes with the prevailing delicate palette of clothes (the dress in a colorful print goes well with a pale blue coat). In 2018, in trend clothing, in which bright flowers and contrasting geometric patterns are added to the calm shade of the fabric. Such magnificence can be seen in Delpozo, Emilio Pucci, Roksanda.

shades of pastel colors

Often, dresses in pastel shades are complemented by light black fabric. Agree that this beauty looks irresistible. Visual evidence of this is the creation of Elizabeth Kennedy from her spring-summer 2018 collection of the year. If you adore decorative elements in the form of a flirtatious frill, delicate ruches, massive buttons, spectacular flounces, colorful embroidery, then boldly replenish your wardrobe with pastel things with this decor. He is in trend. Admire this charm in the collections of Temperley London, Delpozo, Luisa Beccaria.

dresses in pastel colors
soft pastel colors

Pastel dresses

Evening dresses of pastel tones will make a unique image of every beauty. Interestingly, modern fashion trends have reached wedding dresses. In the trend of wedding dress in the following pastel shades:

  • Ivory;
  • sea ​​shell;
  • morning dew;
  • snow almonds;
  • blue vanilla;
  • smoky flax.
what do you mean pastel colors

At the London Fashion Week Jenny Packham presented pastel trendy tone dresses from which it is impossible to look away. It is clear why many British people are confident that in the dress of this brand Megan Markle, Prince Harry’s bride, will go down the aisle. And vintage dresses Anne Barge always admire. As for evening fashion, in the couture collections of Chanel, Ulyana Sergeenko, Ralph & Russo there was a place for clothes of pastel gentle tones, in which one cannot help falling in love.

pastel colors are what
pastel coat

Pastel coat

Outerwear in pastel colors will help to diversify the classic image. It ideally dilutes the strict black and white office look or will be the perfect ending of a romantic outfit. In the fashion outerwear length midi, maxi, sand, beige, powdered camel and the color of baked milk. The Viva Vox collection includes models of pale blue, bleached gray blue. Due to the pastel shades, the image is extraordinary and unique.

pastel outerwear

Pastel coat

warm pastel colors in clothes
cool pastel colors

An image in pastel colors

Onions in pastel colors in monochrome combinations look stylish and trendy. Here the main thing is to correctly combine the materials and texture. Stylists recommend adding light-colored clothes to light shades and black ones to dark ones. Remember that for several seasons in a row in the trend of total look. For clarity, created a selection stylish imagesfrom which everyone will be crazy. The main plus of the total look is that it visually pulls the silhouette, and this will play into the hands of low beauties. Such a monochrome pastel outfit helps to profitably play on bright accents.

pastel colors in clothes

In pastel colors we get a stunning evening, business and casual look. These things give comfort, comfort and help to show their individual style. At the same time it can be both monochrome and consist of clothes of several shades harmonious with each other. For example, choose a bleached gray T-shirt, throw a soft pink coat on top, select accessories and peach shoes, and a dark blue skinny will become a bright outfit accent. Unusual and very impressive, right?

pastel bow

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