ORANGE color in clothes – a combination with other colors

Juicy, sunny, energetic orange color – inspires, uplifting, transforms. Psychologists say that he copes well with a bad mood, apathy. How to wear orange color clothing? The best photo selection in our article.

orange color in clothes

In the palette orange is in the middle between yellow and red, therefore their properties are inherent in it. From yellow he gained warmth, and from red – brightness, dynamics. This is the only color in the whole range that does not have cold tones, and this gives it even more attractiveness in combination with others.

In ancient Greece, the muses wore tunics of this color, for them it was a symbol of earthly and heavenly love.

Orange gives us a good mood, sets a positive, so people who prefer clothes of orange coloration are joyful, cheerful and positive.

palette, table combination of orange


Saturated, juicy, bright colors will help to emphasize the dignity of appearance and enhance the natural sound of colors. Which one would you prefer, know that they all give the skin a radiant look.

  1. Orange Yellow (Pumpkin, Golden) – warm and soft shade. Relaxes and soothes. It can be combined with light colors (beige, white, blue) and darker (blue, dark blue, purple, black, chocolate). Pumpkin suitable for girls with olive skin tone and light brown, brown hair.
  2. Red-orange (cinnabar, titian, fire) – possesses strong properties of red: ardor, passion, energy, but they will appear a little softer. The hue is dynamic, it tones and excites. A pair of him better to pick up from the more muted and dark color schemes. Owners of dark skin chocolate hair can wear it safely.
  3. Bright orange (tangerine, carrot) – draws attention to itself, catches the eye, helps to stand out and create mood. Especially successful for tsvetotip “Winter”, contrasting appearance.
  4. Light orange (peach, somon, persian) – pastel, delicate shade of apricot. Light enough and natural, you will like it if you prefer natural, natural colors or you want to create a romantic, feminine image. It combines perfectly with the same soft pastel colors. Unobtrusively and harmoniously emphasize the natural expressiveness of girls with non-contrast and soft appearance.
  5. Dark orange (ocher, bronze, cinnamon)– saturated, dense, rich, calm. It is close to red-brown (terracotta) and adopted its qualities. Well suited to owners of color types “Spring” or “Autumn.”
  6. Pink-orange (lobster, salmon, coral) – it contains the activity of orange and romance of pink. It is characterized by softness, relaxation, so it is perfect for relaxing or dating. It refreshes, gives skin radiance and beauty.
orange color in clothes and its shades

To whom does

  • For girls and women with the “Spring” or “Autumn” color type, saturated tones (dark, red) can be used in the wardrobe;
  • If your type is “Summer” or “Winter”you better wear it in a small amount, using accessories, shoes or clothes that make up the bottom of the attire (pants, skirts, shorts). Or use pastel color options – salmon, peach, melon.
color combination in clothes orange

Orange in clothes – combination

What colors blend in with orange best? Our color scheme is one of the most suitable for various combinations; it will look favorably with many participants in the color wheel. Its bright variants will make a harmonious pair with the same dynamic, active colors, and light ones – with pastel colors. Combining it with others, you can create images with special meaning.

The winning combinations in clothing are carrot tandems with a palette from our selection.

+ White

This classic contrast combination is great for summer wear. This neighborhood of two colors adjusts to a positive, declares openness, readiness to make contact. White enhances the quality of orange – brightness, dynamics, activity. Such kits attract attention, help their owner stand out from the crowd.

Clothes in a white-orange color is suitable for leisure or city. White combines all shades – from peach and coral, to orange-red and ocher.

color combination in clothes orange
color combination in clothes orange
color combination in clothes orange
color combination in clothes orange

+ Black

Grade with coal is also a classic version. Orange dilutes black shade, extinguishes its gloom and heaviness. Even a small bright accent will transform a dark outfit, adding dynamics and energy to it. The combination of orange and black can be worn at any time of the year.

Add a white thing or detail, and you get a bright, positive, stylish image that will look elegant and modern.

orange color in clothes

color combination in clothes orange
orange color in clothes
orange color in clothes
color combination in clothes orange

+ Black and White

Monochrome carrot thing will make a stylish bow with a black and white top. It is possible to combine both monophonic clothes, and use drawings, patterns, prints.

Simple two-color patterns look particularly impressive – strip, peas, cell, herringbone.

+ Blue

with blue

This option with blue – forms a powerful contrast, the opposition of warm and cold. Being close they strengthen their properties, reaching maximum brightness, expressiveness.

Images with light shades – cornflower blue, cobalt, azure. To achieve the greatest effect, it is recommended to proportionally use more than one tone than the other (as in the photo).

orange combined with blue

Add white to this pair and you will have a spectacular, fresh, dynamic outfit. Some designers consider the combination of orange and blue in clothes controversial, but if you keep proportions, choose the right tone, you can achieve an interesting effect.

combination of orange in clothes
paired with dark blue

Deep dark blue Looks great in this tandem! Try this combination in your everyday bows. The deep color and its variations (ink, sapphire, navy, denim, indigo) will become more saturated, expressive, and our orange – brighter, more cheerful, creating the main emphasis in dress.

combination of orange in clothes

+ Brown (Beige)

Related by warm colors, they are well combined in a single outfit that looks harmonious and natural. The image is pleasant for the eyes, beautiful and cozy. In everyday clothes, complete with orange, all shades “feel perfectly” brown: intense – chocolate, coffee (mocha), umber, soft– cocoa, taup, carmel, cappuccino, peanut, beige.

a combination of orange and brown
color combination in clothes orange
a combination of beige and orange
combination with beige
orange and beige

+ Purple

The most contrast, bold, spectacular tandem in our photo collection belongs to the combination of orange and purple. To achieve the maximum color intensity, select tones with the same characteristics; they should be of the same saturation, brightness, and depth. Just keep in mind that this combination looks impressive, but together it tires you if it is too intense. You can emphasize the carrot color using a discreet transitional violet palette (plum, aubergine).

orange color in clothes
orange color in clothes
combination of orange in clothes

A softer version – light versions of red (salmon, peach, melon, lobster) wear with the same variations of violet (amethyst, lilaclavender).

orange color in clothes

+ Burgundy

Original mix with burgundy and its varieties (cherry, burgundy, Marsala, carmine, etc.) creates a unique color balance.

orange color in clothes with claret

+ Green

The combination of orange and green is associated with nature: with lush foliage and bright fruits. Ideal for summer outfit, energize, give a good mood, set up to communicate.

Particularly well looked options with dark green, jade, sea, coniferous, viridian, emerald shades green color. Such intense, deep colors perfectly and harmoniously complement the tangerine.

with green
combinations with dark green
color combination in clothes orange

Olive eight khaki will fit harmoniously into the everyday city bow.

with olive, khaki, dark green
color combination in clothes orange

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