Pants in a cage – the basic rules of choice

Pants in a cage - the basic rules of choice 1

Not every fashionista decides to buy trousers in a cage, because such a print is quite cunning. If it is wrong to combine them with other things, then the girl runs the risk of emphasizing the flaws of the figure or even visually adding herself for several years. But if you approach this issue responsibly, you will get a stylish and original image. Therefore, you first need to figure out what to wear plaid pants.

trousers in a cage variety of sets

Checkered trousers


Women’s trousers in a cage is called a universal thing. Such a print would be appropriate in any image and style: from walking with friends around the city or going to a nightclub to a business meeting or gala dinner. A checkered print looks expressive and interesting, so designers use it to create fashion collections.

Scottish cell podiums

Images from podiums (Scottish cell)

cage on the podium
pantsuits in fashion shows

Interest in the pattern appeared a few years ago. But looking through the photos from the latest shows, we can conclude that this trend is fixed for a long time.

large cage on world catwalks

Features of the figure and the choice of model and print

Incorrectly selected women’s trousers in a cage can make the hips and buttocks visually larger. A large cell is able to make a girl a few inches lower. Therefore, when choosing a stylist advised to proceed from the type of figure.

trousers for the figure inverted triangle

The owners of the type of figure “Inverted triangle”, with narrow hips and wide shoulders, it is necessary to give preference to a large mosaic that will visually enlarge the lower part. At the same time they are combined with a monotonous top.

cage options for slim hips

The hardest girls with the figure of “pear”, as the cell is able to further increase the imbalance between the upper and lower body. The only thing they can afford is a small print from black and other close shades. Such a combination will divert attention from the problem area, making it a little smaller, and the arrows on the trouser legs will lengthen the legs.

trouser length options

Girls of small stature fit pants in a cage to the floor, which are combined with a high heel. Plump It is necessary to dwell on straight or wide models in a small cell.

everyday images for the full
trousers in a cage for fat

variants of evening sets in check pants full

Owners of slim figure fits all. Particularly impressive will look at them short and tapered models.

fashion sets with pants

Cell type

Designers are so fond of checkered print, which created dozens of his motifs. And some even patented the creations, so they are recognized without even looking at the label.

Blake Lively Costumes

Blake Lively

plaid pants in style icons

Style Icons


Light women’s trousers in a cage which photos are below, are ideal for office style. Straight models with a small cage refresh the image, bringing a bit of retro style to it. At the same time the style can vary. In a business setting, slim models are appropriate, straight trousers with arrows, and a high seating position will visually lengthen the legs.

gingham pants

For a business wardrobe, a fine Wolf Fang print and a Windsor cage are suitable. Bright print is suitable for everyday kit.


In the photo you can see that a large print gives the figure volume. It will be appropriate for thin girls and is contraindicated for owners of types of figures with a heavy bottom.

large cell trousers

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